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Your Tax Dollars At Work In Boulder

I feel honored to live in Boulder, Colorado – the epicenter of government climate propaganda. NCAR says that corals, maple trees and Glacier National Park – are doomed by about 2030 or so. In 1923 scientists said that Glacier National … Continue reading

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Violating Civil Rights

The Constitution guarantees the right to free speech, and Title 18 makes it serious felony to conspire to block the free exercise or enjoyment of those rights. Conspiracy Against Rights | CRT | Department of Justice Bernie groups have openly … Continue reading

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Hottest Year Ever

NOAA says that 2015 was the hottest year ever and second hottest in the US. Their data shows otherwise. The summer of 1936 was 10-20 degrees hotter across much of the US Across the entire country, 2015 was one of the … Continue reading

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