Dealing With December 12 Climate Dimwits

It started with Paul Douglass blaming a computer forecast on global warming caused by the Koch Brothers, which predicted 39 degrees above normal on December 12 in Wisconsin.


Paul Douglas on Twitter

The current forecast is 47 degrees, 12 degrees above normal.


Milwaukee, WI (53201) Forecast | Weather Underground

December 12 temperatures in Wisconsin have been declining for a century. The warmest December 12 occurred in 1949, at 59 degrees.


So then the brainless Michael Mann checked in claiming that heatwaves are increasing.


The frequency of hot days in Wisconsin has plummeted to record lows – down 80% since the 1930’s.


The duration of heatwaves in Wisconsin has also plummeted, In 1901, Broadhead, WI had 18 straight days over 95 degrees.


Climate experts are complete buffoons who understand nothing about the climate – past, present or future.

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14 Responses to Dealing With December 12 Climate Dimwits

  1. Walter says:

    And isn’t this an El Niño winter where temps are generally warmer?

  2. TomE says:

    As we all know, if it is colder than normal it is weather, if it is warmer than normal it is global warming. I am surprised that Obama did not preach about global warming in his terrorist speech.

  3. Latitude says:

    heat extremes……when I leave the house I’m exposed to morons that fall for this crap

  4. AndyG55 says:

    “47 degrees, 12 degrees above normal.”

    so “average is 35.. (degrees F, obviously).. brrrrrrr. no thank you.

    +39 = 74ºF.. = approx. 23ºC

    Sounds pretty darn IDEAL to me !! 🙂

  5. kamas716 says:

    That looks like more ammunition about how their models are bunk if it doesn’t turn out to be that warm

  6. Bob Weber says:

    Wondering why it’s a ‘record’ temperature year? It was high TSI in 2015.

    In order, from high to low,

    2015, 1361.4512
    2014, 1361.3966
    2013, 1361.3587
    2012, 1361.2413
    2011, 1361.0752
    2003, 1361.0262
    2004, 1360.9192
    2010, 1360.8027
    2005, 1360.7518
    2006, 1360.6735
    2007, 1360.5710
    2009, 1360.5565
    2008, 1360.5382

    Sep, 1361.1063
    Oct, 1361.3139
    Nov, 1361.3688

    TSI was also higher for most of October and November, compared to September, driving Nov/Dec temps upward:

    2016 will NOT be a record year as there will be no long outstanding solar cycle TSI peak like Feb 2015. Enjoy it while lasts, solar minimum is on the way… It took 6-7 years for TSI to drop to it’s lowest levels in 2008, and UAH temps followed. SSTs had a similar dip for 2008, also tracking TSI. Easy to see the temp drop here into 2008:

    Every bit of the increase in temps since 2008 is from the rise in TSI during SC24. Even though it’s the lowest SSN cycle in 100 years, SC24 was (and is) still potent.

    It’s TSI. It’s the Sun! 😉

    Looks like Paul Douglass apparently power-slammed a double shot of warmist kool-aid.

  7. pinroot says:

    Wunderground is currently forecasting a high of 47F for the 12th, which will be less than one third of their prediction. We need to remember to ask Paul to explain why their models were so far off, and see if he’ll offer an apology to Exxon and the Koch bros. for the false accusations.

  8. darrylb says:

    Here I have to be the devil’s advocate.
    The Lakes in southern Minnesota have yet to freeze this year. It is the latest I have known them to be completely unfrozen.
    Of course it is simply weather and most of US weather happens as a result of things happening in the Pacific.
    Nevertheless, it is surprising to see no ice at all. and without saying how old I am, I can say I was out of high school when jack Kennedy was shot.
    I have gone ice fishing on this date!

    • darrylb says:

      Paul Douglass (the one I know) is a meteorologist and has spoken at Mankato State University on climate stuff. You know his slant

    • tomB says:

      Lakes in southeast Wisconsin didn’t freeze over until middle of January in winter 2005-06 but they did eventually freeze over

  9. smamarver says:

    I just read an article and I empathise with it: though we are using top generation satellites and computer simulations, there’s a long way to understand climate: Yes, it is!

  10. Justa Joe says:

    This is what kills me about these climo-clowns. There can be two solid years of below average temps with blizzards and record snow fall. These propagandists will keep a lower profile than Adolph Eichmann after he found out that the allies were looking for him, but the moment they have conditions that somewhat fit their narrative they’re leading a parade down Michigan Avenue promoting the hell out of it.

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