50% Was Simply Not Enough

Obama was angry that Bush only raised the debt by 50%, so he increased it by 100%.

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Barack Obama | Change We Can Believe In | Fiscal

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26 Responses to 50% Was Simply Not Enough

  1. darrylb says:

    He also said that ‘Transparency and the Rule of Law’ would be the cornerstones of (his) presidency’ Say What?
    Transparency and rule of law??? Does anyone recall him stating a word, just one word, about climate change in the 2012 election. Much was said in 2008, but in 2012 did he state his intentions?
    Also, the rule of law??!! So everything the EPA has done and the Paris climate stuff was all passed by congress and was everyone like me and we just missed it?????

  2. 49erfan7 says:

    ….and the idiots still love him. And further blame all the problems on the obstructionist Republicans in the Congress stalling his initiatives, while he wants to bring everybody together. Yada, yada, yada.

  3. Jim Schmidt says:

    0blamea’s epic serial failures and slide to the bottom of the POTUS pile are the predictable outcome of electing an incompetent, arrogant, narcissistic, ignorant, petulant man child Chicago Alinsky thug community organizer whose last job was nailing posters to telephone poles and who had no military, business, foreign policy or leadership experience, and whose Marxist past was well hidden and ignored by a lamestream media that preferred to be a part of history instead of doing their Constitutionally protected job of reporting it.

    • darrylb says:

      Wow, Jim, you really outdid me!!! 🙂

    • Jason Calley says:

      I am reminded of the old climate science response to questions about their adjustment procedures: “The algorithm is working as designed.”

      Yes, I suspect that Obama is destroying the last remnants of Constitutional limitations — just as designed. The big question is, “designed by whom?”

      Lots of possible answers, and certainly not a single answer, but a common cause for several groups.

    • 49erfan7 says:

      As my mother commented during the 2008 election,

      “He’s a nobody from nowhere who’s done nothing running for president’

      But he was positioned, marketed and sold as the savior of America, the first (1/2) black president, after a leftist-controlled media had succeeded in demonizing President Bush and blamed him for the 2007/08 global meltdown that happened on his watch- when it was the result of home mortgage lending laws that were passed when Slick Willie was president.

      The 2 weeks into his presidency, he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Illegal since the President, by the Constitution, can receive no award or money from a foreign king (the King of Sweden awards the Nobel prize).

      I expect if from the left, I am disgusted by the elected Republicans for not fighting him.

      • David Cameron says:

        That’s good to know. That means that as a 71 year old retired Canadian living on a lake in the middle of nowhere who does nothing but watch TV, play with my laptop, go fishing and have a lot of naps is more qualified for a peace prize than the con artist, narcissist-in-chief Hussein Obama.

  4. David says:

    Reagan and the 2 Bushes were responsible for 92 percent of the debt prior to this idiot. Reagan took it from 980B to 3.85T. Don’t cherry pick and do realize Reagan is basically responsible for most of it. Since no principal has been paid down in years essentially what we borrow annually covers the interest rollover. Paradoxically if we didn’t have the debt we wouldn’t have a deficit or much of one anyway. 18T X. 03 percent 540B how much deficit was there this year??? I realize this isn’t popular but math doesn’t lie. Also spoiler I hate both parties equally.

    • Gail Combs says:

      If you want to Reagan bash you can add the hostile take-over/leveraged buyout feeding frenzy that wiped out America’s midsize corporations. Many were debt free and would have stated in the USA. Instead now most businesses are foreign owned.

      • Andy DC says:

        Reagan started the fairy tale that we can have it all, including a huge military, plus an overbloated entitlement state and never raise revenue to pay for it. The fairy tale still lives 35 years and $18 trillion dollars later.

        • Andy DC says:

          The Republican Holy Grail is that we can never raise taxes on anyone, even during prosperity. The Democrat Holy Grail is that we can never cut “social programs” or entitlements, no matter how outrageously expensive they have become. Both sides are dug in, backed by their various lobbyists and propagandists, generally refusing to compromise. It’s kick the can down the road rather than to risk offending anyone.

          The net result, $19 trillion in debt and counting. It just a matter of time before the house of cards collapses and there will be plenty of blame all the way around for the shameless pandering and irresponsibility.

    • David Cameron says:

      At least Reagan destroyed the U.S.S.R and ended the cold war whereas Hussein destroyed the middle east and a good part of America. Which one was the best investment?

    • Jim Schmidt says:

      Reagan and democrat House Speaker Tip O’neill reached an agreement that Reagan’s TAX CUTS would be compensated for on a dollar for dollar basis with SPENDING CUTS by the House… Not surprisingly, the demscum Congress did NOT cut SPENDING, leading to the deficits…
      The lesson from this: Trust democrat promises at your peril, which has been verified most recently with 0blamea’s nonstop lies, including “You can keep your doctor”, “You can keep your plan”, “Each family will save $2500 a year”, “Shovel ready jobs”, “Solyndra is the way of the future”, blah blah blah…

  5. Clap your hands if you expect the truth from looters OR believe in fairies. I voted libertarian every election after 1980

  6. kamas716 says:

    Just another one of O’s many, many lies

  7. SMS says:

    I think people tend to forget how messed up the economy was when Carter left office. Stagflation was the word of the day. It was Reagan who turned the economy around, not the Democrats. The worst mistake Reagan ever made was to trust the Democrats to do the right thing. Like most Democrats, Tip O’Neil was just another low form of life not to be trusted. CRA legislation that Carter had enacted to force lending institutions to give mortgages to under-funded borrowers was ignored by Reagan. Something that Clinton later had his AG Reno force down the throats of lenders that created the current economic downturn which began at the end of GW Bushes second term. Reagan built up the military and broke the back of communism in the USSR. How many of you remember how tense the world was with the USSR flexing it’s muscles? Reagan fought the Sandinistas in Nicaraugua; something Obama would never consider. Obama would rather share marshmellows around a fire than deal with a crisis. Reagan faced off with the Russians and won, Obama faced off with Putin and showed the world what the real definition of milquetoast is.

    There are those on this blog that have demonized Reagan for his record. I think they need to enter the “way-back” machine and re-educate themselves on what life was like before and then after Reagan. Thank god for Ronald Reagan.

    • spren says:

      You are so correct and these Monday morning QBs ignore any context. One thing they neglect to consider is that entitlement spending was starting to grow exponentially during Carter’s term. Regardless of what Reagan did, this automatic growth in social spending would have occurred. Reagan’s tax cuts did not have to be paid for. They almost doubled the amount of revenue coming into the treasury. Spending is what created the deficits and expanded the debt, not marginal tax rate reductions.

      Reagan had to rebuild the military from the ground up after its decimation following the Vietnam debacle. GW Bush also had to build up the military following Clinton’s spending of the “Peace Dividend.” If a Republican gets elected in 2016, he will also have to spend a great deal of money to rebuild the military Obama has obliterated.

      I lived through Reagan’s time and he changed my life. I despise these revisionists who try to trash him. If it hadn’t been for Reagan, who knows what we would be enduring now.

  8. mddwave says:

    Per US Treasury, US debt on first day Obama in office is 10,837,499,231,127.10
    As of today, US debt is 18,968,344,511,857.00, so the current debt increase is 75%.

    With Obama having only one year left and at the current debt rate of change, I forecast the debt will be 20,000,000,000, so the projected debt increase would be 84..5%.

    If interest rates increase in the next 11 months, Obama presidency could easily reach the 100% increase of debt in office!

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