Strange GOP Happenings In Minnesota

Apparently the Minnesota GOP knew the results of the March 1 caucus – in February. Someone noticed this item on the Minnesota GOP web site :

Screenshot 2016-03-06 at 07.52.50 AM

Operation Malayan Water Monitor 3.xlsx

There are two problems with this file.

The file was uploaded into the WordPress February, 2016 directory (2016/02).  Wordpress makes this choice automatically – the user has no control over it.

Screenshot 2016-03-06 at 07.45.49 AM

For example, I uploaded image below yesterday.

Screenshot 2016-03-05 at 03.32.00 AM

Note that the URL is 2016/03 – i.e. March 2016.

There is another problem. Note the name of the file :

Operation Malayan Water Monitor 3.xlsx

Election results are not “operations” – and the Minnesota election has nothing to do with Malaya or water.  The name is nonsensical and no one would think up a name that stupid. MWM much more likely stands for “Marco Wins Minnesota”

Minnesota is a strange state politically. They were the only state which didn’t vote for Reagan in 1984.


Minnesota also once elected a pro wrestler (Jesse Ventura) governor.


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41 Responses to Strange GOP Happenings In Minnesota

  1. RAH says:

    Minnesota is just leftist. The state has not gone to a Republican presidential candidate since Nixon.

  2. daveburton says:

    There was no Primary in Minnesota. It’s a Caucus State.

    Presumably, the Minnesota GOP’s server has (or had) an incorrect clock setting. It’s not uncommon. didn’t find the file until 3/3, as you’d expect:

    Click to access Statewide-34.pdf

    • Almost everyone connected to the Internet uses time servers to set the date. The time stamp argument doesn’t fly.

      The “Operation Malayan Water Monitor” name is not credible. It reeks of trouble.

  3. Latitude says:

    “Minnesota has the most lax election system in the nation. The combination of no ID requirements, no provisional balloting, Election Day registration and “vouching” makes Minnesota’s election system ripe for abuse. Indeed, …….

    Minnesota now leads the nation in voter fraud convictions,

    ……….. and these convictions represent only a small fraction of the total number of illegitimate votes cast in our elections!”

  4. Yes, looter party soft machines are not above lying and vote fraud. A nearby example is the vote count for Al Franken, who lost by a couple of hundred votes, then won on recount by over twice that many so the initial and final count of those decisive votes differed by 245%. The Texas LP vote has rounded to 3% lately but the national reported LP vote count is barely 1%. Receipts for votes with verification passwords would let each voter check that THAT vote was counted correctly, like checking your balance at an ATM. Elections could easily be made honest.

    • Eric Barnes says:

      Yep. It would be easy to randomly audit votes as well. The only reason that hasn’t been implemented is that the powers that be don’t want to have a verification process in place.

  5. RAH says:

    What can one expect from a state that elected Jesse Ventura Governor?

    • Robertv says:

      or a state that elected Arnold Schwarzenegger or a country that elected Ronald Reagan an other actor.

      • Robertv says:


        What is the topspeed of a Minnesota bison?

      • RAH says:

        As his notes in his library revealed there was much more to Reagan than being an actor. He knew American history, followed the events of his day and identified problems and discussed constitutional solutions for them. He did that on his own for decades before he even ran for the presidency.

        Schwarzenegger and Ventura were not in even close to the same league and that was quite obvious and you didn’t have to see Reagans notes to know that because it was obvious he had prepared himself. A manifestation of that was how he just murdered the hostile press.

      • Robertv says:

        Most kids from the generation Reagan knew their history and constitution. In those days they didn’t have a common core education.

      • Robert, I know you like to stir the pot a little and there is nothing wrong with that per se but if you want to cook in this kitchen you should try harder.

        Do you know in how many jobs Reagan succeeded prior to his Presidency? And do you know what job he held when he was elected President in a 1984 landslide?

      • Robertv says:

        My point is, why make a joke of Ventura? Did he really do such a bad job as Governor of Minnesota ?

  6. omanuel says:

    We are only beginning to grasp the web of deceit that engulfed the world after nations were united on 24 Oct 1945 to try to hide from the public the source of energy in atomic bombs that destroyed Hitoshima and Nagasaki.

    • omanuel says:

      This country was founded in 1776 on a great promise in the Declaration of Independence:

      We were endowed by our Creator with inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

      The last paragraph of Aston’s 1922 Nobel Lecture contained both

      1. A great promise for mankind, and
      2. A dire warning for mankind that . . .

      frightened world leaders into uniting nations on 24 Oct 1945 and taking totalitarian control of society to hide the source of energy in heavy atoms, some planets, ordinary stars and galaxies:

      Click to access ASSOA-2-005.pdf

  7. Steve Case says:

    Wisconsin held a local primary in February. I am pleased to say that we were required to show identification. I brought my passport for the occasion. But the usual crowd, and you know who they are, is still fighting the Wisconsin voter ID requirement. If the doesn’t get struck down again by some left-wing judge, I look forward to the November results with less nagging fear that the other side will stuff the ballot box.

    • dmmcmah says:

      And why do you want to deprive dead people of their right to vote?

      • RAH says:

        Sorry I’ve never seen any corpses at my poling place. Anyone else? Perhaps they vote absentee?

        • Menicholas says:

          When I see how rabidly some on the left absolutely hate conservatives and republicans, it is easy for me to believe they would vote multiple times, and any other sort of fraud which would stack the odds.
          That side (not all, but very many of them) does not see the conservative side as having a different opinion, but as being insane lunatics.

        • RAH says:

          The democrats have always been willing it seems to let anyone vote as long as they vote democrat. They have their ways. During the last presidential election Mitt Romney did not get a single vote in 59 Philadelphia precincts.

    • tomB says:

      Lefty judge said her daddy a ww2 vet couldn’t vote as he didn’t have proper I’d. She tried to make a big show.of it of course local fishwrap journal sentinel did too

  8. Andy DC says:

    I don’t think Little Marco winning one little caucus is going to do him very much good at this point. I find all of these caucus states to be a bit suspect.

    Little Marco looks done, but he will probably hang on, being the one remaining establishment puppet on a string. Cruz has been through a lot of states that were best suited for him and has barely held his own against Trump. I think he will fade big time once we get into more populous and less evangelical states.

    • Latitude says:

      Andy, I think Rubio did himself in with the hands thing…
      and Florida voters have figured out a vote for Rubio is throwing your vote away

      I thing he’s going to do really bad in Florida

  9. Don says:

    I’ll see your Jesse Ventura, and raise you an Al Franken.

  10. I found this warning from Woodrow Wilson warning of tariff lobbyists: May 26, 1913: It is of serious interest to the country that the people at large should have no lobby and be voiceless in these matters, while great bodies of astute men seek to create an artificial opinion and to overcome the interests of the public for their private profit. It is thoroughly worth the while of the people of this country to take knowledge of this matter. Only public opinion can check and destroy it. (Wilson, Messages and Papers I 1924 10)

  11. Robertv says:

    I suppose the establishment doesn’t like surprises like the Ventura thing.

    • Jason Calley says:

      Ventura tells the story of how a few days after taking office he was called to a meeting of various mostly Federal members of three letter agencies who wanted to know how exactly he had managed to be elected.

  12. Windsong says:

    The real fun begins once your state switches to 100% vote-by-mail balloting. Washington and Oregon do that now. Add in the automatic registration, and you will soon find groups purchasing signed, but uncompleted ballots from people. If you do not write, an “X” witnessed by two voters will suffice. A scribbled signature is all that is required from the witness; no other identifying information.

    In answer to RAH’s query above about dead people at polling places, first there are no longer any polling places. Second, newspapers routinely carry stories about voters on their death bed anxiously awaiting their ballot in the mail so they can vote and get it returned in the mail before they die. Which could be up to a month before the election. So, yes, dead people do in fact vote absentee.

    • RAH says:

      Well I’ll be damned Windsong. You better inform the entire State of Indiana and it’s government that there are “no longer any polling places”.
      See that link labeled: “Find My Polling Place” at the official Indiana voters sight below:

      • Windsong says:

        In order to be brief, I did not type out “… no longer any polling places in Washington State.” Which is the situation I was referring to. To be clear, I had no knowledge of Indiana’s voting procedures.

        • RAH says:

          Sorry for my tone but it seems that lately if I say the sky is blue today someone will want to argue about it.

          I don’t think we’ll see mail in balloting here except for absentee for some time. Personally I hate the computer machines too but that is what we have now. As for my polling place. I haven’t been there in years because I vote early due to the fact my job schedule is unpredictable. So it’s up to the county court house for early voting for me.

          The democrat bastion of Chicago is known as the place where the dead vote regularly around here and they aren’t just the recently deceased either. Thus the joke about corpses and absentee ballots.

          That whole thing about Chicago came up in 1960 when Nixon was defeated by Kennedy. The Republicans knew of the tampering in Chicago and were sure that if there were a recount Nixon would have taken the state. Nixon said not to do it. Though Nixon had won the majority of states Kennedy would still have won the electoral college even without Illinois.

      • Ted says:

        I think he was referring to Oregon and Washington.

  13. Molson says:

    I don’t have the knowledge to comment one way or the other on the technical oddities you point out, or that the anonymous author of the article you linked to pointed out. But he’s dead wrong in saying that Trump was leading in the opinion polls. Trump was polling behind Rubio and Cruz, and the caucus results weren’t much different from the polls. And he’s even more wrong in blaming Diebold. Minnesota uses optical scanning machines to read paper ballots. Diebold isn’t involved. The machines are owned and operated by each county and the results are reported directly to the secretary of state. Some counties have bought new machines in the past two or three years. There’s no new contract, and no proposal for any statewide contract. There’s only a hope that the legislature will help fund new machines for counties that can’t afford them.

  14. Eric Barnes says:

    Mondale was from Minnesota.

    I think you’d have to chalk it up to a lot of ignoramus’s voting in Minnesota.

  15. When Trump wins New York, the game is over.

    Rubio will win the GOP when Lake Ontario freezes over.

  16. darrylb says:

    OUCH!!! My Minnesota gopher pride is getting pummeled.
    A few of the facts about Minnesota–
    Ventura never won the Gov. election, the other two lost it by showing the same kind of BS one sees Nationally.
    You are required to show your ID when you vote, don’t state that, that is not a requirement.
    However, a friend of mine who was an election judge sometimes asked voters to state their name after they presented their ID, and they could not do it.
    Minnesota has taken in many from other countries and that effects voting.
    Really, the Twin Cities is very blue, and perhaps Rochester, the home of the Mayo clinic, The rest of the state is red, but getting increasingly outnumbered because of ever increases in farm sizes and other factors.

    Of course, Mondale carried MN, his home state. He was in fact a nice person, and diligent and he was definitely not far left. Incidentally Charles Krauthammer worked on his campaign.

    As for me a 29 year member of the army, active and reserves, I found what Trump said of our Arizona Senator was completely chickenshit, especially from one who managed to never serve. I saw enough of that in Nam times. Trump has in fact said, and done, some nasty things. What kind of a candidate says something about a female candidates face being ugly ? When it comes back at him or his supporters in kind, than the thin skin shows its blemishes. Of course a litany of items could be made. Then, the says he will unite the country, when he is doing much to separate it. That is what Obama has done, only with softer politically correct words.
    I correspond with a significant number of people in other countries. Many are scientists who are skeptical of AGW. They are astonished at what direction our politics have taken. Also, they are often much more informed about our country than we are.
    Also, sometimes I find the general nature of ad hominen attacks here akin to what I see from alarmists. the media, and many dems. and the elites. It is kinda like I will only be tolerant of you if you agree with me, otherwise you are a bigot, racist, stupid and above all you probably did not go to college on the list of acceptable schools. You may even be a Christian!!

  17. Beale says:

    As I read this at 12:34 AM (EST) on March 7, I find there is a comment (to a different thread) posted at 4:46 AM the same day. Do you say these are different time zones? That’s the point.

  18. El says:

    The name is not nonsensical….A Malayan Water Monitor is a cold blooded carnivorous lizard whose main hunting technique is to run after prey that it has spotted, rather than stalking and ambushing. (Rubio’s home state is infested with lizards)

    To quote Rubio on the Stewart show:
    “Stewart then brought on Rubio, who began his interview by telling Stewart, “You’re a candidate for a lizard-beating.”

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