Risking It All For Science

Climate experts say that humans can’t survive two degrees of warming.

I’m about to test that out with fifty degrees warming in the Yucatan. Wish me luck!


If I wasn’t such a rebel, I would heed the scientists and go to Winnipeg instead.


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81 Responses to Risking It All For Science

  1. daveburton says:

    Thank you, Tony, for making such great personal sacrifices for science.

  2. rah says:

    Have a great trip Tony. Early bird missing the height of the season so I imagine you got a pretty good deal.

  3. flavrt says:

    Moving from an average 45º climate (northern Vermont) to an average 75º climate (south Florida), I can testify that the struggle is real. Coping with all the fresh food, daily water sports, forsaking my beloved goose down coats, going barefoot 23 hours/day, swimsuit body maintenance, spectacular sunsets, big hats and sunglasses have challenged me to the core.

  4. omanuel says:


    Forget for a day or two that we live in a strange, strange world ruled by an invisible coalition of frightened leaders of nuclear nations – China, England, France, India, Iran, Israel, Japan, North Korea, Pakistan, South Africa, Russia, USA, etc.

    The club has expanded since the end of WWII but it has always been trying to limit its membership and to hide from other nations the empirical fact that atomic bombs are powered by the same source of energy as the Sun – NEUTRON REPULSION !

  5. Steve Case says:

    Warmer weather adds up to a catastrophic disaster. That’s a difficult argument to make, but it’s been done, and the “mainstream” media has bought off on it hook line and sinker. Pointing out, “So where do you go for a vacation, somewhere warm or somewhere cold?” falls on deaf ears.

    Do have a great time, and don’t burn yourself to a crisp.

    We’re supposed to get our first real snow of the year later on today.

    • rah says:

      Seems to me as I remember the most catastrophic disasters from mother nature during the Roman period warming, which was much warmer than present times, were from earthquakes and Volcanic eruptions.

  6. Martin Smith says:

    “Climate experts say that humans can’t survive two degrees of warming.”

    No climate experts have said that, Steven. I’ve never heard anyone say it. You are the only one I know of who has written it.

    • Gonzo says:

      Do you come by douchbaggery naturally or do you take medications?

      • At this point I assume congenital douchebaggery.

      • Martin Smith says:

        I remember back in the 1980s, back in the early days of the internet. We argued in forums called newsgroups back then, on USENET. It was the time of the flame wars. That’s where the terms flame and troll came from. There were lots of people back then who wrote just like you and most of the others write here. It was the exact wording of your reply that reminded me of that time. I haven’t heard anyone say douchbaggery since the 80s. Next you’ll be telling me you loved Kajagoogoo.

        • So you say you’ve been trolling
          since the 1980s? Well, I don’t have any hard evidence to the contrary so I’ll take your word for it.

        • Martin Smith says:

          That’s vintage stuff, Colorado. Love it.

        • Yes, that is vintage Martin Smith. We know you love doing it. You told us.

          “Steven, you are still using the wrong graph. By now you know that the wrong graph is deceptive. This is the correct graph.”

          “The Danish Meteorological Institute says this is the correct graph and the one Steven doctored and then posted is incorrect.”

          “Read the comment at the bottom of the correct graph. Then follow the link to the graph Steven used, and read the comment at the bottom of that graph, which Steven removed.

          “Steven used the wrong graph, and he doctored it. …”

          “Oh, come on. If you use the link to the graph Steven used, instead of the doctored copy he posted, …”

          “Steven doctored it by removing the qualifying comment at the bottom, written by DMI …”

          “I have never accused Steven of altering graphics.”

        • catweazle666 says:

          More lies, Marty?

        • wert says:

          plonk, said

        • David A says:

          Thanks Colorado, I did not wish to take the time to pull Martins accusations against this blog.
          BTW Martin, there have been at least eight separate terrorist attacks since the Paris incident, (six different nations) not counting todays Mumbai attack, all Islamic, killing at least 90 additional people. There were zero from other religions. Yet you keep equating other religions to Islam, supporting Hillarie’s claim that Islam is not a problem. (Or will you deny making these false equations?)

        • You’re welcome, David. I kept it because I thought it would come up again. It did. He’s easy. Predictable.

          BTW, I just tipped a few glasses with friends, some of whom were young adults in the 80s. They know way more than he does. He’s either lying and he’s just as green as he sounds or he was a stupid prick already in the 80s. My money is on a young thing.

          He won’t be back to answer you.

        • catweazle666 says:

          Colorado Wellington: “He’s either lying and he’s just as green as he sounds or he was a stupid prick already in the 80s.”

          My money’s on both.

    • rah says:

      2 degrees is the tipping point supposedly when positive feedbacks will cause the worlds climate to turn so hot that all kinds of catastrophes will occur and people die from them. We knew what he meant. Never mind that the climate has been hotter during human habitation in the past and those time coincide with some of the greatest advances in civilization.

      • Martin Smith says:

        No, rah, 2C was never believed or claimed to be a tipping point. It was believed to be a limit that we could use to stay clear of catastrophic effects of climate change. Now that we have reached the halfway mark, we see that even 1C is causing a significant increase in extreme weather events.

        • rah says:

          Really the Atlantic Hurricane season was a bust. The Pacific Typhoon season was very active but what would one expect with an El Nino. Tornado incidence was well below average. So exactly what increases in what type of “extreme weather” and where are you talking about? Hell our thunderstorms here in the midwest weren’t even up to par this year.

        • PeterK says:

          You are sooooo full of shit!!!

        • Jason Calley says:

          What increase in extreme weather events would that be, and why do you think they are significant?

        • Martin Smith says:

          No, rah, it wasn’t a bust. It is slightly below normal, but it isn’t over yet. And the Pacific season is setting records: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2015_Pacific_hurricane_season
          Extreme weather events are increasing in frequency, size, duration, and cost, pretty much all over the world.

        • Martin Smith says:

          Here is a good report, Jason. Thanks for asking, but learn how to find these things yourself. Self-reliance will be an important skill in the coming years. Here is that report: http://thinkprogress.org/climate/2015/01/15/3612054/global-warming-extreme-weather/

        • rah says:

          LOL I say the Atlantic Hurricane season was a bust and he give me a link for the Pacific season when I had already pointed out that with the El Nino the Pacific Typhoon season was very active. Worthless.

        • gator69 says:

          Even more amusing is the fact that Marty thinks Stinkregress is a reliable source! 😆

        • Latitude says:

          Extreme weather events!!!!

          ….how childish

        • AndyG55 says:

          “Marty thinks Stinkregress is a reliable source!”

          That and SkS are what could be called “negative knowledge”.

          ie knowledge you have to get rid of before you can actually start learning.

          And Martin is absolutely full of it.. (that ‘negative knowledge”)

        • David A says:

          Ignorant bloviateor, the IPCC shows positive feedbacks until a 2c T change. (They are very wrong even in this. Currently about a billion people live due to the increase in CO2.)

        • AndyG55 says:

          “2C was never believed or claimed to be a tipping point. It was believed to be a limit that we could use to stay clear ”

          The 2C non-science has absolutely no basis in fact or in science.

          Even Shellhummer, the guy who came up with it, admitted as such.

          Its just another LIE, another FABRICATION, from the AGW bletheren.. ..

          … along with all the other LIES, PROPGANDA and FABRICATIONS.

        • YOU have evidence of a significant increase in extreme weather events? By all means, do share the data, the statistical tests performed, and the results.

        • R. Shearer says:

          Martin said, “No, rah, 2C was never believed or claimed to be a tipping point.”

          I wonder if he is lying or just ignorant for this claim has been made more often than “never.”

          ” Climate scientists frequently warn of the 2C global warming tipping point, saying that if average temperatures rise beyond that threshold, irreversible damage will be done.” http://blueandgreentomorrow.com/2014/07/25/scientists-identify-evidence-of-climate-change-tipping-point/

        • AndyG55 says:

          “we see that even 1C is causing a significant increase in extreme weather events.”

          BULL S**T !!

        • catweazle666 says:

          Andy55: “BULL S**T”

          Unlike Marty’d mendacious drivel, BULL S**T is useful, you can fertilise plants with it.

        • AndyG55 says:

          Martin.. you linked to the wrong page..

          You should have linked to this one


          Particularly the following parts

          “Since 1959, only 16 Pacific hurricanes are known to have reached Category 5 and only two made landfall while at this intensity”

          “The apparent increase in recent seasons is spurious; it is due to better estimation and measurement, not an increase in intense storms. That is, until 1988, Pacific hurricanes generally did not have their central pressures measured or estimated from satellite imagery.”

          So again Martin.. you are caught out in a BALD FACE LIE !!!!!

        • AndyG55 says:

          And again we could look at some REAL DATA.. (quick Martin. hand over your eyes !)


          Globally.. very low.

          You could of course cherry pick the one that does have some recent activity, East Pacific, but even then.. its less than 1992

          So again , and again and again..

          Martin’s base-line IGNORANCE comes back to bite him, and show what a monotonous LIAR he really is.

        • catweazle666 says:

          Andy55: “Martin’s base-line IGNORANCE comes back to bite him, and show what a monotonous LIAR he really is.”

          It’s not ignorance, I believe Marty knows damn well he is lying.

          It’s malevolence.

        • AndyG55 says:

          “BULL S**T is useful, you can fertilise plants with it.”

          Especially if there is plenty of atmospheric CO2 🙂

        • Andy DC says:

          Another bin bustimg corn crop this year, so much so that farmers don’t know what to do with all of it. Among it’s many other splendors, “climate change” has been great for grain production. Also great for the insurance industry, as Florida has now gone a record 10 years without a hurricane.

    • Dave N says:


      Is just one example, unless you think the outcome of not “adapting” is not dying.

      Just Google “2 degrees of warming”; there’s oodles more, mostly coming from chief alarmist Hansen.

    • Rico L says:

      I have heard it said many times by persons claiming to be climate experts, although it is usually closer to – predictions are that the human race won’t survive 2DegC of global warming. So technically slightly different.

      FYI temp dropped in Sydney by 20 DegC in the las 48hrs, how many climate models have this type of drop in them???? No reports of death or naughty children as yet..

    • Disillusioned says:

      “No climate experts have said that, Steven. I’ve never heard anyone say it. You are the only one I know of who has written it.”

      Well, gee – since you’ve never heard anyone say it, then your claim must be true!

      Get a grip, man.


  7. Have a great trip. I agree with you, I think such a temperature change is very much survivable. But hopefully you will be providing ample photographic evidence that survival on the beach is actually possible.

  8. Nobama says:

    I think it’s warmed 4 degrees here this morning already….

    Wish it were me making this sacrifice….

  9. pmc47025 says:

    Enjoy the vacation Tony, and keep up the good work!

  10. Tony, take your annotated Koran copy with you in case there is a surprise trivia exam at the hotel.

  11. rah says:

    Concerning the events in Bamako, Mali.
    it is being reported US Special Forces is leading the way clearing the building. Who they really are specifically I can’t say because the press in their ignorance more often than not call any SPECIAL OPERATIONS forces “Special Forces” except SEALs which they usually call out by their specific title even if the actual unit is a mixture of SEALs and other Spec Ops types.

    However, just some points. The speed of this reaction indicates to me that more than likely it was not led by DELTA or the SEAL counter terrorist/hostage rescue units. Odds are there weren’t elements of either of those units close enough to have gotten there this quickly except for possibly a DELTA liason working out of the local US embassy. This is just an educated guess and I could be wrong but I doubt it.

    So there is a pretty good chance that they may actually be US Army Special Forces troops because 10th SFG(A) has been running Mobile Training Teams in Mali for some time training up their forces.

    SF A teams are not specifically tasked nor carry out much specific training for these missions but by their very nature they can carry them out if necessary because many of the necessary skills are covered in training for other types missions and they have with them the most important equipment and arms needed to carry out such missions if needed.

    I suspect that current SF soldiers probably have had more training than we did in these kinds of situations just because of the extensive combat deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere required it.

    The first A team I was on did get hostage rescue training run by DELTA on the back ranges of Ft. Bragg. It was just a two week course specifically set up for US military that were liable to be deployed to areas where such things occur. The idea was the team could either do the mission or help indigenous forces do it, or if one of the units that specialize in these operations could be deployed quickly enough the SF team could assist them.

    Fact is that in situations like these time is a critical factor and since SF teams get deployed to 3rd world armpits all over the world all the time as a matter of course where terrorist acts such as this could occur there is a higher probability they will actually be in the country where events like occur than any other type of US unit that could possibly be capable of handling the situation.

  12. Martin Smith says:

    >So there is a pretty good chance that they may actually be US Army Special Forces troops …

    Yes, it is likely, given that “Army Colonel Mark Cheadle, a spokesman for the U.S. Africa Command, also said that U.S. special forces assisted in the rescue efforts.”

    • rah says:

      Did you get that information from the site you posted? I sure don’t see it. In fact I don’t see a word about the operation or even the attack there and I’m not watch the TV. If they were SF then they were most likely from 10th Grp. That’s their AO.

      • Martin Smith says:

        No, I got that information from the Huffington Post. I’m so impressed with your detailed knowledge of US military unit minutia. I wish you paid as much attention to what’s happening in the world. I don’t think it matters which Grp is there. The French have been fighting in Mali for quite awhile.

        • rah says:

          I have been busy here on this blog and some other places besides a couple of phone calls! So you happened to learn something I conjectured was the case based on real world experience without yet having the facts and your all proud of your wittle self that your read it on the HuffPo despite the fact that I was correct without having those facts.
          I’m done with you. No more feedings from me.

        • catweazle666 says:

          “I have been busy here on this blog and some other places besides a couple of phone calls!”

          That’s because unlike Marty, you have a life rah, and more exciting and productive things to do than to sit monitoring Steve’s blog from your mummy’s back bedroom so you can pounce in and insult him and all the other posters on here the moment one of his posts appears.

        • Martin Smith eagerly ran into the ring. Before rah managed to lay down his book, Smith kicked himself in the head and fell down. Rah walked over and checked his pulse. He watched him for a while, then he shook his head and left. Later that day, Smith woke up and slowly picked himself up. His head was hurting but he was proud of himself. I taught him a lesson he will not forget, he thought.

  13. lance says:

    Have some good “down” time Steve.

  14. ntesdorf says:

    Good luck on the beach there, Steve, I hope that you can survive it all. Thanks for taking one for the Team.

  15. gregole says:


    We’re pulling for you and hope you make it through your ordeal in Mexico. And I’m sure you know this, but drink plenty of fluids – I hear it can help. As a matter of fact, I think I’ll go have a Modelo in your honor!

  16. Robertv says:

    Developing spyware pays better than big oil ?

    • Disillusioned says:


    • gator69 says:

      Roaches scatter when the lights go on.

      “Information provided to the Committee by whistleblowers appears to show that the [NOAA] study was rushed to publication despite the concerns and objections of a number of NOAA scientists, ignoring established and standard NOAA scientific processes and potentially violating NOAA’s scientific integrity policies,” Texas Republican Rep. Lamar Smith writes in a letter to Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker, the second letter he’s sent this week as part of an investigation into NOAA.


      • rah says:

        Any guess what Penny Pritzer will do? Just blow them off and stonewall like the state department is concerning Clintons emails? Or if things get bad enough, take the 5th like Lerner did? Or something in between. What I would bet is one thing she won’t do is come clean and cooperate. Any takers?

        • gator69 says:

          If there is only one thing I have learned in life, it is that conversing with liars is a almost always a waste of time. Whatever happens, in the end, Penny will end up with a high paying and cushy job working at some private leftist organization.

  17. Jim Steele says:

    This post cracked me up!

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