Sixty Years Of Cool Summers In The US


Prior to 1955, hot summer afternoons were very common in the US, but they rarely happen any more. The vast majority of stations set their all-time temperature record in the 1930’s.


Much of the small post-1970 increase seen in the graph above, is an artifact of new stations being added. It has nothing to do with climate.

The US used to be much hotter, so NASA is tampering with data to make the heat disappear and hide the decline.



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5 Responses to Sixty Years Of Cool Summers In The US

  1. wert says:

    Neat graphs, specially the number of stations thingy. Is the number of stations in use been changing and how did you take that into account?

    (statistically comparable numbers are difficult to get when the set changes)

  2. Andy DC says:

    If you look at those charts (which my own findings say are correct and valid) and believe there is an ongoing problem with catastrophic warming, you are a mental case.

  3. Gail Combs says:

    The Daily Mail had an article on Smart meters and increase in cost at prime time. (Something Richard north at EUreferendum has been talking about for a couple of years.) The interesting part was in the comments about Smart Meters catching on fire. So I checked and sure enough.
    In U.S. and Canada, “Smart Meter” Fires Spark Alarm

    All across the United States, Canada, and beyond, deeply controversial “smart meters” for electricity have been catching on fire and even exploding, sparking a major scandal that in at least one Canadian province has forced authorities to start removing all of the more than 100,000 devices. In Oregon, utility officials also announced that tens of thousands of smart meters were being replaced following numerous reports of fires. With the manufacturer saying the problems are systemic in the industry, experts predict more disasters to come as governments continue foisting the “smart grid” on the world in the face of growing opposition.

    With the latest news of fires and explosions, it now seems to critics and politicians that in the frantic rush to impose the “smart” electric meters in defiance of public resistance, serious safety concerns were pushed aside….

    So far, nobody has taken the blame, including the manufacturer of the fire-producing meters, North Carolina-based Sensus. The company blamed “external factors,” such as “water intrusion,” “hot socket conditions,” “over voltage in the distribution system,” and “holes in meter boxes” for the fires. It also said investigations were underway.…..

    Glad I only had the one put on the barn and not on the house!

    • catweazle666 says:

      In the UK the rollout has been carried out with characteristic ineptitude, there are at least four different, incompatible varieties of meter, so anyone wishing to change suppliers has got to have a meter change too – at £several hundred a go.

      Good, innit?

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