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Many people are religious and defensive about their Windows boxes, but Macs do much better graphics – because Macs use Freetype fonts which do a good job of good anti-aliasing, and zoom perfectly. Windows font drawing is primitive and useless for art. … Continue reading


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Wise King Vs.Moron Wannabee Dictator

In the year 1027 King Canute commanded the seas to stop rising, to show his subjects that there are limits to his power. The Milwaukee Journal – Google News Archive Search Fast forward to Barack Obama, 2008. He was certain that … Continue reading

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1979 – UN Was Pushing The Global Cooling Scam

In 1979, the UN WMO was pushing the global cooling scam, and blamed droughts, floods and climate change on it. The Age – Google News Archive Search Climate scientists now cleverly start their graphs in 1979, and ignore earlier data. … Continue reading

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7,000 Years Of Global Cooling – Erased By 20 Years Of Junk Science

Lawrence Journal-World – Google News Archive Search This was also shown in the 1990 IPCC Report

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Understanding The Difference Between Weather And Climate

Last winter, most of the US was cold, and that was weather. The rest of the US was climate. This winter, most of the US is cold, and that is weather. The rest of the US is climate. As you … Continue reading

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2016 Climate Science

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