Hottest Year Ever – Just Not On This Planet



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33 Responses to Hottest Year Ever – Just Not On This Planet

  1. Marsh says:

    With the failure of so many “Warmist” predictions ; it would now be logical for those Alarmists to tone back their extremism to a more believable level… but no, the BS continues unabated..!

  2. oz4caster says:

    Based on CFSR data (used to initialize the Global Forecast System weather forecast model four times each day), it was only the 5th “hottest” since 1979 and this was probably largely from the El Niño warming.

    More details here:
    Preliminary 2015 CFSR Global Temperature Anomalies

  3. AndyG55 says:

    UAH (to end of November for each year) has 2015 in third place, with absolutely NO possibility of jumping to 2nd or 1st place and a slight possibility of falling to 4th place

    RSS (to end of November for each year) has 2015 in 4th place , with a slight possibility of it jumping to 3rd place.

    While some places have has quite warm Decembers, some have also had quite cool Decembers.

    We will see where Global RSS and UAH for December end up sometime in the next week or so, with a regional breakdown some time mid-month.

    Only the MASSIVE data manipulation and fabrication from the AGW scammers in NCDC, NOAA, GISS, Hadley ie Tom Petersen, Tom Karl and Gavin Schmidt, Phil Jones, show 2015 as the warmest..

    It should be noted that they were given this “directive” at the beginning of the year.. or earlier.

    • sunsettommy says:

      Warmists never seem to notice that it warms ONLY when we have an El-Nino phase,otherwise it is flat to a cooling trend.

      That begs the question where is superman CO2 hiding?

      • AndyG55 says:

        The ONLY warming in the whole satellite record is the approximately 0.26ºC step from the 1998 El Nino, and a slight warming from the current sort-of El Nino.


      • rachase says:

        Here in NC December was “abnormally” warm, and the expected cry arose about “GLOBAL” warming. (Small minds have a very small “globe”) Of course, what happened here in the mid-Atlantic Coast is exactly what was predicted to happen as a direct result of the strong el Nino, But, hey, we can’t let contrary facts spoil our alarmism.

    • markstoval says:

      “Only the MASSIVE data manipulation and fabrication from the AGW scammers in NCDC, NOAA, GISS, Hadley ie Tom Petersen, Tom Karl and Gavin Schmidt, Phil Jones, show 2015 as the warmest.”

      We all know they will be trying hard to have 2015 come in first. But if that is not possible, coming in a close 2nd place will still have propaganda value. And having a tiny bit of variation rather than each successive year winning may look more “sciency”.

  4. omanuel says:

    Religious and political leaders have long opposed Copernicus’s 1543 finding: The Sun controls the Earth.

    That conclusion is supported by the fact that the Sun is ~1,000 times more massive than all of planets combined, and ~133,000 times more massive than the Earth.

    After 1945, scientists joined forces with religionists and political leaders in supporting the strange Big Bang proposition that the whole universe originated in a cipher, aimlessly rushes nowhere, and along the way an interstellar cloud of mostly hydrogen magically collapsed into an iron-rich planet Earth orbiting the hydrogen-filled Sun.

  5. AndyG55 says:

    Hottest years according to NCEP


    (Copy link and remove the sets of 3 dots)

    • Marsh says:

      Of course these : Wind Turbine Project failures in Germany, should be a heads up and headline News : for every Country that’s considering Intermittent / unreliable energy…
      Again, the Truth is being suppressed by fanatics in the Green movement…

    • Marsh says:

      I should also add : Greenpeace is amongst the very worse for Lies & deception:

      • gator69 says:

        One of my favorite greenie lies…

        Right now, the fossil fuel industry is heavily subsidised and if its subsidies were stripped away then renewable energy would be cheaper than coal and gas power.

        subsidy noun sub·si·dy \ˈsəb-sə-dē, -zə-\
        money that is paid usually by a government to keep the price of a product or service low or to help a business or organization to continue to function

        Fossil fuels get “tax breaks”, and are not given other people’s tax money. Of course you can now find new definitions of “subsidy” written to support the BS greenie claims, new definitions just like we find in Orwell’s famous book.

        He who controls the language, controls thought.

        • Jason Calley says:

          Of course Progressives aka socialists, believe that ALL money belongs to the government. Anytime someone is allowed to keep their own money, they are really getting a gift from the government.

        • gator69 says:

          According to leftist logic, churches are subsidized by the government.

        • Gail Combs says:

          Yes that is one of my favorites (with at least a thin layer of fact)

          The other favorite is
          I” Secretly Funding the Climate Denial Machine” (Greenpeeing)
          Secret funding helped build vast network of climate denial thinktanks (Groiniad)
          Global Warming Deniers: A Well-Funded Machine (NewsSqueek)

          Scientific fraud and the power structure of science

          …Fraud is what scientists tell each other is fraud.

          This raises the question, why are certain things called fraud and others not? My general answer is that the social definition of fraud is one which is convenient to most of the powerful groups associated with science. This includes government and corporate sponsors of scientific research, and the scientific community itself, especially scientific elites……

          Funny how the screamer always over look the fact that the biggest funder of science is government and that governments the world over are controlled by the ELITE and not us serfs….

          The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” — H. L. Mencken

          That was true a century ago and it is even more true now.

        • Gail Combs says:

          IF “According to leftist logic, churches are subsidized by the government.” then so are the Clintons, Rockefellers, Fords, Kellogs, Morgans….. Greenpeace, WWWF (they actual get government funding)and all the rest that have tax exempt foundations.

  6. markstoval says:

    Since this thread is about 2015 (or whatever year) being the next “warmest ever in the 4 billion year history of the planet”, I think some folks might like some Real Science(TM) for the new year. (I even worked in Tony’s site name!)

    Over at Tallbloke’s Talkshop I saw a prediction by Roger on the weather for 2016 and then the next century. There is a graph and everything.

    The short post is here:

    The real action is in the following thread, just like it is most of the time at this place.

    Executive summery: Long term cooling but it will be relatively slight and not a new “little ice age”. Rog uses his own model which looks to be optimistic about the northern hemisphere not freezing like in the little ice age.

    Disclaimer: I personally think we are looking at a darn cold 21st century and would boldly make that prediction except that my age and health says that I will probably not live to see even 20 percent of the new century and so me making predictions would be a tad cowardly, no?

    • Gail Combs says:

      Salvator and Rog, think it will be a Dalton Minimum and not a Maunder Minimum. Either way it is a killer for our food crops.

      Think what this means to Russia ESPECIALLY Russia, North Korea, China , the Middle East and even India.

      • markstoval says:

        If that is correct, then Russia and China need to make money to buy food. The Russians have oil and gas while the Chinese are doing very well at nearly everything they try.

        The ancient Chinese curse is “May you live in interesting times”. Looks like humanity will live in interesting times.

        • RAH says:

          It’s not China “doing very well at nearly everything they try”. It’s outsiders going there and doing what they do well to use their much cheaper labor and avoid the environmental and labor laws they must contend with in more developed nations. In short the asset that China has now is the very same one it has had for all of modern times. It’s massive population.

          The examples are endless but here is one I doubt anyone here knows. I have a friend that is an engineer for Delta. You know, the company that specializes in plumbing fixtures. His job requires him to fly to China multiple times each year to set up and monitor production of new products or versions of existing products.

          One program he monitors there is the making of porcelain toilet stools and tanks. What Delta is doing is going to rural villages and training the indigenous people there to produce the slip and mold it into the green state. The rest of the production process, like firing, and finishing is done elsewhere. So those of you that have a toilet bowl from Delta may be sitting on a product that was produced in a Chinese village that doesn’t even have inside plumbing yet.

          Such programs make the PRCs leadership very happy because one of their biggest problems is the massive influx of population in their urban areas because the people leave the country to find jobs there an gain the generally much higher standard of living that the city dwellers in China enjoy over their rural countrymen.

        • gator69 says:

          Rah, I was seated on a plane in front of a Chinese sales rep who was visiting plants here in the US, with a goal of finding a plant to manufacture containers for their products which would be sold in the US. She was seated with two US manufacturing reps and the conversation turned to international sales. One of the US reps asked the Chinese woman which country was the most difficult for conducting busiuness, and the Chinese woman replies, “The US, by far”.

      • markstoval says:


        Once upon a time, the people of the USA in small towns and villages fled to the cities to have a higher standard of living. Some fools claim that the people working in factories in those days were “oppressed”, but the people themselves saw their life as better in the city than living in the country doing back breaking work. Now we see that in China. We also see the jobs of the western world going to China. Real unemployment in the USA is very high although government figures make it look not so bad. What? Government would lie? Yep.

        Regardless, the Chinese currency is becoming the new reserve currency and the USA may see its currency avoided as the US hyper-inflates the currency. Interesting times ahead.

        ~ Mark

  7. Gail Combs says:

    Very much interesting times:

    The China toll: Growing U.S. trade deficit with China cost more than 2.7 million jobs between 2001 and 2011, with job losses in every state

    US frets as major EU powers join new China-led ‘World Bank’

    China-Based Hacking of 760 Companies Shows Cyber Cold War

    I can not find the article I saw a month or two ago about the Chinese Government slamming the door on foreign bankers now that they have learned the ins and outs of the international banking system. But my comment on it at Jo Nova’s is HERE. Funny ZERO info in the MSM about this major move. (I saw this coming LONG ago. After all the Communists are notorious for ‘nationalizing’ someone else’s going business. Never could see why any smart business person would set up a factory in a Communist country.)

    Tuesday, 01 April, 2014

    …The Citic Pacific takeover deal is widely considered a new chapter for Beijing to kick off its long-awaited state-owned enterprise reforms, signalling more similar asset purchases and injections could happen, with foreign banks excluded from the exercise….

    December 20, 2015 The IMF Changes its Rules to Isolate China and Russia

    A nightmare scenario of U.S. geopolitical strategists is coming true: foreign independence from U.S.-centered financial and diplomatic control. China and Russia are investing in neighboring economies on terms that cement Eurasian integration on the basis of financing in their own currencies and favoring their own exports. They also have created the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) as an alternative military alliance to NATO.[1] And the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) threatens to replace the IMF and World Bank tandem in which the United States holds unique veto power.

    More than just a disparity of voting rights in the IMF and World Bank is at stake. At issue is a philosophy of development. U.S. and other foreign investment in infrastructure (or buyouts and takeovers on credit) adds interest rates and other financial charges to the cost structure, while charging prices as high as the market can bear (think of Carlos Slim’s telephone monopoly in Mexico, or the high costs of America’s health care system), and making their profits and monopoly rents tax-exempt by paying them out as interest.

    By contrast, government-owned infrastructure provides basic services at low cost, on a subsidized basis, or freely. That is what has made the United States, Germany and other industrial lead nations so competitive over the past few centuries. But this positive role of government is no longer possible under World Bank/IMF policy. The U.S. promotion of neoliberalism and austerity is a major reason propelling China, Russia and other nations out of the U.S. diplomatic and banking orbit….

  8. Rosco says:

    That can’t be right !

    All those heat trapping greenhouse gases keep the Earth toasty warm so that the real hottest year just seems cool from space.

    When the satellites record snowball Earth that will be the hottest year ever !

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