25 Years After Freddy Mercury’s Death

And still no global warming



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48 Responses to 25 Years After Freddy Mercury’s Death

  1. saveenergy says:

    25 Years After Freddy Mercury’s Death
    Can’t believe I’m old enough to remember when Queen started !!!

  2. norilsk says:

    I love that song. What a tribute to two great musicians.

  3. Martin Smith says:

    I’m going home now, David and everybody, so if you reply to anything I have posted, I won’t see it. It will be buried under all the spam by gator and gail and Colorado and all the other Minions. Have a good day, everyone. Rock on!

    • None of your lies will get buried, Smith. I will make sure this is clear and prominent. You are a liar whether you run or hide. It doesn’t matter if you don’t see this. Others will.

      • Martin Smith says:

        Thanks, Colorado. Back when I lived in Colorado, I saw it as a great place to live. In those days, I was kind of famous up and down the eastern slope, but that’s a story for another time. It is sad to see that great state’s name dishonored.

        • The state was dishonored by Obama and Bloomberg, but we fixed that.

        • Martin Smith says:

          Good for you, Steven. What did you do?

        • Martin Smith:

          I call you a liar because you lied and I show where you did. You counter with a cagey non-sequitur how you were once famous in Colorado and now the state’s name is dishonored because of me.

          You are not just a liar. You are also pathetic and yellow.

        • Ted says:

          Careful, Colorado. Martin’s word of the day calendar landed on “racist” today. If you keep disagreeing with him, he may be forced to use that world changing magical incantation on you.

          I, on the other hand, am willing to go even farther. I’m ready to pull out the big guns, the next time someone says anything I don’t like. Here’s a small sampling of the wrath I can summon:

        • No, don’t say “Ñi” again! Please, no more! You are just and fair. I will return with shrubbery. Let him call me a racist but for the love of God, don’t say “Ñi”!

        • No, don’t say “Ni” again! Please, no more! You are just and fair. I will return with shrubbery. Let him call me a racist but for the love of God, don’t say “Ni”!

        • See what it did, Ted? Don’t say it again!

        • Gail Combs says:

          Ted says “Careful, Colorado. Martin’s word of the day calendar landed on “racist” today.”
          Anyone who hauls out that word – Racist- is a coward and just lost the entire debate as far as I am concerned.

          I am VERY sick of hearing that word esp from the White House and the next person who makes the mistake of using it on me is going to have it shoved right back down his throat.

          It is BLACKS who kill BLACKS it is BLACKS who vote democratic and end up with cities like Detroit. It is BLACKS who listen to the RACIST DEMOCRATS and actually believe their poison.

          Luckily some blacks are able to see through the poison and realize the Democrats are using them. Hopefully more and more will wake-up.

          And yeah Marty, I have had the conversation with a lot of my black neighbors and customers and they are just as sick and tired of the Dam Race card as I am.

          I have lived in Boston MA and I now live in the South. It is in Socialist Boston that Racism is alive and well not down here in the south.

        • Martin Smith says:

          Col, seriously, you deliberately misquoted and misinterpreted what I said. Text is not graphics. Text and graphics are two different things. Second, now you have attributed your own words to me. Please don’t post your crap under my name. What you wrote is crap, and you appear to deliberately accuse me of saying it. Very uncool, Col.

        • You have one affirmative quality, Smith, and it’s that you are reliably predictable. There is something reassuring about a liar who keeps lying. It makes life easier when you reply with this:

          ”Second, now you have attributed your own words to me. Please don’t post your crap under my name. What you wrote is crap, and you appear to deliberately accuse me of saying it.”

          You wrote every one of the things I posted here and you know it. Some of us know it, too, because we were there when you wrote them.

          You are a pathetic little liar.

        • David A says:

          Yep, quotes and context, spot on.

    • gator69 says:

      Being called a spammer by a liar is really quite amusing! 😆

  4. scott allen says:

    Martin, Martin , Martin. just think of how much the entreatment section of our society burns in CO2, just to put on one concert cost the planet over 10,000 tons of CO2.(thats not counting the CO2 it take the concert goers to get to the concert.
    When Madonna used her private jet to fly just herself to a concert in England it too over 4 tons of CO2 so she wouldn’t have to drive. Think of all the CO2 it takes to put on a one night stage show. Then think about all the CO2 it takes to make a film a movie then add in all the cancer causing chemicals it takes to develop the film and CO2 to advertise etc etc.
    You wouldn’t be complaining about my SUV you’d be complaining about there completely wasteful lifestyle
    Then they complain about my 17 tons of CO2 I produce in one year and sanctimoniously tell me I should cut back

  5. Gail Combs says:

    Martin Smith says “….. if you reply to anything I have posted, I won’t see it. It will be buried under all the spam by gator and gail and Colorado and….”

    OH WOW!

    I wonder how NASA and NOAA and all the Phd scientists I quote, those who wrote all that PEER-REVIEWED science, like having their work called SPAM?

    Seems Marty is tossing a tantie because he has no rational rebuts to actual science. He instead dismisses it all as SPAM.

    This is an excellent example of the debate being shut down, the hallmark of a Socialist that is cornered.

  6. Martin Smith says:

    I’m going to bed now, Steven and everybody, so if you reply to anything I have posted, I won’t see it. It will be buried under all the spam by gator and gail and Colorado and all the other Minions.

    Turn and face the strange!

  7. bleakhouses says:

    Under Pressure is one of my five favorite rock songs, if not my favorite. I loved how Queen of the 1980s was a band that was able to change with the times and yet still be themselves. Bowie did the same and while I like a broad spectrum of his diverse styles I strongly prefer the music from his time with Mick Ronson, Im hardly unique in this opinion, but I think Ronson was large part of the success of that music, he had a straight forward rock sensibility to balance out Bowie’s theatrics.

  8. Martin Smith says:

    Parting thought: I wonder what Brian May says about AGW. He has a PhD in astrophysics. I’ll bet he understands the greenhouse effect.

  9. RAH says:

    It’s tough out there folks. As usual for this time of year I’m being kept busy. Today a driver crashed in Kokomo, IN on the way up Holland, MI. They called me to take another load of empty racks up to the facility and then pick up the load he was supposed to pick up and bring it back. Saw uncountable slide offs, 3 pretty bad jack knifes, and several accidents. The worst was where 3 big trucks got together on US 31 north bound just south of Holland, MI. A mess. I intentionally avoided taking the interstates around the larger cities because that is where you most likely to get stopped in a back up due to accidents in those kind of crappy conditions. So I used two lane highways to get to US-31 which took me right to where I needed to go.

    What made it so hazardous today was not the places where one could see the road conditions were bad but where the road looked good but was like an skating rink due to black ice. That combined with gusting winds made it pretty darn hazardous in places. Took me nearly 10 1/2 hours of driving to do a run that was 440 mi round trip. Some of the lost time was due to drivers that were going so slow they were a hazard.

    After I finish this Jack & coke it’s time to do some stretches to work the kinks out of the shoulders and then it’s off to bed. Worked every day this week so far and all of it winter driving. First run was up in the hills around Ridgeway and Saint Marys, PA.

    Gotta say though it sure is pretty in my neck of the woods right now.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Black Ice….
      I nearly got killed in Indiana due to some black ice in 1971. Clear skies, clear road and one path of black ice almost sent me into a bridge abutment doing 70 MPH.

      • ren says:

        It is worth see the beautiful American winter.

        • RAH says:

          Yes it is Ren, but it is beautiful in much of Europe also. I Loved Bavaria and Austria right on down to the Dolomites this time of year. Norway, or at least the part I was in up around Dumbas is also wonderful but there habitation is much more sparse and there is more real wilderness than Bavaria. There is just something unique about the true Alpine look in Bavaria and Austria when one is up in the high pastures and can see all the snow covered villages down below, each one marked by the steeple of it’s church. But when tactical one doesn’t spend any time in those open areas during the day and actually one does their best to avoid traversing them at night. It is a simple matter to pick up the trail and track a team that leaves tracks in the open from a helicopter so they’re avoided unless the weather is bad enough to cover your tracks quickly.

      • RAH says:

        Considering making a change at work. I’m not getting any younger and the odd hours and emergency nature of the job takes a heavier toll than it used to. I can still do it, but it just takes longer to recover. Even when I’m not working but on call I often can’t do what I want with my own time.

        So there are some dedicated team runs coming available for bids in the next couple weeks. Two round trips from Anderson, IN to Laredo, TX per week, total 5,368 mi on the truck per week. Got to do the math myself but another driver that is a friend told me about it and has done the math and figured it would pay $1,448.00 per week. If I find out he’s correct then I am probably going to jump right on it as soon as it comes out for bids and team with him if we can get a run that leaves out between Monday morning or Tuesday morning. That kind of money earned in 4 days with 3 days off, weekend included, and no midnight calls, no waiting to be called, no being sent to where ever the weather is the worst at the time, and no east coast is sounding pretty good to me right now.
        I’ll look hard and try and figure all the angles before I leap.

        • Gail Combs says:

          Hope it works out for you RAH, the reflexes get slower as we get older. Time to let another take the nasty deliveries.

        • rah says:

          I’ve run the numbers on the new team position. If they pay base rate I’ll be making over $8,000 per year more than I am now and will also be getting about double the per diem I’m getting now. The only caveat is that sometimes on dedicated runs they pay a “flat rate” which is less than the base rate. I have to wait for the particulars on the run to come out but just now conditionally guaranteed my friend that I would be teaming with that single caveat that I’ll do it.

          The critical thing about teaming is having full confidence in the driver that your sleeping behind while he’s driving and knowing he’ll pull his weight and keep the doors closed and the wheels rolling. I went through truck driver training with this guy long ago when we both got in the business. We’re about the same age. He’s sharp and a million mile safe driver so we should get along just fine.

        • Neal S says:

          Best wishes RAH, on your new working situation. It looks like you might soon have instances when you are on the road, but not actually holding the wheel yourself. If you would have use for mobile internet and web access I can recommend certain mobile hotspots. For about 6 months now I have been playing with some T-mobile data only SIM cards. Although the data is unlimited, once you hit 1 gig in a month, the rate gets throttled down from 4G speeds. For only about $70 for full 6 months access such that anywhere you get a T-mobile 2G and above signal, you can access the internet. The hotspot I use is itself well under $30 and I’ve been using this with Samsung Chromebooks, although you can use whatever you have that accesses WIFI that you are comfortable with. More info upon request.

        • rah says:

          Neil S
          I have a Samsung Galaxy 6S phone and the tablet I got with it. Usually when teaming on the road once I climb into the sleeper and pull the curtains I just put some sound suppression head phones on and read my kindle until I go to sleep. But I can foresee times when we’re delayed for some reason by weather or other situations where I might have time to read this blog and post so thanks for the info.

  10. ren says:

    “Primary productivity is enhanced within a few kilometres of icebergs in the Weddell Sea1, 2 owing to the input of terrigeneous nutrients and trace elements during iceberg melting. However, the influence of giant icebergs, over 18 km in length, on marine primary production in the Southern Ocean is less well studied1, 3. Here we present an analysis of 175 satellite images of open ocean colour before and after the passage of 17 giant icebergs between 2003 and 2013. We detect substantially enhanced chlorophyll levels, typically over a radius of at least 4–10 times the iceberg’s length, that can persist for more than a month following passage of a giant iceberg. This area of influence is more than an order of magnitude larger than that found for sub-kilometre scale icebergs2 or in ship-based surveys of giant icebergs1. Assuming that carbon export increases by a factor of 5–10 over the area of influence, we estimate that up to a fifth of the Southern Ocean’s downward carbon flux originates with giant iceberg fertilization. We suggest that, if giant iceberg calving increases this century as expected4, this negative feedback on the carbon cycle may become more important.”

  11. omanuel says:

    Thanks for the video.

    For some of us, personal rights and the scientific method are as sacred as Catholism is to the Pope. That is why I personally regard the information recorded in exact atomic masses of ~3,000 known types of atoms as sacred:


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