Most Pakistanis Support Terror


Poll: Bin Laden tops Musharraf in Pakistan –

No one should be surprised about last week.


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44 Responses to Most Pakistanis Support Terror

  1. Barbara says:

    Farook didn’t get to spend the money at least. Strangely, it was not that large an amount. The couple had clearly spent lots on their “supplies”, some on the rental vehicle. Whatever, the funding monsters got a lot of bang. Hideous. Yes, I am an Islamophobe.

    • You might note that within minutes of the shooting, Democrats were calling for gun confiscation. It is almost like ……

      • Robertv says:

        It is almost like ……

        • Marsh says:

          Robertv :: a knee-jerk reaction, without any relevant rhyme or reason..!

        • Robertv says:

          Who is taking away your rights? Not the terrorists.

        • Marsh says:

          No, the terrorists are just the catalyst,, but lawmakers take the opportunity on a falsehood for gun control; clearly, that form of injustice, goes against the rights of the people..!

        • Jason Calley says:

          Almost like? How about exactly like. We have the reached the point where our government lies so often, so massively and with such enormous resources behind them, that we no longer have a way to distinguish between mere opportunism and false flags. When actual crimes and contrived crimes can no longer be functionally separated why on earth should we give our manipulative “leaders” the benefit of a doubt?

  2. au1corsair says:

    This report is disturbing only to those living in a fantasy world. In the real world that’s simply “fact.” Yes, of course bin Laden is a hero in the world of Islam. Failure to recognize this is simply one more delusion of the folks who bring us “gun control” and “global warming” and who outlaw public display of Christianity but promote any other religion as a superior alternative.

    What’s the problem? The Left is either lying, deluded, or delusional liars. Fact!

    • Frank K. says:

      My observation from Facebook is that most liberals think we can live in a “COEXIST” bumper sticker world, and that climate change and pot smoking are the two biggest issues of our time.

      Meanwhile, we have a terrorist couple connected to ISIS who are willing to dump their six month old baby with a relative while they go off and engage in a suicide killing spree…

        • sam says:

          i don’t think the muslims wanna do all that crap, take over the world and convert everyone etc., that’s just more illumati bullshit like ‘global warming’
          Iraq and Syria were governed by secular nationalist governments, women had rights and at least in theory everyone was equal just like everyone is equal in theory like america. The US ‘neocons’ are all israel firsters and they had an agenda to break up these arab countries into a bunch of islamic fiefdoms because it better complements their aphartheid system.. if your a ‘jewish state’ you don’t wanna be surrounded by secular nationalist states because the west that backs israel is also secular..the west that supports israel will start saying “well then why doesn’t israel just give everyone equal rights like US and the ARABS? Why can’t israel be seculat like evryone else in the world? that makes israel the odd man out.. SOO its better to surround it with the crazy islamic feifdoms and thats where the international illumati money support these ISIS,alqueda groups..where you think they get all these weapons and money they got to wage war? supposedly NOONE is really backing them.
          AND the US and quatar and saudi arabia want to build a pipline THRU Syria so they can RUIN Russia economically READ:

        • gator69 says:

          Right. The illuminati created Mohammad, and 1400 years of islamic invasions.

        • rah says:

          That’s the problem with being labeled a “denier”. Real deniers show up.

        • OrganicFool says:

          Percentage that believe in death penalty for leaving Islam by country

        • Latitude says:

          even the lowest percentage… a huge number of people

      • Marsh says:

        sam : The problem with Islamic states goes way beyond your assessment. You have a very one sided view of what is secular? Remember the Koran with its Sharia law, makes it incompatible with the modern world… You also ignore the Sunni & Shia divide that is part of the War across the middle east ; much of this conflict is a civil war of hatred (factions of their “own religion”). No more excuses & no more trust ; the risk is too great..!

        • sam says:

          I think what everyone is saying is true but the question is how did we get to this point? I maybe denying the extent of the current depravity but the question is what do these ISIS groups want. They want the west to stop supporting their enemies in the middleeast, I dont think they want to islamizize north america or europe.. when all these refugees ‘invade’ western europe they are only doing that because these western countries let them in. There are almost no refugees in Japan, Korea, or China even though those countries also have advanced economies. Japan’s economy doesn’t grow as much as the wests but they don’t drink the coolaid of becoming an immigration economy. They’re like screw it, we’re going to maintain our culture and way of life even if we are not the richest and most powerful nation. ISIS or alqueda never said that you had to let 100s of millions of their people into your country, they don’t even like that, osama bin laden said it was ok to kill muslims in terror attacks on the west because they ‘pay taxes’, those taxes go to the government and then to the military that has bases in muslim lands. In ancient times the empire would invade other lands, destroy the country and enslave the population. today it’s called ‘immigration’ or ‘asylum’-they may not be slaves but when they arrive in europe or america they pretty much take the crappy jobs that no one else wants or work for very cheap. US invades iraq, country is destroyed and war spills over into syria, then they allow in millions of refugees who now have nothing..
          Your buying into this propaghanda that says we must dominate these countries in order to ‘protect’ ourselves. every imperialist invader in history siad he was trying to defend himself.

        • gator69 says:

          Obviously you are not a history major.

          ISIS has made it clear they are not content with retaking the ME, which they took from Jews and Christians over a thousand years ago. This is their plan for 2020…

        • Marsh says:

          Sam :: Well I have to say, you present many theories that are partly right, or only address half the underlying problem. Firstly, I’m not suggesting we “dominate” these Countries but we have Military and Commercial agreements with Countries in the middle east…
          and we have learnt to : “prepare for the worse” and hope for the best…
          If you actually READ some of the codices within the Koran, you will find that Islam is inflexible with infidels and intolerant with a Culture that places any law before Sharia! The Koran was written on behalf of a War Lord ; it resembles a military guide with prescriptive punishment for every form of dissent or ignorance thereof..!
          As to “dominate” that is a trait within the 109 verses that call Muslims to War in the Koran, make no mistake; there are many in the Islamic World, that take the Koran very literally..!
          Most Religions, have undergone “reform” in recent Centuries to address “modern life”,, but Islam is unchanged ; from the ancient and barbaric days of bedouin tribal wars.
          As a consequence : if a Muslim is true to the Koran as written & intended, it potentially incites them to be a terrorist.! A moderate Muslim, has to ignore parts of the Koran.
          This has nothing to do with Racism ; but everything to do with a dangerous Religion.
          As to what ISIS want : A “Sunni” dominated Islamic State that stretches from Nth Africa across to Pakistan with the conversion of Shia regions & the annihilation of Israel. We know that much,, plus we know they want influence across the free world for the next stage of conquest… Having Islamic sympathizers in the USA & Europe is to their advantage ; that weakness will be exploited. While you’re scratching your head..?

  3. Marsh says:

    “”Most Pakistanis Support Terror”” Yes, when its People have a reputation for training & protecting Muslim extremists ; “that’s a given” & is unlikely to change in our lifetime..!

  4. gator69 says:

    After 911, this is what I was expecting. Compared to the expense, time, and effort it took to coordinate the 911 attacks, hitting soft targets (malls, theaters, sports arenas, etc…) with small arms fire is child’s play. More bang for the buck, more random, and more terrifying to the public at large.

    • David A says:

      It does not take much of a mastermind to smuggle some rifles into a gun controlled area and start shooting The only reason this is not happening a lot more is the first Jihad, according to the MB the O supports, is mainly silent Jihad, ” destroying their miserable houses from within”, the real violence comes with sufficient numbers. Why did India have to give up land they lived in for thousands of years? Simply because of the percentage of Muslims.

    • Yes, one only needed to see their tactics in Israel to know what was coming.

    • rah says:

      It really is a wonder to me that these types of attacks took so long to materialize. I see that as a testament to the competency and dedication of those responsible for preventing them. But now it seems our current administration is overloading the system and we’re going to see more.

  5. sam says:

    what does all the ‘terror’ and ‘gun’ posts have to do with climate and the reliability of the governments data? anyways apparently bombing these countries everyday forever doesn’t decrease terrorist attacks.. how about letting the iraqi’s and syrian’s fight their civil wars w/o american involvement , enough is enough..

    • rachase says:

      You forget that what passes for our country’s leader sez AGW is a bigger threat than terrorism.

    • Jason Calley says:

      Hey sam! “what does all the ‘terror’ and ‘gun’ posts have to do with climate and the reliability of the governments data?”

      Is there some reason why Tony (and commenters) have to be limited to subjects directly related to climate? Obviously, that is the primary subject at this blog, but I do not think that Tony ever claimed that he would only discuss climate to the exclusion of all else. In short, this is not a “climate blog”, this is a “Tony Heller blog”.

      • sam says:

        fair enough but i don’t understand how this CAGW garbage and bullshitting everyone became a ‘liberal’ thing.. i’m not very conservative (although i do support right to have guns) but i’m an environmentalist and against military attacks on useless countries on the other side of the did we get stuck with this stupid shit all of a sudden?

        • Jason Calley says:

          “i’m an environmentalist and against military attacks on useless countries on the other side of the world.”

          Me too. Heck, I am a vegetarian, non-hunter and do not believe in aggression — though I do strongly believe in self defense. I support our troops so strongly I say bring ’em all home and let the other countries fight among themselves. Free trade with all, entangling alliances with none. Tony is one of the most environmentally conscious people I can think of — and one of the most low-carbon people as well. There is a real mix of people who post here, with a mix of opinions, but we are (mostly) all grown ups. As for mixing politics and climate, I have seen that even more from the CAGW crowd than I have from the sceptic crowd. When my brother realized that I was not convinced of CAGW he turned on me and said, “Why, that means that you believe the same thing as RUSH LIMBAUGH!!”

          Anyway, if you think that someone here is putting you down or over politicizing what SHOULD be pure science, call ’em on it. Give your best argument! It might not be quick, but truth usually wins out. Besides, I might learn something from you.

        • DD More says:

          Sam – became a ‘liberal’ thing

          Check the numbers. We got stuck because one side is probably a bit more naive.

    • Frank K. says:

      Sam…remember, U.S, Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (Socialist, VT) says that fighting climate change is more important than fighting terrorism…

  6. eliza says:

    Trump President , Cruz Vice president

    • rachase says:

      I’m ok with the pairing if it were reversed. Not excited about it, but could accept it. Bottom line is any of the Republican candidates is better than Hillary or Sanders

    • Barbara says:

      I agree, but hope some of the other top ranked Republican candidates would be asked to fill cabinet posts. Several have much to offer the nation. Let’s just hope that somehow they don’t “eat” each other up and badly split the final vote. It would be almost better if they would draw for the “prize”, and the losers get behind the first and second draws. Fat chance! Too much ego involved in type A personalities! I am going to feel like dropping off the world if we get another Liberal administration.

  7. So a couple years ago as a contract hired (engr) gun I was pulling down some pretty serious bucks. Transferring those big bucks between household accounts drew mucho attention. Once deposited I had to wait three days before withdrawing. Kind of like guns, the law abiding jump through hoops and the criminals get some kind of liberal pass.

  8. OrganicFool says:

    Parents To ISIS: Good Luck With Our Daughter, She’s Your Problem Now

    “As the terror of the Islamic State continues, one of the most puzzling aspects is the draw that ISIS has for some teenagers from middle class families, such as three London teens. Below we have a response from one family trying to make sense of their daughter’s departure.

    “Dear ISIS,

    Last week our seventeen year old daughter, Cressida Bowan, ran away from home to join your ranks. We have only one thing to say to you. Good luck! We really hope you understand what you’re getting into…”

    ” Cressida spent $1,600 on nail polish in the last year alone. When she finds out that she’s not allowed to use makeup, guess what she’s going to do? She’ll pit each of you against each other until she gets her own way. You don’t know the meaning of psychological warfare until you’ve raised a teenage girl.

    And we know what you’re thinking. “We’re going to change her. She will have no choice but to become a devoted servant of Islam.” Yeah, we were in denial for a long time, too. She’ll be into Islam until she sees Selena Gomez posting on Instagram about Hinduism, and then suddenly nothing you do will be right anymore. Those beheadings she thought were so cool at first? Good luck trying to get her to look up from her phone at one. Seriously, if you get her to have a meaningful conversation with you, please tell us how. We’ve threatened her with everything: boarding school, house arrest, jail- I don’t think that even the threat of getting shot to death will wake her up from her entitled dream world.”

    New secret weapon: Spoiled teenagers!

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