Senseless Violence In The Animal Kingdom


The fox killed this guy overnight in Maryland. Didn’t eat him, just killed him for fun.

Earlier this summer, the next door dyke’s dogs broke through the fence in Fort Collins and killed a dozen hens. Only one was partially eaten.

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9 Responses to Senseless Violence In The Animal Kingdom

  1. Tom Woods says:

    Sorry to hear. Here, the main predators are cars. A Great Horned Owl got one of my hens this spring. Current flock is up to 74 and they free range so losing 4 so far isn’t so bad, I guess. Still sucks when it happens, though.

  2. catweazle666 says:

    Was it a Muslim fox?

  3. sure it wasn’t a raccoon? don’t want to blame an innocent creature

  4. Robertv says:

    Animals like small children are not nice they are cruel. That’s the biggest problem with politicians . They look like adults but they think like little children.

  5. au1corsair says:

    Senseless? Naw! Just reducing the carbon footprint by eliminating those breathing “my” air! Not senseless at all. Can those animals hold public office? The Green Agenda can sponsor them.

  6. darrylb says:

    When I was young we raised chickens and other birds
    The worst killer was about as big around as a brat. or a large hot dog.
    It killed for the the love of it, by attacking the bird in the neck and sucking the blood before moving on to the next kill.
    It would even kill large geese, and in a single night kill many, many dozen birds.

    It is, of course, a weasel, or as some call it an ermine. We raised mink, and they were not as vicious.

  7. DL says:

    A wild canid (wolf) has a fully rounded instinct that includes stalk, chase, catch, kill and eat. Without the desire to eat he doesn’t do the rest. But our breeding of dogs has separated the parts of those instincts from each other – some breeds have one or some parts, other breeds have others. Hence the problems you describe above.

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