Creepiest Politician Ever?

Look what this creep said four years ago about Trump.


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54 Responses to Creepiest Politician Ever?

  1. Latitude says:

    …he evolved

  2. Fred Mc says:

    Hypocritical back stabbing must be genetic.

    In this classic 1964 presidential ad, Lyndon Johnson, running for his first full term as president against Republican Barry Goldwater revived comments by George Romney that nominating Barry Goldwater was “suicidal destruction.”

  3. SMS says:

    [snip This blog is not a place for people unload their personal agenda]

    • Latitude says:

      so you don’t think closing the border, hiring more Americans, and bringing jobs back will increase our tax base?

    • I think you are a plant by the establishment intended to back shoot Trump.

    • Barbara says:

      I think I get your point: too many old people (8, 9, and 10 on the raft )! What is your solution? Euthanasia after age 60? I am sorry to be old, but think I am covered myself as I paid in to social security as did my husband. He died young.
      You are about as mixed up as anyone can be. I happen to think that Donald Trump is not bought and paid for by anyone. As Our newest traitor Mitt Romney said in the above clip, there is a possibility that a successful business man can turn the U.S,, us, around.
      I voted for Mitt himself last time for the same reason. Now, he should go fly a kite next to a deep lake. I trust my experience and intuition with the other candidates, and I can “see”. the sleaze in Rubio and Cruz. Another cycle, more time to prove themselves, I might change my mind.

      • Barbara says:

        My reply was to SMS Hope I didn’t express any agenda. I am a patriot to the core, do not subscribe to the P.C. nonsense, and truly appreciate this blog!

      • Latitude says:

        +1 Barbara

      • Doug says:

        I can “see”. the sleaze in Rubio and Cruz
        Most of your post is spot-on, but if you’re seeing sleaze in Cruz you need to check your vision. He did a great job in Texas, and has been one of maybe three in the Senate (with Mike Lee and Rand Paul) who have bucked the establishment. He says what he means and does what he says.

        And Rubio…Well, I happen to agree with you. 🙂

        • Barbara says:

          Yes, I like a lot of what Cruz has done, but the point was that his total Senate experience is short! I loved his Senate hearing on so called global warming. (Wish that were true as I hate cold! Where I live, the temperature swings are several times greater than the postulated 2 degrees centigrade.) However, I can’t seem to forget the Goldman Sachs ties his wife has. I wish Cruz wouldn’t be a spoiler this time, but wait until the next cycle, maybe only four years. I love the comments after the Romney speeches, main stream media slams against Trump. These comments are nearly 100% strongly pro Trump. The people speak!

      • Barbara,

        Cruz and Rubio have created two fundamentally different records in the Senate.

        After his 2010 election, Marco Rubio joined the establishment Gang of Eight which attempted to pass an illegal immigration amnesty bill with a path to citizenship.

        After his 2012, Ted Cruz angered the establishment, including Republicans, by his opposition to the increase in the national debt limit and governmental spending.

        Below are two stories from Politico and Christian Science Monitor, both hardly known to be sympathetic to a conservative, small-government point of view.

        Politics is rarely a pretty affair but should you be so inclined, please tell me on which side you see the sleaze you are referring to.


        Rubio’s angling prompts Gang of Eight angst

        The Senate’s Gang of Eight is out in force to sell its immigration bill to the public, minus one pivotal member: Marco Rubio.

        The Florida Republican has spent hours strategizing in private with the bipartisan group of senators, but he hasn’t appeared in public with them since late April — nixing requests for press conferences after the Senate Judiciary Committee approved the immigration bill, according to Democrats, and most recently, for a joint interview on Univision.
        His public absences from his partners show the difficult line he is walking on immigration — trying to woo conservative activists wary of the bill while keeping the Gang of Eight bill moving.


        Sen. Ted Cruz filibuster angers GOP leaders. Where does fight end?

        The Texan clashed openly Wednesday with Sen. Mitch McConnell and other GOP leaders over a bill to raise the national debt ceiling. Ted Cruz may have burnished his tea party credentials, but the price could be that he’ll be sidelined in the Senate.

        Sen. Ted Cruz (R) of Texas is unpopular with many establishment Republicans in D.C. They see him as the driving force behind last year’s partial government shutdown, which sent their party’s approval ratings to new lows. Perhaps as a result, Senator Cruz was pretty quiet through the first part of 2014. But now he’s forced GOP Senate leaders into a vote they badly wanted to avoid.

        Cruz is doubling down on his outsider status. He’s burning his remaining bridges with a blowtorch, to throw more metaphors into the mix.

        Not that he’d see it that way. Cruz describes his actions as consistent with GOP small-government principles. It is party leaders who have moved away from those, according to the Texan.

        • Note: I posted my comment before I saw your response to Doug further above. It seems you have already reconsidered your sleaze charge against Cruz.

        • Dave G says:

          Why has he stopped fillibustering? Because the oil companies got what they wanted this time around….

          My problem with Cruz… He is already softening.

      • Total contribution by Goldman Sachs to the Cruz campaigns: $0.

        Goldman Sachs is where the Cruz family’s own investment account was kept, and they borrowed against their own assets to fund the Senate campaign. And Cruz disclosed this loan, and his own loan to his campaign. The only issue was that he did not disclose on another form that the proceeds of his loan from his investment account helped to fund his own loan to the campaign. It was not clear that this was required, and many have made this mistake. In fact, the Federal Election Commission has had to put out a FAQ on that form. Nor have they complained about this. Cruz edited and re-submitted that form. No fine, no penalty, just an update. And Goldman Sachs made no contributions at all. They don’t like him, as he’s sworn to fight crony capitalism.

        For this, he is being called “the Goldman Sachs candidate.” It is horrifically unfair and wrong, as are the other allegations against him. Yes, his wife was on the Council of Foreign Relations — and contributed a single paragraph to their report in the minority opinion section, pushing free enterprise as the solution instead of government action. For this, she is being described as being in favor of a world government.

        It is disappointing.

        ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

        • gator69 says:

          Thanks for pointing this out Keith, zealotry in this eection cycle is off the charts. Small tents seem to be all the fashion for conservatives.

          This election has made people insane. I was tuned into my local talk radio station on my way to work this morning, and listening to the rush hour host froth at the mouth about anti-Trumpers who have said they will sit out the vote if Trump wins. He went on to say that for anti-Trumpers to compare any Republican to either Democrat contender is just disengenuous, and is therefor no excuse to stay home. And this was exactly one day after he said he would not vote for Romney if he became the nominee.

          God help us.

  4. Latitude says:

    Mexico says when we are through listening to all these rich guys..
    …we should listen to them

    Mexico says won’t pay for Trump’s ‘terrible’ border wall

    …I thought this line was a classic!

    “Building a wall between Mexico and the United States is a terrible idea. It is an idea based on ignorance and has no foundation in the reality of North American integration.”

    reality…we allow Mexicans, Central Americans, and anyone else that comes along….to freely cross back and forth across our border
    in return……We allow them to send back over $120 billion every year……Pemex, their oil and gas….only pays about $70 million in taxes each year

    Out open border is supporting the Mexican government.

    • Latitude says:

      “Our” open border

      • Barbara says:

        I live on the Mexican border, and the majority of illegals are no longer the rural poor Mexicans coming for a better life. We are getting huge quantities of drugs, people from all over the Americas, and many, many Middle Easterners. Cowboys on the ranches spend most of their time now fixing fences. My favorite story is the cowboy riding the range coming upon a new 4×4 pickup high centered on a large rock outcropping with a sharp drop on both sides. It had been abandoned, looked empty, but the border patrol found hugely valuable caches of drugs hidden in it. (Some Border Patrol will talk to the locals.) Next most interesting very recent event was a big drug bust, middle of the dark night, lots of lights and vehicle activity out from the ranch house, then a very large helicopter, hard to see for the glaring lights and massive amount of flying dust, dropped down nearly at the house. No one came to tell the family anything, but it seemed that the load of drugs was being airlifted away. This family hears loud Arabic music being played sometimes as groups move past their house in the dark. It drives their dogs nuts. These ranch people don’t exaggerate.
        Sorry, Steve, this is long. I won’t be offended if you delete. It can be FYI. Fact is I stopped for a break, but am on my way to Yuma right now to speak to a group of women on the subject of border issues, human trafficking.

        • Barbara, stories like this need to be heard. I’ve always understood the anger of people living at the border and I also understand their passion for a candidate who chose to make it his signature issue against a longstanding federal government complicity and inaction.

          Safe travels and a good luck with your presentation in Yuma.

        • If you read the surrender documents for WWI, you will find mention of (addictive) chemical drugs and human trafficking. Rudolph Valentino’s “The Shiek” refers to the buying and selling of girls in the Ottoman Empire. But US political party policy of sending men with guns to coerce people over nonaddictive drugs, victimless when compared to alcohol, generates gratuitous violence and financial ruin in Mexico.

        • Jason Calley says:

          Hey Barbara! yes, it is important that such stories get out. One of the big reasons why I (and many others) have become disillusioned with both the Dims and the Repubs is that BOTH parties have been adamant about leaving the borders open. Some years back, when a citizens group tried to help protect the border (by placing observers along the border and radioing immigration officials when they spotted illegals crossing), one of our so-called conservative presidents called the citizens “vigilantes” and threatened legal action against them. Here the US is, supposedly fighting a war against terrorism, a war where we must give up all our privacy and freedom so that officials may have free hands to deal with investigations of terror — but neither political party will allow the borders to be secured.

          The system is broken, and neither Repub leaders nor Dim leaders will be satisfied until we are all cattle.

    • Beale says:

      Of course Mexico won’t pay for the wall. Why on earth would it?

    • Mark Luhman says:

      Mexico has a wall on their southern border. The Mexican is a
      classic politician does one thing and says another.

  5. Latitude says:

    They are all totally insane…
    Nancy Pelosi just chastised the Republican party….for doing exactly what the Democrat party is doing

  6. Latitude says:

    Trump Now Leading Among Crucial ‘Republicans Who Hate Trump’ Demographic…….

  7. MrX says:

    Well, Trump has always been a creep and a liberal. But then I repeat myself.

  8. omanuel says:

    Politicans are getting very nervous as the curtain is pulled – during a Presidential election campaign – on seventy years (1946 – 2016) of

    1. Collecting taxes from the public to
    2. Pay scientists to deceive the public

    Complete forgiveness is the the quickest and surest way to restore social sanity [contact with reality] and integrity in government!

  9. Remember that quote: “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” Trump and those other guys are all bound to support the GOP agenda, which is predatory, warlike, prohibitionist and denies individual rights to half the population. The other looters’ agenda is about as bad. I have tried and am against both of those agendas for similar reasons. In America, I can change major party policies and laws by voting libertarian. When I was a teen, at risk for conscription, there was no nonviolent way to oppose bad laws. That I will never forget…

    • Beale says:

      Do you happen to recall that a couple of congressmen named Rumsfeld and Cheney (among others) worked hard to establish a volunteer military?

    • Mark Luhman says:

      Typical confused BS, you first quote is correct but limited, Trump does not think in those contexts he thinks in the context of who will get done what I want to be done, he could care less about your first comment. Ideas events and people are not important to Trump he is a doer, get a job done is all that counts. You construct is nice and I do adhere to it but it does not describe trump and people like him.

  10. Leon Brozyna says:

    Y’all call ’em Democrats & Republicans; I call ’em Masters and Eunuchs …

    Master: Quit complaining and do as I say.
    Eunuch: Oh, can’t we all just get along?
    Master: Shut up and jump.
    Eunuch: How high?

    And now one of the chief eunuchs speaks and ends up saying nothing.

    Trump might not be lovable, but we’re looking for a real president, not a teddy bear … or another pretend president.

  11. gator69 says:

    While I agree with much of what Mitt said, I am extremely disappointed that he said it. This is a low point for Romney.

  12. Penelope says:

    Cruz hooking up with Romney proves that Cruz is the insider he claims he is not.

  13. GalfromMass says:

    Donald Trump to Mitt Romney, Et tu Brute?

    I’m from Massachusetts where the Romney’s have a home; I am so disappointed in Romney for this stupid attack on Donald Trump. Mitt spoke of Trump’s business failures and yet many of Mitt’s business ventures have failed, Google it. All these desperate attacks by RINO’s is so embarrassing; they come across as desperate, pathetic, and sad. Rubio with his crude attacks directed at Trump were so low-class, he should never live in the White House and represent this historic country and its wonderful people.

    Then the criminal Hillary. I guess most have short memories in this country, I am sure that the families of the four men who died in Benghazi have not forgotten, Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyron Woods and Glen Doherty.

    Bernie Sanders the Socialist, ask Venezuela how Socialism is working for them, they are running out of food! A rich in oil country is running out of food because they have a Socialist Government. Wake up people.

    The Old Boy political network does not want a non-political person to win; it will dry up their gravy train. I could go on and on but I will say this, the wall will be built, and when Donald Trump says Mexico will pay for it, they will, by increased trade taxes, by taxing those sending U. S. Dollars to Mexico, by impounding remittances sent to Mexico that are derived from illegal wages and so much more. Mexico has had a free ride; America is their GDP, but no longer, if Trump is elected.

    Seriously, who thinks that Mexico is going to write a check, they will pay for the wall in a way that an extremely successful businessman will know what to do as opposed to a politician who talks and talks, saying the same empty words over and over, year after year.

  14. Drcrinum says:

    What Romney and the Republican Establishment have not fathomed is that Trump and Cruz are anti-Washington (Republican and Democrat Establishments). The more the Establishment slings insults at Trump, the more determined his followers become. (The Republican Establishment hates Cruz more than Trump; if Cruz was winning, they would be attacking him rather than Trump.) Neither Trump delegates/supporters nor Cruz delegates/supporters will endorse an Establishment candidate. So if it goes to a brokered convention, look for a deal between Trump and Cruz. If so, I would like to see Trump as the Presidential Candidate and Cruz be the choice to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court. Regardless, I would gladly vote for either Trump or Cruz for President. If its Rubio or some other Establishment candidate, I will stay at home. I refuse to vote for more of the same.

    • Doug says:

      I would like to see Trump as the Presidential Candidate and Cruz be the choice to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court.

      I am no Trump fan but that definitely would work. It would be interesting to see Trump switch away from snarky insults and sexual innuendo and praise Cruz for his conviction in supporting the Constitution. He could make the case that he is better suited to be President, and his first act would be to appoint Cruz for SCOTUS.

    • RAH says:

      Oh I think Romney understands all that party establish stuff very well. He was the establishment candidate last time after all. Romney got his marching orders from the Republican establishment no doubt and that is why he is out there now trashing the non establishment candidates.

      Personally this truck driver has had about enough of the establishment of both parties. Been on the road and not posted for a time but this last outing just made the point to me.

      Ran both Monday and Tuesday. Then on Wed afternoon they called again. Team with Charlie. Vandalia terminal run. Girl told me ‘You will go up to Sherbrooke, QC once and then come back’. How many times have I been told that and found out it was not the truth? It is the truth as far as they know it when they tell me, but all of a sudden things change. Sometimes I’ve been told that same thing and ended up working the whole week!

      Anyway she told me to get right in ASAP. So I did but when I arrived I was ready for our time out running to be extended. Once I got in they weren’t ready. Still trying to figure out what trailer we were to take to the Vandalia, OH terminal before we started from there for the run we were called in for. By 18:30 they had it figured out and we were on the road. Charlie took first driving shift and I went into the sleeper. Charlie drove to the Vandalia terminal and dropped the trailer we had brought and hooked to another trailer that we were to take up to Sherbrooke, QC. Sherbrooke is about 80 miles east of Montreal off Hwy A-10. Our route was up I-75 to the Ambassador bridge in Detroit over into the Canada onto I-401 and all the way across Ontario to A-20 in QC then through Montreal to the junction with A-10 and then on east to Sherbrooke, QC.

      Charlie got us east of Toronto and I took over from there. Found the place and we delivered the empty containers we brought and then I went through the paper drill of accounting for each and every container and the parts it contained and documenting the information on the provided check sheets as it was put on the truck. Then I did the export paperwork and gave it the clerk at the customer to email back to the import/export division at my company. There they send the information on to a border broker who gets the border clearance. Then the broker sends that clearance back to my companies import/export department and they fax what is called a “lead sheet” to the truck stop I tell them to where we get that sheet and use it for crossing back into the US.

      I got us through Montreal and back east of Toronto and Charlie took over. Then we got a call. They wanted us to do the same run again but set up a relay at the ABC yard which is just under the Detroit end of the Ambassador bridge. We met the driver there exchanged paperwork and trailers and went back over the bridge into Canada. I took over at Comber, ON and drove us back to the place in Sherbrooke, QC. I did the paper drill and accounting again there. Charlie took over and got us back to the truck stop at Comber, ON where we got our lead sheet and I took over driving.

      Both loads were hot. We didn’t even eat the first 28 hours after we first departed and the whole time out the only seats our butts hit were the truck seats and toilet seats. So we were busting our butts to get the job done and make up the lost time and then I reach US customs and it was a little over an hour waiting and then being treated like were some kind of threat. I know that border control guy has a job to do but this one was slow and very unfriendly. What can you say when your country allows undocumented and thus illegal aliens flow across it’s southern border and run free in the country. Then that country sponsers “refugees” from the Middle east from countries which produce terrorists and many of which have no documentation or forged documents. But when a native born US citizen that is a decorated veteran of that countries Armed Forces, had multiple FBI back ground checks, was trusted with a TS security clearance, and had an Official government issued passport at one time tries to get back into his own country having all his paper work in order and renewed passport with microchip but is delayed and questioned like he may be a terrorist?

      It really is hard not to lose ones patience sometimes. Fact is the only thing that stopped me from going off on them and being in cuffs in some little room at US customs in Detroit right now is the fact the load had to get through even if they unnecessarily cost us over an hour and caused us to miss our drop dead time for getting back and thus more than likely some assembly line at some automobile manufactures plant will be shut down for a time waiting for the parts we were bringing. And that is no BS because that is the kind of runs we are sometimes called on to try and salvage and they were tracking us and calling us all the time to get our ETA which usually means that is what the situation is.

      • Jason Calley says:

        Hey RAH! The border situation is one of the things that pushed me over the edge as far as a lack of confidence in EITHER party. Here we are for the last 15 years in a supposed war on terrorism — AND THE SOUTHERN BORDER IS OPEN? We are in a war on terrorism that is so desperate that we have to give up our freedoms for it — AND MILLIONS OF ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE ALLOWED IN WITHOUT ANY OVERSIGHT? Be afraid, Americans, be very afraid because you may be attacked at any moment — BUT LET’S HAVE SANCTUARY CITIES AND LET NON-CITIZENS ROAM WHEREVER THEY WISH AND EVEN VOTE?

        And in the meantime, makes sure that American children and old ladies get their crotch felt up before they are allowed to get on an airplane. Make sure that honest, documented American citizens have to wait hours to get back into the US, and be treated like scum in the process.

        Madness, absolute madness, and anyone who cannot see that BOTH parties have sold out this nation is blind. And anyone who thinks that voting for the same group of criminals will fix things is crazy. “Oh, but I HAVE to vote for (fill in the Republican blank)! Otherwise (fill in the Democratic blank) will be elected!”

        I do not know the answer — but I can tell you that what we have been doing is not working.

        /rant off

      • Henry P says:

        latest [joke] I heard is that Canada wants a wall at the USA border to keep US citizens, who will be fleeing from the Trump regime, out………

  15. scruffy says:

    Trump in 2012: I will give 5 million dollars for Obama to release his records.
    Trump now: I can’t possibly release my records. But they are the best records. Believe me, they are the best records you ever saw. I can’t release my college transcripts, but I will make Obama. He will do it. And I will make him pay for it.

  16. Good one Doug….
    How ’bout no more lawyers in elected office?
    Not by law, they would ignore, tweak etc. just disqualify at grass roots…..demand we need people who can trim & mow over…as in trim government & mow over our enemies….

  17. Clankster says:

    I’m sure I won’t be missed but can’t support a blog that is actively working to elect Hillary Clinton. Enjoy your 5-4 liberal Supreme Court and 4 year extension of the Obama presidency. There is no greater example of cutting off your nose to spite your face. All for your “protest” vote.

  18. John B., M.D. says:

    Anthony Weiner is more creepy.

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