Street Fishing In Miami

Barack Obama says that imaginary street fishing in Miami is the biggest threat the world has ever faced.

In 1938, all we had to deal with was Hitler and hurricanes and floods that killed hundreds of people in New England.

Screenshot 2016-01-26 at 11.11.05 AM

23 Sep 1938, Page 28 – at

Providence 1938 Hurricane

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2 Responses to Street Fishing In Miami

  1. Providence deployed great Hurricane Barrier….NYC did 8 “Studies” as recently as 1980 costing millions…..Power Broker Robert Moses squashed them….From Lindsay to Nanny B Mayors scoffed at our plans.
    Storm planning is rare until Feds get political gravy….seas are not really rising threat is political ethics ….

  2. Jason Calley says:

    The fact that the photo of Providence is in black and white proves that the flooding was either 1) back during the Jurassic Period and therefore not relevant, 2) completely and wonderfully natural and not evil, like the man made flooding we now have “because carbon”, or 3) photoshopped.

    Once you have been educated by reception into the climate science hive mind, you will understand how simple it is.


    PS Hey Tony! That photo is another great historical reference point that the CAGW crowd really need to see. Thanks!

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