Hottest Year Ever Update


I’m headed to DC this morning, where the weather is forecast to be much cooler than normal the next two weeks. Last year (hottest year ever) Lincoln, Virginia had a maximum temperature of 33F (1C) on this date. But in 1907, Lincoln reached 92F on March 29.

According to NASA, 2015 was the hottest year ever, and 1907 was one of the coldest years ever.

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12 Responses to Hottest Year Ever Update

  1. That’s just another proof. The climate diviners have already revealed that global warming heat has been causing recent cold. If it were just as hot in 1907 as today, Virginia would not have gotten so hot.

  2. gator69 says:

    As can plainly be discovered by studying old song lyrics, torrential rains did not cause floods, and the hot Sun was very cold, before man started screwing with the climate.

    It rained all night the day I left, the weather it was dry
    The sun so hot I froze to death, Susanna, don’t you cry.

    From Stephen Foster to Bette Midler, all climate experts agree.

    • True, music can teach us so much about climate science. The right songs also inspire brilliant great-leap-forward developments that citizens can easily do in their back yards, on hillsides behind the subdivisions and on blighted empty lots in the inner cities:

      ”How about an off-the-grid monolithic dome, centered with a vertically mounted chopper style wind turbine that utilizes Halbach arrays on the ‘floating’ roof of a wrap around porch. Add composting toilets, a solar array, a cistern and you have no need for any inefficient public utility. Refine hydrogen, and groups of domes could sell it to each other, or use it in their hydrogen cars.”–audio-2734

      I can’t wait till people finally wake up and take things in their own hands. We could get rid of Big Oil, Big Coal, Big Electricity and Big Auto in one fell swoop. And if we also smeltered iron in back yard furnaces, we would defeat Big Steel at the same time.

      We could fix climate change in a year or two. Bernie is right that we should start in Detroit. There are many cheap empty lots there and a favorable social structure and workforce. We could rebuild the city with monolithic domes, backyard smelters and meth labs converted into communal hydrogen refineries. The people there have the necessary know-how and they could make Detroit an economic powerhouse again.

  3. Andy DC says:

    Again, just goes to show that rural stations away from urban heat island effect have shown negligible warming over the last century.

  4. omanuel says:

    While on Washington, DC please see if you can find a politician there who might have the talents and courage required to take control of US policy back away from the NAS (National Academy of Sciences).

    It doesn’t matter who wins the election as long as NAS retains control of budget review of government agencies and uses that to control US policies!

  5. tomB says:

    Reno Nevada had a blizzard yesterday no doubt caused by global warming when it’s winter it’s weather,when it’s above normal temps it’s proof of climate change and the existential threat to the planet

  6. Here’s an old song, slightly modified:Greenland (with apologies to Paul Simon)

    The North Atlantic continent was
    Shining like a National guitar
    I am following the Gulf Stream
    Up the seaway
    Through the cradle of the Viking Shore

    I’m going to Greenland
    Frozen to the sea
    I’m going to Greenland

    Puffins and pilot whales with families
    And we are going to Greenland

    My global ice hypothesis is nine years old
    It is the child of my politics
    But I’ve reason to believe
    It will get reprieve
    In Greenland

    Data comes to tell me “more ice”
    I didn’t want to know that
    I didn’t want to trust my own data
    I can’t admit I noticed
    The way the glaciers are building
    And I feel losing this bet
    Is like a hole in my idea
    My hypothesis is blown apart
    The satellites see the ice grow

    I’m going to Greenland
    Frozen to the sea
    I’m going to Greenland
    Puffins and pilot whales with families
    And we are going to Greenland

    And my working hypotheses
    Are ghosts with bad predictions
    I’m sticking with my convictions
    But I’ve reason to believe
    I will get reprieve
    In Greenland

    There is a man named Karl Popper
    Who calls out when your idea’s falsified
    And sometimes when I’m dodging, lying
    And fudging to the media I say
    Oh, so this is what he means
    He means the ice is up in Greenland

    And I feel losing this bet
    Is like a hole in my idea
    My hypothesis is blown apart
    Everybody sees the ice grow

    In Greenland, Greenland
    I’m going to Greenland
    The data I cannot explain
    There’s some part of me wants to see
    And I may be obliged to defend
    Every statement, every conference
    Or maybe there’s no global warming now
    Maybe I’ve a reason to believe
    We all will be reprieved
    By Greenland

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

    • Jason Calley says:

      Hey Keith! What a neat take on Simon’s Graceland! Nice parallel structures and phrasings. I have been impressed in the past with some of your more poetic comments, but this is really a very nice piece of work. Bravo!

      (By the way, I remember visiting at the front gate of Graceland as a child back in 1959 or so. No tours back then — but we stopped by just to look at the place. The wall was taller back then and the top of it was covered with broken bottles cemented into the bricks to stop people from climbing over. As a child, I was very impressed that anyone would be so popular that they had to put broken glass around their house just to keep people out!)

      • Evidently the entire country is that popular, though broken glass can be replaced with more humane technology.

        Thank you for the kind words. I had some fun when the ClimateGate files first appeared, and wrote about half a dozen song parodies. Three of them are posted here. I used Gordon Lightfoot, the Rolling Stones, and a song from a popular old musical that starts out:

        I know what you skeptics are thinking tonight,
        As home in pajamas you ponder
        All of you smiling in secret delight
        You stare at our emails and wonder
        The media’s leaning our way
        But we still hear the blogosphere say…

        There are a couple of other posts sandwiched in between “The Music of the Fears” parodies. Just click the “[>]” (next post) button to skip past them.

        ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  7. Andy Oz says:

    April 1906 was hottest April ever in Marble Bar, Western Australia and still is.
    Co incidence? I think not.

  8. sam says:

    charts really taking a dive with that solar cycle 24 declining and the lanina.. its gonna get harder and harder for the chart adjusters to do their job as 2020 approaches, but no doubt, even with the worst blizzards ever in 2018-19, they’ll still be insisting that 2018 was the hottest year ever.

  9. Paul says:

    Hottest year ever? It was MUCH hotter when the Norse colonised Iceland, Greenland & North America. Has someone been feeding those pukes at NASA heavy drugs or something?

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