Obama Frightened The JV Team In Paris

Screenshot 2016-03-22 at 09.24.26 AM

France – Obama: COP21 will show world ‘not afraid’ of extremists – France 24

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12 Responses to Obama Frightened The JV Team In Paris

  1. It doesn’t help to trivialize these complex issues.

    The President showed proper respect and solidarity but he’s busy in Cuba right now. He has John Kerry calling Hillary Clinton to find out which outrageous youtube video inflamed the Muslims this time. Also, the Secretary of State must determine if this was an unjustified attack or an understandable one like that against the Charlie Hebdo staff who had it coming. And even before this last attack the President instructed the Pentagon to redouble it’s fight against climate change.

    • errata: “redouble its fight …”, you frigging spell-checker nanny

      • Donna K. Becker says:

        Thank you, Colorado! It’s = it is, always has been, and always will be, despite ignorance and spell-check. For anyone interested, I can provide a quick and easy guide to proper apostrophe usage.

    • docfjs says:

      Satire rich target environment.

    • gator69 says:

      It wasn’t a video CW. After reviewing information clearly not marked as classified, and careful deliberation, the State Department has announced that it was a small statue, on the corner of Rue de l’Étuve/Stoofstraat and Rue du Chêne/Eikstraat, that excused… I mean caused these peaceful muslims to point out how awful white people are.

      Will we ever learn?

      • I trust the State Department put their best European Islam experts on this, gator, but early reporting is often wrong. More so if the Walloons and the Flemings are forced to work on something together.

        The latest dispatch says it was a different statue at Impasse de la Fidélité / Getrouwheidsgang. The good people of Molenbeek demanded peacefully that their customs be respected and the statue’s face covered.

        The frivolous Allāh deniers dress up their little boy statue all the time but they can’t spare a few euros for a burqa on the other? What are the followers of sharīʿah supposed to do when the kafirs refuse to submit?

        I understand the arrest of the statue’s owner on tax evasion and hate speech charges is imminent.

  2. omanuel says:

    Warning translated: All who cast doubt on AGW dogma are terrorists, too!

  3. Andy DC says:

    The events in Brussels should boost Trump, as people are sick of accepting and coddling Muslims. Sure, most are peaceable, but who the hell can tell which ones are terrorists? If it is even one in a hundred, it is way too risky to allow them to come here.

  4. eliza says:

    If the Americans do not vote for trump, they are committing suicide

  5. Sure, give me a military and Secret Service escort and I’ll même pas peur with the best of them Vichy econazis.

  6. gymnosperm says:

    Oh yeah, climate change is sooo the most important national security issue /wink.

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