More Mind-Blowing Fraud By Yale University And Cheryl Katz

Yale University has a brand new article claiming that Lake Superior is overheating and its ice is disappearing.


On Thin Ice: Big Northern Lakes Are Being Rapidly Transformed by Cheryl Katz: Yale Environment 360

This November 2015 article is scientific malfeasance at its worst.

Lake Superior summer water temperatures have plummeted about seven degrees F over the past five years, meaning they are just as cold now as they were in 1906. Katz ended her study right at the peak in 2010.


Great Lakes Statistics

Springtime Great Lakes ice cover has blown away all records the last two years.

ScreenHunter_8624 Apr. 16 07.01

20150413180000_CVCHDCTGL_0008216680.gif (1100×850)

The ice lasted into July last year, for the first time on record.


Cheryl Katz article is blatant fraud, intended to mislead her readers. Lake Superior is no warmer than 100 years ago, and the ice is not disappearing. Yale should be ashamed for publishing this fraud.


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24 Responses to More Mind-Blowing Fraud By Yale University And Cheryl Katz

  1. Steve Case says:

    So Cheryl Katz got it wrong, the “Main Stream” media is never going to report it.

  2. Science writers don’t need to study science. They don’t have to, any more than art historians need to know how to hold a paint brush or sports writers know how to hit a ball. Pay no attention to science writers.

    • Powers says:

      That is a point that cannot be repeated enough, Morgan. You do not need a degree in a field of science to write articles for a science magazine. Same applies to making documentaries. AlGore took one science class at Yale, Earth Science, for which he received a grade of C. Then he took that vast Sciency knowledge and made a documentary for which he received a Nobel Prize and an Academy Award. Which just goes to show that you don’t need to know what your are talking about when you lie to people for a living.

      • anastrophe says:

        “for which he received […] an Academy Award”.

        No, he did not. It’s an oft repeated claim, but it is simply not true. He _held_ an Oscar at the Academy Awards ceremony when the film won for best documentary; it was not his Oscar, it was the director’s.

  3. AndyG55 says:

    As there is data since 1906.. where is that data?

  4. Windsong says:

    What an odd baseline period. Would using a 100 year period, such as 1916-2015 instead of 1973-2010, have produced an inconvenient number for Ms. Katz?

  5. About the media that is “never going to report it”. That’s the diference between “scandal” and “no scandal”.
    See what is prohibited to even be touched by media:
    This has over 50 documents. No any report for 30 years. The fraud is continuing.
    And this is obviously the reason why all fraud in science is continuing – there is no honest journalism.
    Michael Pyshnov
    (my email is hacked by the same criminals, the comments on my other websites also were stopped, one site is hacked)

  6. Dennis says:

    She’s based in San fransico, CA….the land of fruits and nuts…it’s not her fault, she can’t help it

  7. Cornelius says:

    You’ve yet to see the magically adjusted Lake Superior temperature and ice data “product”, coming soon to a government organization near you.

  8. Yale hasn’t been around for 300 years for no reason. They know how to keep the money rolling in. The Yale magazine and the website are not science journals. They are recruitment tools to get rich liberal students to enroll. They know that adolescents in every generation want to save the world, so they recruit students using the enviro movement, which basically says anything done by corporations is evil, and humans are to blame for everything, blah blah blah. This shows that human beings of college age are babies.

    But you knew all that.

  9. rah says:

    NOAAs own Great Lake Coast watch data from 1994 to present falsifies the claim about lake superiors surface water temps getting warmer. They show a range of for the high temp of 20 deg C in 2012 dropping to a high of about 15 deg. C in 2014.

    I have no idea where she got any significant data base recording temps starting in 1904.

    No doubt the Great Lakes have their problems, but temps and water levels aren’t part of them right now.

  10. markstoval says:

    From my observation, I don’t think there is any truth or honesty at any of our modern American Universities. They are grant-seeking, diploma mills. What would truly shock me would be for of the major universities to announce that the data sets have been tampered with to support a failed hypothesis of CO2 warming the planet. Now that would be news.

  11. Henry P says:

    I told you it is globally cooling from the top latitudes downward,
    starting with more ice in the antarctic, now also the arctic, and sure, the ice increase on the Great Lakes is no co-incidence. No doubt, we will see more ice there on the lakes in years to come.
    Remember my name.

  12. eliza says:

    Chapmans impartiality. How in hells name is a guy like this even allowed to have anything to do with generating Ice data? Does he understand statistics? He is most obviously a biased paid salaried warmista

    Click to access Forbes.article.response.pdf

    Their own graphs show that global is completely within normal limits for the last 4 years

    Yes global polar ice mean totals declined 2001 to 2012 but since has bounced back to normal. So yes ice has “recovered” BTW its not really a recovery most likely normal variation within an interglacial period

  13. Len says:

    Talked with cousin Bob who lives in Skanee Michigan on the south shore of Lake Superior. The past two winters have been the coldest in memory, he has lived there for 45 years. Local people are putting up more fire wood than usual because they got caught short last winter.
    The year before last year the Lake froze over and the ice on the Lake was between 4 and 7 feet thick in spots and some ice it did in fact remain in the lake until late June. The Lake froze over again this past winter but not as thick as the prior year.

  14. Andy DC says:

    It is ironic that she is trumpeting a large decline in ice right after two consecutive years of record ice. Black is white and white is black in the wacko world of so-called climate science. They know no shame!

    • wert says:

      Irony fails me, this is something pretty interesting. I’m not going to call her stupid or fraudulent. The correct word is most probably mislead.

      ‘Most of the heat gain has come in the past 30 years, during which “there’s been a significant trend toward lower ice,” said Jay Austin, a physical oceanographer at the University of Minnesota Duluth’s Large Lakes Observatory. Between 1973 and 2010, Lake Superior’s ice cover shrank by nearly 80 percent. ‘

      This makes me sad. Of course, ice cover shrank by 100 percent between 2014 and 2015. We call it summer. Fun aside, these people use expressions like ‘gaining heat’ which totally misses the variability of temperature both temporally and spatially. It does not just gain heat, it freezes over and melts down depending how the polar vortex is located.

      • David A says:

        Heat is temporal to now, when it is gone, it is gone
        How come fraud is not accurate when she no doubt knows the current dtop wiped out all her claims.

  15. Billy Liar says:

    She’s written for un-Scientific American and National Geographic.

    Just about says it all. Presstitute.

  16. ntesdorf says:

    The inconvenient truths for the Warmistas are piling up even faster than the ice around the World.

  17. Petr Beckmann remarked decades ago that warmistas never took a series of data points from the same thermometer.

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