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March 1980 Republican Elite : #NeverReagan

In March of 1980, the Republican elite was very angry at the voters for favoring the unelectable Ronald Reagan, and held secret meetings considering a “stop-Reagan drive.” They wanted Bush in the White House. 18 Mar 1980, Page 9 – … Continue reading

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Drowned Cities Of Ancient Egypt

The British Museum has an exhibit going showing cities in ancient Egypt which drowned thousands of years ago. Only an ancient carbon tax could have prevented this.

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Arctic Meltdown Update

Greenland’s surface has gained almost 500 billion tons of ice since September 1. Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI Arctic sea ice is very close to the 1981-2010 median. N_daily_extent.png (420×500) Experts say that the imaginary melting is both … Continue reading

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Bill McKibben’s Methane Terror

Bill McKibben is now terrified of Methane. Global Warming’s Terrifying New Chemistry | The Nation Methane was 2 PPM in 1984, and it is 2 PPM now. ftp://aftp.cmdl.noaa.gov/products/trends/ch4/ch4_annmean_gl.txt Radiative transfer models show that Methane has almost no impact on downwelling … Continue reading

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Indiana Burning On March 27, 1910

On March 27, 1910 temperatures were 70F (21C) all the way to the shores of Lake Superior. Salem Indiana reached 97F (36C.)  If this happened now, scientists would say they are 99% certain it was caused by humans. NASA says … Continue reading

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