Four Months Since Politico Predicted A Bush Win

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The Trump Poll Numbers Lie


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11 Responses to Four Months Since Politico Predicted A Bush Win

  1. philjourdan says:

    Trump, love him or hate him, is rewriting history.

    • And that’s why so many either love him or hate him. He’s not my first pick and I have many reservations about his past positions*) but I enjoy the way he blew up the Left’s PC dictatorship and stood up to the media and the GOP’s elite. I am clearly not alone.

      God only knows what he’d do if elected.

      *) Kelo v. New London, etc.

  2. jokin says:

    More (not-so)-spot on delusion from the article:

    “But Trump’s poll numbers, which will probably remain in respectable double-digits through the fall, will almost certainly tumble when primary crunch time comes. It’s one thing for voters to sound off to a pollster; it’s quite another for them to poke a chad or pull a lever for president. Practicality will ultimately trump, well, Trump.”

    I use the LSM as my ultimate contrary indicator, the above quote is indicative to why I’ve come to assume that whatever line these chaps parrot, as in the case of Trump, whose poll numbers have grown steadily, the opposite of what these feebs posit almost always turns out to be the reality.

    • darrylb says:

      I think many folks are more than discouraged with government, they are very angry. In that vein Trump definitely appeals to them
      –and ditto to all the aforementioned.

      In another line of thought, many young people have not seen the benefits of capitalism or learned the historical nature of the eventual failure of socialism, as in the USSR. The drive to improve in most all aspects of life is removed. Hence the love of Uncle Bernie.
      However, he is, I think, a nicer and much more honest person than Hillary.

  3. RAH says:

    I can’t remember Politico ever being worth the band width is uses. It’s right down there with Salon and The Rolling Stone.

    • Frank K. says:

      Politico is going belly up…

      “Politico CEO Jim VandeHei told staffers he will be leaving amid a staff shakeup.”

      “A report on the Huffington Post Thursday by Politico alums Michael Calderone and Sam Stein said VandeHei had clashed with owner Robert Allbritton, who funded the Beltway site’s rapid expansion but is now closing the checkbook. VandeHei tried to tamp down speculation about discord but acknowledged Allbritton will be taking a more direct role in the company.”

  4. Pathway says:

    We will see at the end of day what the voters think rather that a pollster.

    • Jason Calley says:

      “We will see at the end of day what the voters think rather that a pollster.”

      “We will see at the end of day what the vote COUNTERS think rather that a pollster.”
      Fixed it! (Yes, double entendre intended.)

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