Progressives Constantly Cranking Out Fake Statistics


One more completely fake statistic :

Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest, has identified at least 26 instances in which foreign-born individuals inside the U.S. were charged with or convicted of terrorism in the last year or so.

Here’s a sampling of incidents from that list:

– An immigrant brought here by his family from Kuwait at a young age, and who was later approved for U.S. citizenship, carried out the Islamist attack that recently killed 4 military personnel in Chattanooga. (July 2015)

– An Uzbek refugee living in Idaho was arrested and charged with providing support to a terrorist organization, in the form of teaching terror recruits how to build bombs. (July 2015)

– An immigrant from Ghana, who applied for and received U.S. citizenship, pledged allegiance to ISIS and plotted a terrorist attack on U.S. soil. (June 2015)

– An immigrant from Yemen, who applied for and received U.S. citizenship, along with six other men, was charged with conspiracy to travel to Syria and provide material support to ISIS. (April 2015)

– A Kazakhstani immigrant with lawful permanent resident status conspired to purchase a machine gun to shoot FBI and other law enforcement agents if they prevented him from traveling to Syria to join ISIS. (February 2015)

– A Bosnian refugee, along with his wife and five relatives, donated money and supplies, and smuggled arms, to terrorist organizations in Syria and Iraq. (February 2015)

– A college student who immigrated from Somalia who later applied for and received U.S. citizenship, attempted to blow up a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Oregon. (October 2014)

– A Moroccan national who came tot he U.S. on a student Visa was arrested for plotting to blow up a university and federal court house. (April 2014)

– The Boston bombers were invited in as refugees. The younger brother applied for citizenship and was naturalized on September 11th, 2012. The older brother had a pending application for citizenship. (April 2013)

– Two immigrants form Pakistan, who later applied for and received U.S. citizenship, were sentenced to decades-long prison sentences for plotting to detonate a bomb in New York City. (2012)

Here’s The (LONG) List Of Foreign-Born Islamists Charged With Or Convicted Of Terrorism | The Sean Hannity Show

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28 Responses to Progressives Constantly Cranking Out Fake Statistics

  1. I. Lou Minotti says:

    What a willful idiot. He obviously forgot about the Fort Dix pizza delivery drivers:

  2. rah says:

    They have no regard for safety and security of the American public or the nation.

  3. Dave N says:

    Perhaps they should stop births inside the US and just bring in refugees? 😉

  4. He said “not one.” He didn’t say none. He didn’t say zero.

    “Not one” could be any number, so long as it’s not one.

  5. hskiprob says:

    What this article does not include is that Agents, I have read often times create or should I say fabricate a terrorist cell by providing the weapons, providing the targets and recruiting the “terrorists” so they can arrest them prior to any activity actually occurring. It is my understanding, a number of alleged arrests were illegal setups under this scenario. They do it to legitimize the need for their jobs.

    My son-in-law as a young teenager was a computer wiz. The Feds set up a website and enticed him to be the moderator of the site and taught him how to FTP files and such. For every program someone brought in, you could take two out. No money exchanged. You could give someone who was an administrator on the site a program and they would try to hack it. If they did you could get two back in exchange, At the time, around 2005 or 2006, most of the programs on the server were outdated but still worked. I think they got 3 or 4 arrests out of it. Shane agreed to work with them and got house arrest. They’re not supposed to be inducing people to commit crimes but they do. It’s not the same as pretending to be a drug buyer for any existing narcotics ring. It would be like setting up a narcotics ring and enticing people to participate and then busting them. I can’t remember what the legal terms for the difference so I gave the examples.

    Hard to say between the Gov. setups, false flags and main stream media what the hell is going on sometimes. Be skeptic my friends.

  6. Psalmon says:

    If they are “Yearning to be Free” as the Economist says, why don’t the fix their own decrepit countries rather than come her and ruin this one?

    Make no mistake, this is a demographic shift that will take 20 years to take hold.

    • Robertv says:

      Every day Europe is closer to its Islamic Tipping Point. At the moment the influx is accelerating. What could go wrong.

      • Gail Combs says:

        Robert, you ask what could go wrong?

        Why France’s decision to ban demonstrations at the upcoming COP21 climate talks in Paris! That is what could go wrong. But never fear the intrepid Bill McKibitzers are here to Save the Day!

        “The government can prohibit these demonstrations, but it cannot stop the mobilisation and it won’t prevent us strengthening the climate movement. Our voices will not be silenced,” French campaigner Nicolas Haeringer with group said in a statement.

        The group stands ready:

  7. Gail Combs says:

    WHO IS Simon V. Potter?

    Maybe this guy?

    Simon Potter is the Head of the Markets Group at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

    ….Mr. Potter has participated in bi-national panels created under Chapter 19 of the NAFTA to review determinations….

    Mr. Potter has frequently appeared as a leading lawyer in the Chambers Global: The World’s Leading Lawyers for Business and in the Canadian Legal Lexpert Directory, a guide to the leading law firms and practitioners in Canada, as a leading lawyer in the areas of dispute resolution, international trade regulation and litigation, corporate commercial litigation, class action litigation and public law. He is also repeatedly recommended in the areas of international commercial arbitration and litigation, and directors’ and officers’ liability competition law…

    Sure does look like him

  8. James nderson says:

    This guy has chit form brains. There has been almost 1.6 million so called refugees resettled in the US since 9/11

  9. elcrustace says:

    Sad for you americans. The Islamic faith is spreading fast on your soil, thanks to Barack Hussein Obama.

    • NorCalPatriot says:

      Spreading like a virus, I’ve moved deep into the mountains of northern California where white Christian conservatives dominate the population, our elected officials definitely do not represent the people. .10 years ago I didn’t know one person involved with militia or paramilitary groups but now I’d say 40%of the people I know are getting involved and countless others learning the old ways to survive and live off the land….I can only imagine how we must look from the outside, like a buncha lazy assholes most likely. ….However there are still those of us that believe in the Constitution and the principles that made this nation great before the liberal deconstruction. …..

  10. Andy Oz says:

    I have always wondered why the arms manufacturers who produce the armaments that these people use, are never held to account. If there was salmonella in bean sprouts, chicken, sausages or whatever causing death, the seller and producer get charged and/or sued. If a mining company’s dam fails and kills 25 people, the mining company, the design engineers and the constructor are held to account.
    In the case of terrorism, no-one ever charges or sues the arms manufacturers. It’s not that hard to trace the point of manufacture.

    • rah says:

      So the manufacturer of a knife should be held responsible if it’s used in a crime? That’s a dangerous road your going down my friend.

      Better to hold the people who use the tool responsible and accountable for it’s use and only go after the manufacturers and sellers which knowingly hock their products to criminals and elements which they know are illegal or dangerous to your society.

      A point I have tried time and again to make to people is that a submachine gun using the simple blow back operating system can be manufactured with standard machinery found in tool shops using no signature materials or components. In short it would be harder to track down an underground manufacture of such a weapon than it would a meth lab.

      Examples of the type firearm I’m speaking of are like the US M3 “grease gun” or Karl Gustav or the British Sten and Sterling. Very simple fully automatic machines and a firearm who’s only practical use is to kill people.

      Thankfully for the most part the very people that would want such weapons for criminal or terrorist uses are too friggen stupid or unmotivated to even master making that type of cheap and simple firearm it seems.

    • Why is ISIS using Toyota Hilux trucks?

      Toyota Akbar! The real force behind the success of ISIS.

  11. I. Lou Minotti says:

    Breaking news from Princeton University: The latest in “Progressive” Fake Statistics:

    Note especially “we built this place.” Riiiiight!

  12. Mark says:

    Sweet Jebus SG, love your climate hustle, can’t understand your irrational faux logic.
    Anyone who takes Hannity serious is shall we say challenged 😀

    So given your good work on the NASA fraud, the work of your neocortex, but this other stuff is obviously the work of your oblongata 😀

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