135 Degree Spread On January 4, 1950

On January 4, 1950 almost the entire US was either above 60F or below 0F.  Medicine Lake, Montana was -47F and Rio Grande City, Texas was 88F. Temperatures were 68F as far north as Enosburg Falls, Vermont.

Bernie Sanders was nine years old and Bette Midler was five. Why don’t they remember?

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19 Responses to 135 Degree Spread On January 4, 1950

  1. stephen says:

    they don’t remember because it was no big deal-just the weather…it always changes
    now they are panhandling for climate change

  2. Steve Case says:

    That was caused by aerosols, and the Clean Air Act fixed it. Now such an anomaly is caused by CO2.

  3. AndyG55 says:

    The date 1950 first mentioned is almost at the exact position of the AMO as we are currently at, the start of the downward leg.

    The current Temperatures at places like Reykjavik are almost exactly the same as they were in 1950, and are also just starting to drop. like they were in 1950.

    This is all part of the cyclic picture.

    That cyclic picture is something they CAN NEVER SEE , because they ignore anything before 1979, or adjust the crap out of it so that real history disappears.

  4. Jason Calley says:

    As near as I can tell (based on family history) the US survived Jan 4, 1950 with no appreciable damage. Of course they were too primitive back then to realize that a 135 degree spread was certain death. Now that we are civilized we understand that three degrees F of warming is planetary disaster.

    • Gail Combs says:

      One of the best journalists around.

    • Gail Combs says:

      OH, Goody the Fenbeagle has a Christmas/New Year’s present for us all!

    • wizzum says:

      Wow, hopefully his attitude will take hold.

      “That’s because the whole global warming scare isn’t really about “the science” and never was about “the science.” Always, but always, it has been about the cynical exploitation of mass crowd hysteria and about the sly manipulation by activists and crony capitalists of the political system in order to advance the cause of global governance.

      None of the people involved in this scam deserve the merest scintilla of respect. They are pure scum. They have not a single redeeming quality and everything they do is worthless – as I shall not hesitate to remind them from now on.”

      • Robertv says:

        IPCC Brownshirts

      • Gail Combs says:

        As I said Delingpole is one of my favorite journalists. The comments are often good too.

        I really like this one. It certainly strikes home today.

        Agree, it’s pretty much a given that the Global Warming Hoax is fully exposed and all sentient on the planet know the gig is up.

        But the nitwits in Congress will still pass ‘Global Warming’ legislation because the liars in the media will keep hammering away and more than half the electorate aint sentient!

        Well we certainly had a great example of that today!

  5. Doug Dennison says:

    Too much ganja for Bernie & Bette I do suspect.

  6. Andy DC says:

    January 1950 was not a one day wonder, as the huge divide continued throughout most of that month. Washington, DC reached 80 degrees later in January 1950 (highest ever recorded in January), while extreme cold and blizzards hit Seattle.

  7. Robertv says:

    Real Science

  8. Leon Brozyna says:

    What Things Cost in 1950:

    Car: $1,750
    Gasoline: 27 cents/gal
    House: $14,500
    Bread: 14 cents/loaf
    Milk: 82 cents/gal
    Postage Stamp: 3 cents
    Stock Market: 235
    Average Annual Salary: $3,800
    Minimum Wage: 75 cents per hour

    •APRIL: 5,343,000 TV sets are in American Homes
    •MAY: 103 TV Stations in 60 cities
    •SEPTEMBER: 7,535,000 TV sets in USA
    •OCTOBER: 8,000,000 TV sets — 107 stations

    I Love Lucy doesn’t appear until Oct 1951.

    January 1952 – first broadcast of the TODAY Show.

    TV Guide? Sorry, first national edition didn’t even appear until April 1953.

    News? Catch the hot stuff on the radio; otherwise, wait to read it in the newspaper. As well as listings of the current movies playing at the local movie theaters.

    What’s the temperature in different parts of the country? It doesn’t matter … the only thing most people worry about is the temperature in their own city so they know what to wear to work that day.

    How things have changed in 65 years.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Heck gas prices, car prices and home prices were pretty much the same until the late 1960s.
      From memory
      Gas ~ .030 to 0.35 a gallon
      My First car in 1972 ~ $2,200 (new)
      Salaries still ~$3,000
      Houses – 3 bed ranch was $14,000 (Mom was a real estate broker)
      In 1972 a gallon of milk was 0.60 and beef was 0.50/lb or under.

      Prices didn’t start sky rocketing until Nixon took the USA off the gold standard followed by the Oil embargo in the early 1970s

      • Leon Brozyna says:

        Yep, Nixon’s the one. Just because a politico was anti-communist doesn’t mean they were pro-freedom. Dicky also gave us wage-price controls and the EPA.

        • Gail Combs says:

          Don’t forget OSHA. The 1970s saw a lot more regulatory agencies go into effect.

          Federal regulations have lowered real GDP growth by 2% per year since 1949 and made America 72% poorer

          In a research paper that appears in the June 2013 issue of The Journal of Economic Growth titled “Federal Regulation and Aggregate Economic Growth,” economists John Dawson (Appalachian State University) and John Seater (North Carolina State University) examine the relationship between the growth in regulations (measured by the pages of federal regulations) since 1949 and economic performance (measured by real GDP growth)….
          here’s part of the conclusion:

          Regulation’s overall effect on output’s growth rate is negative and substantial.
          Federal regulations added over the past fifty years have reduced real output growth by about two percentage points on average [annually] over the period 1949-2005. That reduction in the growth rate has led to an accumulated reduction in GDP of about $38.8 trillion as of the end of 2011. That is, GDP at the end of 2011 would have been $53.9 trillion instead of $15.1 trillion if regulation had remained at its 1949 level (see chart above).

          That means the USA would have NO DEBT. Most Americans would have NO DEBT. And the banks (OK GATOR, The Federal Reserve) would not be collecting gobs of interest on fiat currency printed out of thin air.

          Last I looked only 3% of the US money supply was cash. All the rest was DEBT. (various flavors of loans)

    • skeohane says:

      Bought my first New Toyota P/U ’72 for $1999, gas in Colorado was 24.9 cents a gallon, chicken was 19 cents a pound

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