SCIENCE : Arctic To Be Ice Free By 2005, Sea level To Rise 100 Feet

In 1955, America”s top polar scientist said both poles had been melting since 1900, and the Arctic would be ice-free by 2005.

Screenshot 2016-01-26 at 04.50.48 PM-down

2 Jan 1955, Page 56 – at


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19 Responses to SCIENCE : Arctic To Be Ice Free By 2005, Sea level To Rise 100 Feet

  1. I just realized I’d never looked at the arctic from closer than Winnipeg. For all I know it really is ice-free. = )

    • 1saveenergy says:

      As a special 2 for 1 offer to all our readers here’s both ends.
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      Antarctic –

      Temperature colour key for surface layer.
      Blue = 0 to-30°C, Red = -30 to -60°C
      Green = 0 to +10°C, yellow/green = +10 to +20°C, Brown = +20 to +60°C

      Click on – ‘earth’ for parameters (e.g. for Jet Streams height =250
      Click on ‘globe’ & drag to rotate;
      Click on ‘globe’ – green spot gives – Position, Wind direction & speed, Temperature.
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  2. Alf says:

    And these predictions were made when Arctic and Antartic ice were at an all time high. And tempuratures were at all time lows. (sarc)

  3. Marsh says:

    It’s clear that Science has always had extremists that have made stupid papers & statements. What is more Alarming,, is that they often get published & then, further accepted by society.
    At least Dr Gould’s theory, is applied with the term “hypothetical” for a potential outcome &
    there was some balance, by the Media in those years.
    Unfortunately today : such Global Warming Predictions are treated as “real”. Very much like a “fait accompli”, due to the Media being unbalanced & they follow the doctrine religiously ( their AGW Priests should never be doubted ).! The end question : is it Science or the Media, that’s become the most corrupt in more recent years..?

    • Gail Combs says:

      The media was corrupted on 1915 when JP Morgan and his buddies bought controlling interest in the major papers.

      All the rest follows.

  4. au1corsair says:

    I’ve been to the Arctic twice — in the summer months as part of military exercises. The areas I went to were ice-free, but I could see glaciers (Norway and Alaska) in the distance and while in the air. Go in summer and stay off the water and remain in the valleys and let your myopic vision tell you that the ice is all gone!

    • RAH says:

      Somewhere I have a pic I took from the window of a C-130 showing a feathered engine and a couple icebergs down below. Lost the engine when flying back to the states via the northern route and heading in for a stop a Goose Bay. I remember when we made landfall over the coast of Newfoundland that the rocks were so white from bird poop that at first I thought they were more icebergs.

  5. andyw35 says:

    Unfortunately you misquoted him, nowhere did he say it would be ice free. He did say it would be open for navigation, which is it now most years, especially on the Russian side. So he was correct.


    • Marsh says:

      andyw35… if you READ the entire article in context : “in the hypothetical event that the melting continued until the Ice is all gone” ; that is another term for being ice free.!!! Then the wild assertion of Antarctica Melting.?? ( actually gained Ice ) plus nonsense of “coastal cities throughout the world would be submerged”; what Cities.?? Navigation was very, very limited to the perimeter in Summer ( particularly within the 50 years ).
      Of course,, yes the Russians Navigate it all year, with their Submarines…
      Given the accepted fact that Antarctica reached record levels of Ice mass & both Greenland & the Arctic NEVER reached critical mass of Ice free,, he was wrong.!
      Of note; the Antarctica gains were in overall balance with the losses to the North.
      Today, Dr Gould’s “theory” looks worse; the Arctic & Greenland are gaining Ice.

      • andyw35 says:

        He didn’t claim it would happen Marsh, he said hypothetically if it did, there is a distinction. So he was not wrong. His only timeline as well was for the navigation part, 50 years, which is now true,it is routinely navigated by surface ships.


        • Steven Douglas says:

          “…with very great scientific implications, according to Dr. Laurence Gould…”

          By describing it hypothetically, and in terms of ‘scientific implications’, he was clearly projecting, intimating that it could, at least in theory, occur. All climate models are hypothetical in exactly the same way. Most authors are also careful not to claim that any given scenario ‘will’ happen. Thus, they are not outright predictions, so much as scenarios – theoretical possibilities based on the ‘scientific implications’ of the [hypothetical] CO2 warming hypothesis. Current authors then stand by silently as alarmist politicians, media and others extrapolate further to the utterly implausible submerged cities under “what if all the ice melted” scenarios.

          Furthermore it should be noted that the Arctic only became routinely navigable by surface ships in the winter due to the development of nuclear ice breaker ships – not as a result of diminished ice.

        • Marsh says:

          andyw35… No, the Arctic is not formally regarded as Navigable.! Yours is wishful thinking that followed retreating Ice 2007-11 with opportunities in late Summer.
          Following the failed attempts by many Ships returning to port or becoming Icebound,,, only Warmist fools would assess it could be navigated reliably in Winter. Dr Gould’s prediction ended in 2005,,, so it’s both past tense and a failed theory to-date.
          Sea ICE remains too thick ( like some Warmists ) with multi year Ice making normal
          Navigation of the Arctic “very limited” to some regions & only part of the year: also note that the biggest US Icebreaker, took 4 weeks to reach the Nth Pole in Summer,,, this is the reality:


        • Marsh says:

          Steven: I largely agree with most of your statement. You probably noticed, I also applied the term Dr Gould’s “theory” & I would say he was honest in his analysis.
          It is also true that the Russian Nuclear Icebreaker Ships have the capability to break away thick sea Ice,,, but most would not regarded that extreme as Navigable.

  6. andyw35 says:

    I do like the piece on his antarctic adventures saying he was on the 1828 expedition… so his comments came when he was over 150 years old ! And Byrd flew a plane to the South Pole. Take that Wright brothers !!!


    • Gail Combs says:

      That was a misprint.

      …I am a second generation Antarctican. My father, Freddie Crockett, was a dog handler and radio operator for the first Byrd Antarctic expedition from 1928-1930

      Freddie and two of his college buddies were eager to join the expedition. Byrd told the young men that if they learned to work with the dogs, they could drive dog sleds for the expedition. The three “Muskateers” (as they were called by expedition members) spent part of 1927 training with Chinook sledge dogs in Wonalancet, New Hampshire under the tutelage of Arthur Walden, a dog musher from the Yukon. Two ships (The City of New York and the Eleanor Bolling) were used to bring the men, the dogs, and supplies south through the hot tropics, and ultimately the stormy ice-laden waters of the Southern Ocean. They landed on the eastern edge of the Ross Ice Shelf at the Bay of Whales, a spot that Roald Amundsen had used during his expedition. The Byrd team set up their base and called it “Little America.”

      Dr. Laurence McKinley Gould, a geologist from the University of Michigan, was second in command of the Byrd expedition. (The ship we are on is the R/V Laurence M. Gould, named in his honor.) Dr. Gould was aware from reports of earlier expeditions (e.g., those of Ernest Shackleton, 1909; Roald Amundsen, 1911-1912 and Robert Falcon Scott, 1911-1912) of mountains both at the southern margin of the Ross Ice Shelf and much further north in Victoria Land. Dr. Gould’s dream was to study the geology of the Queen Maud Mountains, which form an interior gateway to the polar plateau, in order to determine if these mountains were a portion of a continuous range that extends all the way from Victoria Land, north and west of the Ross Ice Shelf. (We now know these mountains as the TransAntarctic Mountains.) They found sandstone and coal in the mountains indicating a much warmer climate in times past…..

      This is a photo of the six man team

  7. andyw35 says:

    “That was a misprint.”

    You don’t say …



    • Gail Combs says:

      You should have seen the blooper my Father-in-law published about his son. Hubby was sitting across from him at the table doing his homework while The Captain** wrote the story for the town newspaper. Hubby’s father never bothered to ask him the details about the project for the science fair he won.

      The publishing deadline is ALWAYS more important than getting the facts right.

      Every day Dick Pothier’s Journalism class got a jumbled list of facts some contradictory and were given ten minutes to write the story. One should keep that in mind when reading news stories.

      ** My Father-in-law was a merchant marine and a ship captain during WWII and that is what he was called in town.

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