Two Reasons For NOAA To Be Concerned About Fake Climate Data

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50 Responses to Two Reasons For NOAA To Be Concerned About Fake Climate Data

  1. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Yes, the same Ted Cruz just won the Iowa Republican primary.

  2. eliza says:

    A Cruz-Rubio Ticket would be unbeatable and terminate AGW worlwide

  3. RAH says:

    We gotta long long way to go. And even if the election results, both presidential, and congressional, are what we want, the socialist machine with their propagandist press will fight with everything they have to preserve their agenda.

    I like the fact that the presumptive nominee Hillary is “feeling the Berne”. The bloodier and more expensive the Democrat Socialist Party primary is the better. I have my doubts that Hillary has the endurance for a really hard fought drawn out primary.

    • Menicholas says:

      I hope she gives many more of her screeching and caterwauling victory speeches. The more excited she gets, the more obvious her true personality becomes.
      She has all the natural charm of the Sea Hag with an angry crab in her knickers.

  4. Disillusioned says:

    I recognize those graphs. πŸ˜€

  5. Andy DC says:

    Those charts look familiar. I wonder where they might have come from?

  6. RAH says:

    Once Tony sets up his program Teds staff can produce what ever climate charts they want.

  7. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Thanks, Steven aka Tony, for all the time and effort you invested in creating the charts that so vividly exposed scientific fraud!

    Most of the post-war structure of government science may try to prevent the election of Ted Cruz.

  8. RAH says:

    Ole Punxsutawney Phil has joined the scam. They say he declares that there will be an early spring when all the models are indicating that March is going to be exceptionally cold for much of the US, including Phils home. However Phil will still have a much better forecasting record than the IPCC and most climate “scientists”. In fact he has been right about 67% of the time.

    • Frank K. says:

      MEMO from Punxsutawney, PA:

      The town of Punxsutawney, in order to appease the easily offended, will hereby ban the name “GroundHOG Day” and henceforth begin using the name “Exploited Furry Indigenous Animal Day”. Using common-core math principles, we will also dispense with the idea of predicting future weather, but simply declare that “Phil” (who self-identifies as a female groundhog) is right 100% of the time.

      • Heavens, no! Phil self-identifying as a female groundhog is a microaggression against transgendered groundhogs. He will be rightly pilloried for such gender bigotry.

      • Jason Calley says:

        Ground HOG Day! Everyone knows that ground HOG is the basis for sausage! They might as well just name it SAUSAGE Day! On behalf of all vegetarians, Hindus, Seventh Day Adventists and beatniks, I am offended!

    • darrylb says:

      Back in the day, the groundhog (woodchuck here in MN) would be eaten as an end to the celebration. which would be a fitting end to the CAGW scam

      RAH, I have run across several sources, including a trivia question, which stated that Phil was right only 39% of the time. We might check it out
      Still immensely better than the models.

      • RAH says:

        Don’t have time to look up Phils stats right now but my number was based on memory of an article I read a couple years ago and as I recall the article made the point that Phil wasn’t far behind the Old Farmers Almanac with his percentage.

  9. RAH says:

    Ah well. That snow storm up across the plains has a team that runs to Seward, NE stuck up there. Normally that dedicated team runs back and forth between Seward, NE and Peoria, IL. Normally a solo driver from the Anderson, IN terminal drives up to Peoria and switches trailers with the dedicated team. Then the dedicated team takes the load the Anderson driver brought up to Peoria on up to Seward and the solo driver brings the trailer from Seward back to the Anderson terminal. But since that dedicated team is stuck we will take the load the solo driver takes to Peoria directly to the Teneco plant in Seward and then, if the situation doesn’t change probably get a broker load back while the dedicated team goes to Peoria and meets a solo driver to restart their normal cycle. So once again if the snows a blowing that’s where I’m going. Be back Thursday morning or later, depending on the weather and/or when we get a broker back haul.

  10. talldave2 says:

    Don’t fall for Trump. He has no principles and no shame. He’ll jump on the AGW bandwagon the minute it’s convenient.

    • SMS says:

      So true. A Populist (democrat) running as a Republican. His mantra is to promise anything and everything to get elected. Tell them what they want to hear and then pull the rug out.

      You shouldn’the make promises you know you can’take keep. A plague we have to put up with from all politicians; but Trump and Obama are the masters.

    • I can’t think of a single time he’s ever waffled on anything. Name one.

      • SMS says:

        Do you think he can build a wall and get the Mexican government to pay for it? Is he going to get the Blacks to love him and change their alligiance from Democrat to Republican? Do you think he can depot 13 million illegal Mexicans? Get real!

        Understand, I enjoy much of what Trump promises; but reality is much different than wild promises. Whoever is in office will have to negotiate with Democrats, who are just another low form of life. The Republican candidate is going to have to be smarter than, and be able to deal with, gutter slime. Trump is not able nor qualified to do this.

        For me, Trump saying “trust me” is not good enough. Show me the plan first. “Trust but verify”

    • Trump Derangement Syndrome
      Irrational and a great way to put another Democrat in the White House

  11. gallopingcamel says:

    I love you guys and will pull the lever for Ted Cruz (while holding my nose).

    I would not need to hold my nose if Ted Cruz were to commit to ending initiatives like “Common Core” by returning control of K-12 education to local communities.

  12. Levin today (I’m paraphrasing) in response to a Rubio supporter who defended the amnesty collaboration with Schumer by saying he had to cut deals with the Democrats in order to get anything done :

    “What a leader does is pulls the country in his direction or her direction. What a leader does is drags the power out of D.C. and toward the people.”

  13. eliza says:

    Cruz is an AGW denier (backs it up with data) which is what is needed to terminate AGW. Rubio is I understand, a lukewarmer, which will not end the scam. So a Cruz-Rubio ticket is required to end the scam not a Rubio-Cruz ticket.

  14. eliza says:

    Actually a Rubio-Cruz ticket would be just as effective/good LOL

  15. eliza says:

    Six reasons for NOAA to be very concerned about climatic data after Ted Cruz wins.

    BTW in the latest Smith hearing, for the first time ever J Christy emphasized the BALOON sets (4) with the satellite sets, something that nearly all skeptics overlook. It’s SIX datasets showing that there is no warming NOT just 2.

  16. richard says:

    I get a little frustrated with “you can’t deport 13 million criminals
    back to Mexico. It isn’t possible!” If it’s not possible, explain how
    they got here. Mexico “deported” them up here.Are you saying
    Mexico can do it, but we are too stupid, and incompetent to do it??
    They came here because they wanted to; we have to make them
    want to go home. Take away the candy for a start, when they see
    the trend, they have shown they will go where they want to. We
    have to make them want to go home.Tax them home, that makes
    corporations leave the U.S.

    • Jason Calley says:

      “”It isn’t possible!” If it’s not possible, explain how they got here.”

      Best laugh I have had so far today! πŸ™‚

      Back during a previous administration, I had a retired Navy Chief explain to me why I was being unreasonable in expecting our borders to be patrolled to deter illegal aliens. “It isn’t possible! There are not enough soldiers in the Army to keep people from sneaking in to America! Do you know how long our border is?! If you took every person in the US military and tried to guard the border, it couldn’t be done!” Of course he was wrong — and he claimed to be a technical-math sort of guy — but he liked the President of the time, and so he automatically supported the Presidential lack of action.

      The simplest solution is to remove the incentives that bring in illegal immigration in the first place, then the people will deport themselves. As Stephan Molyneaux points out, “You can have a welfare state, or you can have open borders, but you can’t have both!” Of course you may not be able to have both, but you CAN have neither.

      • richard says:

        For a long time, I have been in favor of incrementally re-locating our troops in
        Europe and South Korea to our Southern Border. Defend OUR borders first.
        Our economy would benefit, for starts ,as the money being spent overseas
        would be spent here. No increase in military spending, may be less??

    • SMS says:

      Richard, you may be frustrated by the issues surrounding 13 million illegals as being impossible to resolve; the same for me. But getting those 13 million illegals to move south will be IMPOSSIBLE. It’s not so much the goodies they want as the wage that they cannot get back in their native country. Our minimum wage is much greater than anything back in Latin America. Think “starvation” wage. If you really want the illegals to leave, drop the minimum wage to zero and then get our unemployed to work for that low wage. And now that the unions want to raise the minimum wage to $15/hr you can expect more pressure from our southern borders. Penalizing companies has been tried and failed. Having someone willing to work hard at low wages is what a company wants and something that is hard to find in this country. As a country we have developed several generations of self entitled snots. Our entitlement system keeps our unemployed from seeking these jobs, not the other way around. It is our entitlement system that has brought about this mess but not as an incentive for illegals but as a disincentive for American labor.

      And if you try and force them across the border, the costs will be horrendous. The borders can never be fully secured; ingenuity wins out; even with the best fence and our entire military on the border. For every 10 you deport, 2 will make it back, and given enough time there will be 13 million illegals who will have filtered back across the border and living in the US. Even with the best wall and fully manned border system. The bureacracy of mantaining border security will rival the costs our entitlements programs.

      Not mentioned in the debate is how the illegals have kept the wages down. This has affected our workers and their ability to attain wealth but it has also kept inflation under control. Wages are one of the major components of inflation and by having so many illegals looking for work and willing to work hard for minimum wage; inflation is kept under control.

      So how do we keep illegals out? We’re getting their. The democrats are bankrupting this country. We don’t create wealth in this country like we used to. Regulations and taxes have made it nearly impossible to do business. We’ll be a third world country soon enough and then the illegals will go back home looking for better pay, and we will follow.

      • So how do we keep illegals out?

        It’s quite simple; the seeming confusion in the minds of conservative businesspeople is largely faked. Their “confusion” will clear up, as everything will become crystal clear to them with the first indictment of a major employer and it’s accomplices.

        The moment it is made clear that any business found to be employing illegals will be seized, shut down, and the assets auctioned off to lawful American companies, essentially all illegals will be fired that very day. And most will return home within a couple weeks.

        No fence is even necessary, if we have politicians who are on our side. But lately, we’ve been too dense to insist on this.

        As for the snots, they’ll come around because wages will naturally rise to a free-market level. (Right now, they’re artificially depressed by a government that has its thumb on the scale through a corrupt policy of ignoring illegals.) And inflation will not be so bad because once the snots start to get off the dole, the deficit will come down, which will have repercussions that will counteract the effect of rising wages.

        You see, all the bad things, we’re doing to ourselves through our corrupt and incompetent trade and labor policies, as well as poor / nonexistent stewardship of government programs.

        • Beale says:

          What is more likely to happen if this proposal is followed is that essentially the whole economy will go underground (a thing that is likely anyway). Businessmen who obey the law will find the burden so heavy that they can’t compete. It’ll be like prohibition, only for everything.

      • richard says:

        ” It’s not so much the goodies they want as the wage
        that they cannot get back in their native country. ”
        If only it were true.I live in a town that has grown to
        about half illegal. The children, and wives, don’t work.
        The men work as they always have, hard and long.
        We are paying for. including, but not limited to, health,
        school, ebt cards, free cell phones.They are on our safety
        net. Common sense tells you that it costs more here to
        feed and care for a family than in Mexico. I’m quoting some
        of the older migrants who tell me plainly that they are
        taking advantage of our “system”. I call our post office
        el taco banco, as it is the money order spot to send cash
        to Mexico. The check-out line shows how they are paying
        for their food. Go out in the real world, see for yourself.
        They have a roll of bills and ebt cards. They are crushing
        our safety net while our vets suffer. (4 vets in my family).
        The goal being Democrat votes. It ain’t right.

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