Ted Cruz Is Using My Graph



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61 Responses to Ted Cruz Is Using My Graph

  1. Latitude says:

    hot damn!!!!!

  2. darrylb says:

    Good for you and him! (and us)

  3. 1saveenergy says:

    Well done.
    The trouble with truth…… it always gets out in the end.

  4. lyn208 says:

    Well, of course….your graph says it all loudly and clearly. Thank G-d Cruz knows it too!

  5. Barbara says:

    Ted Cruz was excellent today.

    • it all boils done to these simple facts as Ted Cruz put it:

      1.CO2 is good for plant life
      2. The Earth is greening
      3. For significant periods of earth’s history there have been significantly more CO2 in atmosphere which did not come from burning fossil fuels.
      4. For 18 years both balloon and satellite data show no warming
      5. That satellite and balloon are the best evidence of whether the earth is currently warming
      6. That seas were increasing more in 1st half of 20th century
      7.That the computer models – that say we have to raise cost of living of all and make it harder to make ends meet – are profoundly wrong and inconsistent with the data and evidence.
      (there should be eight – I’ve either missed one or doubled up)

  6. wizzum says:

    Awesome Tony!

    Can someone link to some of the hearing. I missed the whole thing.

  7. Ted says:

    Isn’t this where Martin tells us it’s the wrong graph?

  8. QV says:

    But did the people who he was talking to understand it?

  9. This is such great news, I’m sure you are proud.

  10. ntesdorf says:

    Good to see your graph being put to a good political use, Steve.

  11. gator69 says:

    One more thing to like about Ted cruz. Now if we could just get Rand Paul as VP…

  12. John Swiontek says:

    Well done sir!!

  13. DD More says:

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

  14. gregole says:

    That’s great! We all keep talking about the truth finally getting out there – well there it is!

  15. What better accolade can you get Tony than that a potential future US president thinks your graph worthy & credible enough to make his case.

    Now go sue the socks of him for copyright theft (joke)

  16. Andy Oz says:

    Go Tony!!!!
    While the climate criminals are all sipping champagne in Paris, the real politicking, with the likely new VPOTUS if not POTUS, is happening in DC. Well done mate! Couldn’t be happier for you.

  17. kmbold says:

    I hope he gave you credit.

    • kmbold says:

      OOps. I see Scottish Sceptic already covered my concern. But please don’t sue.

    • ceist8 says:

      I wish he would. It’s a shame Admiral Titley didn’t ask Cruz for the source of that graph.
      Admiral Titley: “From Steve Goddard’s blog you say? So if you are elected President, will you use claims from blogs as a source of reliable science information Senator?”

      • Gail Combs says:

        The SOURCE is clearly labeled on the graph. The U.S. Historic Climate Network.

        All Tony did is SHOW the RAW vs the Adjusted as any HONEST scientist would.

        • Ted says:

          You just don’t understand. Facts get tainted when they pass through impure hands. By the act of reprinting it, Tony has completely invalidated that graph. Truth isn’t objective. It’s a team sport. And Tony is on the wrong team.

          “Who? Whom?”
          -Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov

        • Jason Calley says:

          Hey Ted! Yes, I think you nailed it. CAGW enthusiasts look at “climate science” as a team sport. You are either with them or you are the enemy. Some years back, my brother (who happens to be an alarmist) was stunned when I explained to him (at his request) why I did not think that CAGW was real. Did he attempt to refute either my data or my logic? No! His deep and heartfelt response was “Why, you are on RUSH LIMBAUGH’S side!”

        • ceist8 says:

          Bullshit. The graph was Tony’s. Tony misrepresented the source data in his dodgy graph.

        • gator69 says:

          Your projection can be seen from space! 😆

          So you have no issue with annual revisions to data by “the team” for “the cause”, and no issue with “the team” making up fake data for “the cause”, but when Tony posts actual data you throw a fit. Nice!

        • Hmmm. I suppose you’d try and explain how he misrepresented it, but I’m sure you can’t, so you just stick out your tongue and say he did.

      • gator69 says:

        At least Cruz has enough sense not to use graphs from grantologists who cannot produce a single predictive model. Do you always bet on losers?

  18. Marsh says:

    That’s an important step in the right direction Tony +++++++

  19. Menicholas says:

    Expect more of this.
    Cruz is the man, especially if you see the CAGW hoax as a key issue in the upcoming election.

  20. rah says:

    Watched the recording. Great! Now they’re using your graphs, perhaps next you’ll be testifying Tony. BTW Bill Nelson is, was, and always will be a slug.

  21. if Mr Cruz becomes President perhaps Tony Heller replaces James Hansen. That would be a bit ironic.

  22. ceist8 says:

    Great. A US Presidential Candidate uses a graph from a junk-science conspiracy blog.
    If he becomes President he can make military decisions based on what his barber tells him.

    • Another moron who thinks that NOAA data is a conspiracy.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Steve, ceist8’s problem is he can not read the clearly printed legend on the graph because he has a major congenital defect.

      • ceist8 says:

        Another moron who doesn’t understand how someone can totally misrepresent source data in a dodgy graph.

        • Another moron who doesn’t understand that you can enter data into excel or any other program that presents it graphically, and it doesn’t change the data. So, making a graph of data is misrepresenting it? You are an imbecile.

        • Gail Combs says:

          Notice how ceist8 throws out accusations but does not PROVE anything he is saying.

          Typical whiny marxist who thinks if he shuts his eyes and throws a tantrum he can make something come true.

        • ceist8 says:

          Only a complete moron would average absolute temperatures instead of anomalies and ignore the history of non-climatic changes to weather stations. It’s a moronic as adding up and averaging the times in a bus timetable and expecting anything meaningful. 😀

        • AndyG55 says:

          “It’s a moronic as adding up and averaging the times in a bus timetable and expecting anything meaningful.”

          You have pinged GISS, HadGrut etc to a tee.

          A meaningless load of GARBAGE. !!

        • AndyG55 says:

          What you need to do is get a close-knit grid from many angles, with minimal local bias.

          You know, like the satellite data sets, which can be shown by USA sampling to be very close to the only pristine, evenly spaced surface data that is available.

          The GHCN data is a total MESS, partial to zero coverage in many areas, unknown quality of data and data station. Its pointless and irrelevant.

          Its good for a US presidential candidate to be highlighting the absolute crapness of the GISS /NOAA fabrication…

    • gator69 says:

      Even better, we have a US President who uses imaginary data from junk-science conspiracy grantologists to frighten citizens into giving up liberties.
      He makes military decisions based on how he feels about fairness and white privilege.

  23. Jason Calley says:

    Well, sure, Gail, why would ceist8 want to trust charts of original NOAA data when he can just as easily get predigested opinions from a website operated by a cartoonist who thinks that Nazi-dress-up is a great lark?

    • ceist8 says:

      Yes, I can see you prefer swallowing the lunatic junk-science rantings of someone who fraudulently pretended to be a climate scientist called ‘Steve Goddard’ before he got exposed as a fraud. You prefer to gullibly swallow the moronic ideas of someone who thinks adding up and averaging absolute temperatures makes any sense. He could add up the numbers in your local bus timetable and tell you it was an average temperature and you would believe him 😀

      • Marsh says:

        ceist8 You would represent a “head in butt syndrome” as presented above, but you’re “butt” is that of a troll.! I gather, you’re one of the gullible morons that also believes the history of Global Warming Predictions came true..?
        Like the Seas have flooded the World’s harbors & Children won’t experience Snow ; plus Ice free Arctic Summers & all the Warmist BS papers that failed spectacularly.
        The Warmist “tampered Data” doesn’t correlate with outcomes… think about it.!
        From there , work backwards and you will find the missing link ; your mindset.

        • ceist8 says:

          This blog is like a mental health facility for scientifically illiterate delusional science deniers suffering from ideologically induced stupidity from only ever reading junk-science conspiracy blogs and gullibly swallowing whatever nutters like Heller and far right shock jocks tell them on Fox entertainment ‘news’. I’m sorry you guys can’t cope with the real world. 😀

        • AndyG55 says:

          “mental health facility for scientifically illiterate delusional”

          Gees, looks like we have a new inmate to take care of.

          Why does the AGW blob keep sending them?

          Poor cesspit hasn’t produced one instance of anything to do with science…

          Nor do we expect it to. (gender non-specific)

        • AndyG55 says:

          Tell me, cesspit, do you want to actually get to the science… (and get trounced)

          or are you going to just keep yapping like a rabid Chihuahua?

        • Marsh says:

          I would assess ceist8 as being a male chihuahua; not sure about rabid, but there’s definitely a form of psychosis, given the nature of the tantrums & OCD trend involving obsessive yapping…

  24. ceist8 says:

    When even a nutjob conspiracy blog like WUWT bans Tony aka the fake Steve Goddard for his dishonest methods, you know it’s bad. 😀

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