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A Simple Solution To Gun Violence

Democrats want to stop Islamic terror via strict gun control like they have in Paris and San Bernardino. Their goal is to make citizens completely defenseless against psychotic killers. A more realistic approach is to go after the root of the … Continue reading

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NASA Iceland Fraud

The Arctic warmed rapidly from about 1915 until the 1940’s – and glaciers were disappearing. Scientists warned that low-lying countries were going to drown. Same story as today, but without the CO2 superstition. 2 Nov 1922, Page 8 – at … Continue reading

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NASA Sea Level Fraud

NASA shows 3.24 mm/year sea level rise on their web site. They call it “Facts” – when in fact it is blatant fraud. Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet: Sea Level Until early December 2015, NOAA had this web … Continue reading

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Obama 2008 : “I Will Not Take Your Rifle Away”

Must watch ahead of tomorrow’s Obama gun confiscation announcement.

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If You Haven’t Already Done So ..

Join the NRA

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