Marco’s American Future Fund Fraud

Marco Rubio’s American Future Fund is spending huge amounts of money running ads from two former Trump University students, Kevin Scott and Bob Guillo, alleging they were scammed and the program was a fraud.

Here are the course evaluations they filled out at the time, showing that both of them gave the course top marks after taking it.





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9 Responses to Marco’s American Future Fund Fraud

  1. You don’t understand. They were scammed so badly that they were made to believe the course was great. Also, they thought Trump would give them money and he didn’t, the tightfisted fascist.

  2. ristvan says:

    Please email this post to the Trump organization. It might suffice to take Rubio down in Florida.

  3. John Brehm says:

    2 separate cases; class action lawsuits; covering 5000 people claiming multimillions in damages. AG for NY State handling 1; a San Diego DA/(AG?) handling the other in CA. The few saying ” T. Univ. was great” could be like global warmists cherry picking a few tee stumps out of a very large grove.

  4. Andy DC says:

    I am sure these people unrealistically thought they would become fabulously wealthy and when it didn’t happen, they were very disappointed. That still does not mean that the course they took was a fraud. To think taking a course is going to guarantee fabulous success is ridiculous no matter how great the course is.

  5. I hope everyone pays real close attention to what the Dems and GOP are saying about each other, and remember it when it comes time to vote. There is nothing so satisfying as casting a vote for the LP.

  6. bucephelus says:

    That grade was given during the initial session. Later they realized they had been scammed.

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