The Heatwaves Of March 1907 And 1910

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The US had remarkable heatwaves during March of 1907 and 1910, which NASA says were the coldest years on record. Almost one day out of five was over 80 degrees during those months.

Screenshot 2016-03-22 at 03.15.22 PM

On March 23, 1910 about three fourths of the US was over 70 degrees.

Screenshot 2016-03-22 at 05.07.20 PM

The graphs below show the spectacular heat. Ashland, Kansas was 100 degrees on March 21, 1907.

ASHLAND_KS_DailyMaximumTemperatureF_Mar_Mar_1907_1910Appleton City, Missouri was over 90 degrees on March 19, 20 and 21 1910.

SPENCER_WV_DailyMaximumTemperatureF_Mar_Mar_1907_1910 HILLSBORO_OH_DailyMaximumTemperatureF_Mar_Mar_1907_1910 BRINKLEY_AR_DailyMaximumTemperatureF_Mar_Mar_1907_1910 APPLETONCITY_MO_DailyMaximumTemperatureF_Mar_Mar_1907_1910 PALESTINE_IL_DailyMaximumTemperatureF_Mar_Mar_1907_1910 BLOOMINGTONINUNIV_IN_DailyMaximumTemperatureF_Mar_Mar_1907_1910

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4 Responses to The Heatwaves Of March 1907 And 1910

  1. Jason Calley says:

    Very interesting how both 1907 and 1910 have such similar temperature curves for the month.

    By the way, thanks, Tony, for all the work you do in presenting the actual facts about our climate history. It is not easy being the boy saying “the Emperor has no clothes!” (especially when the Emperor has no sense of shame and is a vindictive you-know-what) but you do a great job of it!

  2. Andy DC says:

    During March 1907, Washington, DC had three days of 90 degrees or higher, with an incredible all time record high for March of 93 degrees! There has not been a 90 degree day in March ever since.

    If Washington cannot come within 3 degrees of a record set 109 years ago, what does that say about catastrophic warming or man’s contribution to warming? That it must be very overrated!

    • Jason Calley says:

      Hey AndyDC! According to the self-proclaimed “climate scientists” the increasing CO2 in the atmosphere is like a loaded dice, or a steroid enhanced athlete. Move the middle of the Gaussian distribution and the records will fall like leaves in the autumn! Except that the records refuse to fall. Yes, we still get the occasional high temp record — as well as the occasional low temp record. But if anyone bothers to check the all time highs for all the States of the nation, they will see an overwhelming preponderance of them from the decade of the 1930s. I have yet to get a good response from a CAGW supporter of why that should be.

      As for the “catastrophic” part of CAGW, ain’t it funny… This the first catastrophe I have ever been involved in where the calamity and disaster is so subtle that the believers need to invoke years-long arguments to determine whether the catastrophe is or is not occurring. Usually catastrophes are much easier to detect.

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