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A Problem For Engineers To Solve

Our energy future is too important to be left to people devoid of engineering skills, like Barack Obama, Michael Mann, Leonordo Di Caprio, Bette Midler and Katharine Hayhoe. Even climate hack James Hansen understands this. “Suggesting that renewables will let us … Continue reading

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Hot Weather Is A Thing Of The Past In New York

New York used to have a lot of hot days prior to 1960, but it rarely happens any more. The frequency of cold nights hasn’t changed, but this year was by far the coldest on record – with more than one … Continue reading

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Global Warming Strikes The Sun Bowl

Texas flag waving The Sun Bowl in El Paso, Texas is having a white out.  This is due to an overheated atmosphere caused by your SUV.

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Understanding The World’s Stupidest People

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Aliens Return To Roswell

In 1949, the first illegal aliens arrived in Roswell, New Mexico.       More recently, New Mexico has been plagued by an endemic alien problem common throughout the west – the carpetbagging progressive Udall. (Here in Colorado we recently exterminated … Continue reading

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Frequency Of Warm Winter Days Declining In The US

The frequency of warm winter days in the US has been declining for a century. In 1954, almost one fourth of winter days in the US were over 60F, but in 2010 the percent of warm days just over 10%. … Continue reading

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Clean Coal

Coal powered electricity has been demonized by complete morons, like the President of the United States. Here are the three coal power plants I depend on. The Rawhide Generating Station serves all of Northern Colorado. It is essentially pollution free. … Continue reading

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The 97% Consensus In Oz

More than 97% of the residents of Oz believed that a wizard controlled their climate. But one little dog actually looked at the evidence.

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Christmas Day, 1955

On Christmas Day sixty years ago, Bette Midler was 10 years old. Odd that she doesn’t remember the record warmth in the US, or the record flooding in California that day. 26 Dec 1955, Page 1 – at More than half of the … Continue reading

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Alice’s Restaurant

You can get anything you want, at Alice’s Restaurant On Christmas Day 1942, Alice Texas reached 92 degrees. US stations reached 90 degrees on Christmas in 1942, 1948, 1955, 1983 and 1999.  

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