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One Thing A Scientist Should Never – Ever Do

One thing a scientist should never ever do – is start calculating a sought after trend at a minimum or maximum. Like 1979. Data.GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis On the other hand, if you were a global warming propagandist instead … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve 1955 Was Much Warmer Than 2015 In The US

Christmas Eve 2015 was warm in half of the US, but 60 years earlier the entire US was warm on Christmas Eve. Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas all reported temperatures over 90 degrees on December 24, 1955. Joe Bastardi Blasts Claims … Continue reading

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December 1970 – Record Warmth And A Tornado In Wisconsin

2 Dec 1970, Page 1 – at

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Hottest Year Ever

Government climate experts say that 2015 is the hottest year ever. A couple of sure fire clues for this are the highest Arctic sea ice extent in over a decade, and the coldest January-March on record in the Northeast US. Ocean … Continue reading

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The Great Flood Of 1771

1771 was the year Captain Cook discovered Australia. It was also the year that the 500 year old Tyne Bridge in Newcastle collapsed from a massive flood “twelve feet above high water mark in spring tides” Before the flood After … Continue reading

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Simple Physics – Settled Science

In 1902, the father of global warming predicted that burning coal would make the Earth boil. 23 Oct 1902, Page 1 – at Earth had an ice age during the Ordovician Era – before the coal beds formed, with CO2 … Continue reading

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Is Bernie Sanders Suffering From Dementia?

Bernie Sanders says “Nobody can recall” – when the problem is strictly his own faulty memory. Bernie can’t remember 1990, which explains why he wants to do a repeat of the Soviet Union in 2015. The Berlin Wall fell in 1989.

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New Mexico’s Carpetbagging Senator

New Mexico’s carpetbagging Senator Tom Udall recently told COP 21 negotiators to ignore the US Congress and Constitution. 37 Republican senators sent a letter about the Green Climate Fund to the president warning that: “Congress will not be forthcoming with these funds … Continue reading

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Important Anniversary Coming Up!

It has been almost 100 years since the New York Times reported that Martians had built 1,000 miles of canals in just six weeks. That was back when the Times was still a serious newspaper, before they started listening to … Continue reading

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US January Warmth Peaked In The 1950s

The warmest Januaries in the US occurred from 1950-1954, when nearly one out of four days was over 60 degrees. Currently less than one January day out of six is over 60 degrees. The area of the US reaching 60 … Continue reading

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