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Gavin Hiding The Malfeasance

Gavin is trying to hide the fraud by out of context visual trickery on nearly useless little graph.   I’m happy to indulge his claim that he has gone back in time and gotten some new readings from before 1900. The graph below normalizes … Continue reading

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1974 : Sixty Theories To Explain Global Cooling

In the 1960’s there was unanimous agreement among scientists that the Earth was cooling SCIENTISTS AGREE WORLD IS COLDER By the 1970’s scientists were predicting a new ice age, and had 60 theories to explain it. 20 Nov … Continue reading

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1974 – Climatologists Blamed All Bad Weather On Global Cooling

newsweek_coolingworld.pdf In 1974, climate scientists blamed droughts, floods, blizzards, tornadoes, typhoons and hurricanes on global cooling. 15 Jul 1974, Page 3 – at Since then, they have erased the post-1945 cooling – and now blame all of those same … Continue reading


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Hansen Caught Lying Again

James Hansen claims that the climate was stable for the last 12,000 years Must-read Hansen and Sato paper: We are at a climate tipping point that, once crossed, enables multi-meter sea level rise this century | ThinkProgress He is lying, … Continue reading

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October 1871 – Worst Fires In US History

The devastation from the October 1871 fires is incomprehensible by modern standards. We live in exceptionally mild times.    14 Oct 1871, Page 2 – at

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Massive Forest Fire Fraud Being Perpetrated On The American People

We keep hearing reports about record forest fire seasons, like this wildly fraudulent story in USA today. Scorched earth: U.S. wildfires near record level Prior to 1960, fires burned far more acreage. In the late 1920’s ten times as much … Continue reading

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Glaciers Prove NASA Temperature Fraud

  21 Jul 1911, Page 1 – at NASA says that 1911 was the coldest year on record, yet glaciers were melting at a phenomenal rate that year. This rapid melt continued until 1940 1 Sep 1918, Page 9 … Continue reading

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An Interactive Guide To Alaskan Glacial Melt

Barack Obama says that 250 years of Alaskan glacier melt is caused by automobile emissions. Here is a guide to help understand the difference between natural melt, and man-made melt glacierbaymap.gif (420×458)

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Scientists Seeking Funding Recycle The Same Stories Every Century

Scientists need funding, and the easiest way to obtain it is to make up science fiction stories which scare people. Once they find a good story, the recycle it as often as they can get away with.  2 May 1932, … Continue reading

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1946 : DC Cherry Blossom Season Lasted Seven Months

In 1946, Washington DC cherry blossoms bloomed a record early March 15. Ludington Daily News – Google News Archive Search They bloomed again in November that year. 1 Nov 1946, Page 3 – at This year (NOAA’s hottest year … Continue reading

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