Going Car-Free* Again

I rarely use my car in Colorado, but am headed off to Maryland car-free today. I’m taking the $12 bus from Boulder to DIA, which is the fastest, most convenient and by far the cheapest way to get there. From BWI I am taking the $5 bus to Gaithersburg. In Maryland and DC I will commute on the MARC train, the Metro, and use my bicycle for other transport.

* I may have to rent a car for a couple of days to drive to Virginia. Ugh. I hate driving.

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15 Responses to Going Car-Free* Again

  1. Steve Case says:

    I wan’t to retain my freedom to drive my car when I want and where I want.

    • gator69 says:

      Out here I have no choice, and I love it. I love driving, and probably always will, to me it is an expression of my freedom.

  2. Steve Case says:

    That goes for my airplane too. I’m off to take three turns around the field to stay current, be back in a couple of hours.

  3. Dean Yale says:

    It’s Sunday, so I’m going for a drive today just like I did with my parents long ago. No particular place to go, and all day to get there. Can’t imagine life without a car.

  4. rah says:

    Both of you enjoy your flights. Driving the big truck tonight and leaving from the Terminal in Anderson, IN at 21:00 with an empty 53′ plated dry van trailer bound for the Ball Container plant In Findlay, OH. There I’ll drop the empty and hook to a preloaded trailer filled with aluminum cans or or lids and take that to Austin, IN. At Austin, IN (Off I-65 near Scottsburg). There I’ll drop the loaded trailer and hook to an empty and then take that empty to Walton, KY near the I-75 and I-71 junction south of Cincinnati and get loaded with stamped sheet metal blanks for auto bodies bound for Goshen, IN. I’ll bring that back to the terminal in Anderson, IN for another driver to take it on up to Goshen. It his highly questionable if I can get that all done within the proscribed 14 hour work day but I do have the option of using the exception and making it a 16 hour day. I can use that exception once during a 70 hour working period.

    We guarantee drivers are sometimes used to try out new combinations of routes the route planners come up with to see if they’re economically and practically feasible.

  5. Jason Calley says:

    Have a safe trip, Tony. The irony of the warmists its is excruciating. You live a “low-carbon” life style and the warmists hate you. Gore produces enough CO2 for a thousand of you and the warmists love him. Apparently, producing less CO2 is a lot less important than than screaming “hurray for our team!”

    • Gail Combs says:

      I was just thinking the same thing.

      Many of us skeptics are environmentalists and quite frugal while the Occupy Wall Street/CAGW Alarmist crowd wouldn’t bother to pick up litter if it hit them in the head.

  6. I agree, the RTD bus is a good way to get from Boulder to the airport.

    And I love driving and the freedom it gives me to live where I want and go where I please. Most of the airport route passengers get to the Boulder downtown terminal or the relatively few bus stops the same way I do: By car. That’s why the terminal and several stops have integrated parking.

    It’s great that the RTD buses also work well for Tony’s exceptional lifestyle.

  7. smamarver says:

    In my opinion, people have a great impact on climate. But not necessarily by driving cars and flying, but by starting and continuing activities that influence the climate’s state. For example, I have read in a study that one of the causes for the climate change is naval war and human activity at sea. Oceans are the most important force on Earth that governs climate and I’m inviting you to take a look here http://oceansgovernclimate.com/oceans-govern-climate and express your opinions.

  8. NoBama says:

    I have perfected the low cost, lightweight temp housing solution for contracts out of state. I can take everything, including a dismantled bed platform, in my little Elantra. I still get 35mpg getting to the destination, and I can move in and set up in a single day. If you wanted a nice lounging sofa or chair, you could rent it by the month. I’ve done it that way before.

    With Google maps and street view, and crime stats and renter review information, you can pick an apartment and have it ready to go before you arrive if you want.

    When I fly home to care for business there, I rent the same model car at SEA and carry my clicker, so open the garage door as usual.

  9. catweazle666 says:

    “Ugh. I hate driving.”

    I don’t.

    I love it!

  10. Gail Combs says:

    After working for a manufacturer of aircraft turbine parts and the Grope-n-Fly crap, my flying days are over. (I used to love to fly) If we ever go on another long trip we will rent a car and drive.

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