Believe And Repent

President Obama tells us that 97% of scientists believe that America’s carbon sins will lead to hell fire, a great flood, famines and pestilence – unless everyone believes in climate change, pays their tithes and repents of their carbon sins.

He simultaneously ridicules people who believe Biblical stories about man’s sin causing hell fire, a great flood, famines and pestilence.



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3 Responses to Believe And Repent

  1. gator69 says:

    NOAA’s ark is nowhere to be seen, must have lost its funding.

    • powers2be says:

      No. They are first in line for the 44 billion in GovMint Transfer payments. They just know not to waste it on an Ark. The NOAA Bosses are buying BMW’s to put into their new 4 car garage homes and new designer luggage for their next First Class Global Conference vacation to shame the rest of us into buying Prius’s.

  2. Marsh says:

    Obama follows the Quran,,, so biblical stories don’t hold much water… He does know all about pestilence too ; we’re at the receiving end..!

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