The Big Lies About Forest Fires

Barack Obama and a number of other criminals pretending to be scientists, insist that there are more and hotter fires than there used to be. As always, there isn’t one smidgen of truth to these claims. The 1871 fires around the Great Lakes were compared to a blowtorch, with 1,000 dead, many people completely burned up, and others who had coins melted in their pocket.


Chicago Tribune Archive | November 9, 1871

Only the Galveston, Tex., hurricane of 1900, which killed about 5,000 and the Johnstown, Pa., flood of 1889, about 2,200 deaths, claimed more lives than the Peshtigo fire.

The Wisconsin fire burst into being in the seemingly endless expanse of pine near the village of Peshtigo.

Faster than a man could flee on horseback, it swept down on the prosperous settlement of some 2,000 and cremated it, leaving nothing but ashes to smolder in the sunrise.

The Peshtigo fire, actually a simultaneous outbreak at several points, destroyed about 1,000 square miles of timber and hundreds of industries and homes.

Some people found refuge in the P e s h t i g o River, from where many watched friends and relatives perish as the searing heat caught them be- fore they could reach the cool refuge.

Inland, at the Sugar Bush settlements, there was no such refuge. People hid in wells, between rocks or in the center of large fields.

Suffocation Hills Some

Some were killed by suffocation, others by flaming – action. Others were spared.

The actual number of victims never, will be known be- cause the flames were all consuming.

The. fire began as many small blazes in the forest.. They dotted the timber on both shores of Green Bay, from the outskirts of the city at its base up the Door Peninsula on Its eastern shore, and 40 miles to Peshtigo on its western shore.

Flames Fanned by Gale

For some time there was no strong sustained wind to spur the flames. Smoke hung over the forests and the people who lived in them.

But on the afternoon of Oct. 8, a wind described as anything from a brisk breeze to a gale sprung up from the southwest.

The flames, gulping oxygen, raced ahead and joined together into a firestorm.

The Sugar Bush settlements were its first victims.

Some people stayed to try to save their homes and most of them perished. Some people kept their wits about them, others panicked.

It was Sunday evening in Peshtigo and many railroad workers and lumberjacks were in the drunken final stages of a weekend spree.

Most respectable citizens had gone to bed by 9 p. in. Soon great tongues of flame were visible southwest of the city. Burning. coals began to rain down on the buildings. The wind began blowing so hard it was difficult for a man to stand.

Flames Engulf Village

For many, the first realization of the danger came when their houses burst into flames around them. Some of the fleeing were burned to death with- in a few feet of the river, some in their houses, some in the woods and some on the roads.

Within half an hour, and some say within 10 minutes of the time the first building caught fire, the entire village was in flames.

Even the river was not a complete refuge. Heads kept above water to breathe were seared by the heat. Pieces of clothing provided adequate protection if kept constantly wet.

October 2, 1971 – Peshtigo Fire, 1871, Eclipsed by Chicago Blaze Same Day | Chicago Tribune Archive

The area of forest burned used to be much larger in the US.


Indicator 3.16: Area and percent of forest affected by abiotic agents


October 9, 1938 – NYTimes

And as the western press and politicians continue to tell spectacular lies about the climate, Russian president Putin is one of the few telling the truth.

Western media have examined the role of rising temperatures and drought in this year’s record wildfires in North America,Russian media continue to pay little attention to an issue that animates so much of the world.

The indifference reflects widespread public doubt that human activities play a significant role in global warming, a tone set by President Vladimir Putin, who has offered only vague and modest pledges ofemissions cuts ahead of December’s U.N. climate summit in Paris.

Russian Media Take Climate Cue From Skeptical Putin – The New York Times

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2 Responses to The Big Lies About Forest Fires

  1. Bloke down the pub says:

    I can believe the claim of hotter fires, but that would be due to decades of miss-management that creates a build up of forest litter, rather than any link to cagw.

  2. DD More says:

    Faster than a man could flee on horseback, it swept down on the prosperous settlement of some 2,000 and cremated it, leaving nothing but ashes to smolder in the sunrise.

    Worked with some Minnesota guys with a home town story – the “Great Hinckley Fire of 1894″, which burned a phenomenal 350,000 acres. The fire also took the lives of at least 418 men, women, and children.
    That air came rushing down into the fires to create a vortex or tornado of flames which then began to move quickly and grew larger and larger turning into a fierce firestorm,” as stated by the Hinckley Museum. Flames reached heights of 200 feet. Flaming debris was sent thousands of feet into the air due to the convection column. Fire whirls moved ahead of the main fire, touching down randomly and exploding into new fires. Horizontal vortices rolled forward with such speed that horses were unable to outrun it. Even the trains had difficulty staying ahead of the fire. Once the Brennan mill caught on fire, all hope was lost. According to the New York Times, “not only was every green and living thing licked up by the flames, but the soil itself was blackened and consumed, and the earth torn up in great holes and patches.” Temperatures at the core of the fire were over 1,600 degree Fahrenheit, hot enough to melt barrels of nails and fuse railcar wheels to the tracks.

    Obama and a number of other criminals pretending to be scientists, insist that there are more and hotter fires than there used to be.

    Just wait until they get done with the adjustments on these fires. Then the records will show a troop of boy scouts would not have been able to roast a marshmallow off them.

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