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The Death Spiral of Science By NSIDC

NSIDC has corrupted climate science with graphs like these, purported to show a linear decline in Arctic sea ice since 1979. Their choice of 1979 as a start point, hides the fact that Arctic ice is cyclical, not linear. The … Continue reading

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Why Obama’s Paris Conference And EPA Regs Are A Complete Farce

Barack Obama believes that 0.0004 mole fraction of an essential trace gas (which all life depends on) threatens the planet. Even if you subscribe to his mindless CO2 superstition, Obama already wrecked any prospect of a meaningful agreement when he agreed … Continue reading

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COP21 – Stopping Imaginary Global Warming

In 1997, NASA showed no global warming since 1980. Other than periods of cooling after the eruptions of El Chichon (1982) and Mt. Pinatubo (1991) –  global temperatures were pretty close to flat from 1980 to 1996. GLB.gif (792×612) Since … Continue reading

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NASA Has More Than Doubled Southern Hemisphere Warming

In 1981, NASA showed a little over 0.3C warming from 1900 to 1980 at 23°S- 90°S They now show about 0.8C warming during that same time period for 23°S- 90°S Fig.B.gif (407×661) The next image overlays the two graphs at the same scale. … Continue reading

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Hayhoe/Dessler/Romm – The Unholy Trinity Of Texas Climate Stupid

Texas does everything big – and when it comes to climate stupid no one does it bigger than Katharine Hayhoe, Andrew Dessler, and Joe Romm. In 2011, all three of them were hysterical about the heat and drought in Texas. Katharine … Continue reading

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Paris Climate Criminals Ignore Record Arctic Ice Growth

Climate fraudster Al Gore solemnly told the Nobel Committee that the Arctic could be ice-free by 2014 The Nobel Laureate repeated his brainless nonsense in 2009. Gore: Polar ice cap may disappear by summer 2014 Instead of an ice-free Arctic, we … Continue reading

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Night Of The Living Dead Climate Treaty

NASA’s James Hansen started the modern climate scam, as well as the practice of altering temperature data to make it better support his brainless CO2 superstition. He gave thousands of interviews while Bush was president, to tell the press that he … Continue reading

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