Climate Hustle World Premier

Craig Rucker told me recently that I am in the movie, though I haven’t seen it.

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12 Responses to Climate Hustle World Premier

  1. OrganicFool says:

    When is this public?

    This just in: Leonardo DiCaprio is appointed high priest, U.N. Messenger of Peace for the Climate!

    Iran tests another ballistic missile, breaks new UN resolution:

    We’re all safe now.

  2. I long thought you had that movie star quality, Tony, but some of us worry that Martin Smith may try to break into your place when you are out with the dogs and sleep in your bed or rifle through your closet and try on your wardrobe.

    And it could get worse from there …

    Rejection brings rage

    One thing certain about stalkers, says [Robert] Martin, is “they don’t go away.” Saunders said that often, stalkers are turned away by people working for the celebrity. Celebrities are seldom alone, Saunders explained. Whether celebrities work in a movie studio, on stage or on location, people surround them and often won’t let the stalker get close. Saunders said the “stalkers’ anger and rage may be turned against them.”

    That’s what happened in the Madonna case. A man named Robert Dewey Hoskins wanted to marry her.

  3. darrylb says:

    I ordered mine about a year ago. I hope to get it soon.

  4. John Cook interviewed Marc Morano in Paris today. He wrote to Anthony Watts (and probably to Tony and others):

    A debate just finished within the hour here today. Cook interviewed me on camera and I audio recorded for my protection. He is going to post full video. But in meantime, anyone can post full audio. The entire global warming debate was discussed. 97% claims, etc. Richard Tol, Anthony Watts, Steve Goddard, Fred Singer, Michaels, Curry, Monckton and others were cited.

    Anthony posted an mp3 audio conversion. I listened to the beginning and transcribed a short segment here:

    5:05 “Interesting, here is what’s fascinating with that. If you look at the datasets, and Anthony Watts and Steve Goddard, Tony Heller, and even Judith Curry and others have, if you go back to the nineteen, if you go back to like the 1970s, the cooling that they showed back then, I want to say it was … NASA, it was one of the agencies, now if you go back and look at the same data that cooling has been revised, shall we say, out. And so if you go back, my point being that if you start in the 1970 you can show more dramatic warming than if you start, say, in 1950 or 1940 because that was during the cooling period, and when you talk about arctic ice, for instance. The satellite monitoring went up at the end of a cooling period, that was generally considered to be, whether it was caused by aerosols or some other factor, from 1940 to maybe 1975 or so, the cooling that was going on, and it sparked a controversy, whether it was wide or whether it was not, I don’t even want to get into that issue, certainly wide in the media, let’s just keep that, I think we can both agree on that, we can dig up stuff.”

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