The Vicious Circle Of Climate Fraud


Greenland is cold, and getting colder. They were coerced into cutting off their essential energy supply by criminals like Barack Obama, and they want out. Only a complete moron like Bernie Sanders, Hitlery Clinton, or Martin O’Malley would believe that Greenland’s fossil fuel usage has any impact on the climate.

The ink hasn’t yet dried on the UN climate accord and one of the territories most at risk from global warning is already demanding an opt-out.

“We still have the option of making a territorial opt-out to COP21,” Kim Kielsen, the prime minister of Greenland, said during a visit to Copenhagen on Monday. “We have an emissions quota of 650,000 tonnes of CO2, which is the same as a single coal-fired power plant in Denmark, or a minor Danish city.”

Kielsen oversees a self-governing territory within the Kingdom of Denmark. With a size roughly that of Mexico and a population that’s smaller than the Cayman Islands’, Greenland is the least densely populated country in the world. More than 22,000 people live in the capital Nuuk, while the remaining 34,000 are dispersed over an area of 2.2 million square kilometers.

 As a result, the most common way for locals to traverse its icy expanses is via highly polluting planes.

“We want to solve that issue as we have considerably larger geographical distances to cover,” Kielsen said after a meeting with Danish Prime Minister Lars Loekke Rasmussen and their colleague from the Faroe Islands, another autonomous territory within the Kingdom of Denmark.

A recent study found that one of Greenland’s biggest glaciers is melting at a faster rate than previously estimated, adding to concerns that global warming may already be posing a risk to sea levels in the North Atlantic.

Greenland May Seek UN Climate Deal Opt-Out Amid Emissions Goal – Bloomberg Business

Yes, NASA recently wrote a fraudulent study claiming that the Zachariae Isstrom glacier is “collapsing.”


Collapsing Greenland glacier could raise sea levels by half a metre, say scientists | Environment | The Guardian

Only problem is, NASA satellite photos show that the glacier is growing, not shrinking


2015 : EOSDIS Worldview
2014 : EOSDIS Worldview
2013 : EOSDIS Worldview

The process can be summarized as :

Fraudulent junk science from agencies like NASA feeds brainless politicians making idiotic illegal treaties which hurt billions of people, leading to mind-blowingly stupid decisions – and providing more money for fraudulent junk science for agencies like NASA.


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17 Responses to The Vicious Circle Of Climate Fraud

  1. Andy DC says:

    The global warming beast must be fed! A warm December should keep it well fed for now.

  2. Marsh says:

    When this AGW farce comes to pass ; I believe the Guinness Book of Records will be very interested… I also hope the reputation of the key Fraudsters, ends in a vicious circle, behind a prison door!

    • Steve Case says:

      I just want them fired and defrocked. OK, some sort of public humiliation so that no one would ever pay attention to what they had to say would be nice.

  3. oz4caster says:

    The Arctic has been below normal in temperature the last few weeks. The cold air is staying up there instead of coming down into the US as happened often the last couple of winters. Antarctica has been above normal in temperature recently and is running the opposite of the Arctic. This trend seems to be pointing to cooling in the Arctic and warming in the Antarctic over the next few years as the AMO flips.

    I noticed last week that NASA Worldview is now showing Suomi VIIRS imagery finally. At least some NASA scientists and staff are moving in the right direction. However, I have not figured out why they are masking the polar regions in the polar winters but showing them in the polar summers. Doesn’t make sense.

    • Steven Douglas says:

      “I have not figured out why they are masking the polar regions in the polar winters but showing them in the polar summers. Doesn’t make sense.”

      Makes perfect sense, as it’s the warmers’ defining M.O.: Censor the winter, show only melting, hide all declines, maintain plausible deniability, and let the warmer media, politicians and useful idiots do the rest of the dirty work. Refer to it as science (and don’t forget to conflate it with the well-established, hard, empirical sciences). Then refer to critics and heretical skeptics as deniers, because catastrophic 100% anthropogenic global warming is not only scary to imagine, but also somewhat holocaustish when you let your imagination work on it long enough.

  4. ren says:

    A volcanic mystery

    “Mount Sidley, the highest volcano in Antarctica, sits directly above a hot region in the mantle, Lloyd said. Mount Sidley is the southernmost mountain in a volcanic mountain range in Marie Byrd Land, a mountainous region dotted with volcanoes near the coast of West Antarctica.

    “A line of volcanoes hints there might be a hidden mantle plume, like a blowtorch, beneath the plate,” said Doug Wiens, PhD, professor of earth and planetary sciences and a co-author on the paper. “The volcanoes would pop up in a row as the plate moved over it.”

    “But it’s a bit unclear if this is happening here,” he said. We think we know which direction the plate is moving, but the volcanic chain is going in a different direction and two additional nearby volcanic chains are oriented in yet other directions.

    “If this was just a plate moving over a couple of mantle plumes, you’d expect them to line up, as they do in the Hawaiian Islands,” he said.

    Although the hot zone’s shape is ill-defined, it is clear there is higher heat flow into the base of the ice sheet in this area, Wiens said.”

  5. gator69 says:

    As a result, the most common way for locals to traverse its icy expanses is via highly polluting planes.

    No probem, just establish high speed rail lines to each homestead.

    • Gail Combs says:

      And in five to ten decades they can excavate for them like they did Glacier Girl

      • rah says:

        Gail that is a great story about Glacier Girl. One of several saved. The reason they were there in the first place was because of lack of shipping and the U-boat scourge the allies had to contend with. The P-38 lightning was the most advanced fighter the US had to offer at the time and it had the range to make it over to Europe where they were desperately needed if US troops were to manage to become directly engaged against Hitlers forces that year. According to staff studies which all the higher ups agreed with “The success of the North African venture [Torch} depended on the presence of every possible P-38”
        (From: ‘The Army Air Forces In WW II’, University of Chicago Press, Volume IV, page 49.)

        So for a time in 1942 they flew them over via the northern route with all the hazards of flying through areas considered to have some of the “foulest and most unpredictable weather in the world” despite the route being closed down during the worst months for weather. The transatlantic route started at Goose Bay, Labrador, then to airfields at either Narsarssuack or Sondre Stromfjord in Greenland. From there they went to Reykajavick, Iceland and then on to Prestwick, Scotland.

        Usually a gaggle of P-38s At first it was the F models (The first operational model of the aircraft) led by a single B-17 “mother ship” which would provide the navigation and had a longer range radio communication ability. In Ferry configuration using minimal power setting the P38F had a range of 2,200 miles flying at 10,000 ft.

        The Germans were not idle to this threat. They sent out false navigational beams that resulted in some losses. But losses for all reasons never exceeded the 10% average which the AAF had deemed acceptable for these ferry missions. Actual losses were 5,2% for all types (P 38s, B-17s, and C-47s) making the North Atlantic transit. And the majority of the crews that didn’t make it were rescued. A total of 179 out the 186 P-38s sent made it.

        The ferry scheme was deemed to such a success that plans were made to ferry 4,000 P-38s but once the Allies broke the back of the U-boats in May of 1943 the scheme was dropped. The US ship building programs were exceeding expectations and and a way of carrying the fighters (and other crated aircraft types) on the decks of tankers had been devised). It was much safer and less expensive to send the aircraft by sea and so only the larger bomber and transport types continued to ferry across.

  6. markstoval says:

    “Only a complete moron like Bernie Sanders, Hitlery Clinton, or Martin O’Malley would believe that Greenland’s fossil fuel usage has any impact on the climate.”


    More to the point, the planet is way to cold now.

    Originally the climate “scientists” claimed that with rising CO2 levels we would see a rising global average temperature. The warming was supposed to happen mainly at night (not getting as cold) and in the higher latitudes. Canada and Russia were supposed to “suffer” the consequences of a few degrees warmer weather mainly in the winter.

    So what the G.D. hell is wrong with a bit of warming near the poles and not having the temps at night go as low in the middle latitudes? And when did they stop talking about where and when the “average temperatures” were supposed to happen?

    We are in a propaganda war and the other side is (the alarmists and politicians) are very good at it. 😦

    • ren says:

      Look at the temperature above 60 degrees latitude.

      • rah says:

        Stratosphere over the Arctic circle is very cold right now. Usually when the stratosphere is colder than normal the troposphere is warmer than normal and the tropopause is higher. At least that is the way it happens if I have understood that part of the great wealth of meteorological knowledge Joe Bastardi presents in his Daily Update and Saturday Summary videos at

        Anyway if the guys at Weatherbell are right the condition you show here Ren is going to flip soon.

  7. Andy says:

    I think the problem here is the Guardian “reporter” who has taken part of the scientific paper

    and blown it out of context. Poor reporting.


  8. ricks2014 says:

    Sudo Fact: Bernie Sanders is “Satan”, Hitlery Clinton is the “daughter” of Satan (No wonder that the “beast” will have no interest in women [Oops, my bad on that one]), and Martin O’Malley is the False Profit (“Un-Holy Spirit) !!!

    The “evil” Trinity (Self “proclaimed” King Obama tried, and 14 San Bernardino-ens died, but Satan demands far more than 14 [though 13 does have a rim to it?]) !

    And as for NaSa (National Association of the Satanic Administration), their job is to “execute” all Non-Believers !!!

    Now what is really “odd” about all of this is that records of these “end-time” events where recorded for future Nations (And People) approximately 1900 (At least) years ago !

    Funny how memory escapes us…

  9. AndyG55 says:

    Another interesting overlay..

    Here is the Iceland version of Reykjavik temperatures, overlaid on the AMO.

    This is the sort of stuff that GISS’s massive tampering destroys.

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