Hot Times In New Jersey

This is the hottest year ever, and temperatures in New Jersey are forecast to rise into the mid-70s, before plummeting this weekend.

On this date in 1998, it was 90 degrees at Moorestown, NJ and temperatures reached 80F as far north as Maine.

Screenshot 2016-03-31 at 08.15.27 AM

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6 Responses to Hot Times In New Jersey

  1. ’98 was truly hot in Northeast…..
    Led to much warmer embracement of all things “Environmental” by all Parties & Nouveau Gauche donors….fish kills on Long Island Sound led to brain kills we suffer under still.
    CO2 is the new coke for addicts….
    Yet now real investments made into scrubbers etc. to help improve air….
    I have written to all Presidential candidates to be appointed the last head of the EPA….
    Are you old enough to remember wet behind the ears Nixon got Clean Air/Clean Water effort through?
    New EPA name CACW?
    Meanwhile will our fellow proud Deniers be given lifetime suites at Guantanamo?

  2. now was supposed to be no….
    Hmnn “how ’bout a push now for real ideas for our industrial heros?
    Cave to jerks or back to the caves….industry would support real, consistent regs.
    As in H2SO4 scrubbers can harvest Sulphur sell for fertilizer…

    • RAH says:

      Was rereading ‘Freedoms Forge’ this week.

      When Henry Kaiser built his steel works near Fontana, CA during WW II to provide his ship yards on the west coast with a reliable source of steel he installed scrubbers in the stacks. Never realized that the concept, let alone the technology for a primary scrubber was that old.

      Anyone that has bought into the lefts history revisionism that says that the New Deal worked and it was the government and not industry responsible for the massive industrial build up that pulled the US out of the depression and mobilize it’s industry for war needs to read that book to learn the real history of how the captains of industry organized and worked together. From the “dollar a year” men working for the government to the CEOs of the large companies. Bill Knudsen, a Danish Immigrant that had actually been the one to introduce mass production as we know it today to Ford and then later turned GM into the giant it became is to this day the only civilian ever directly commissioned into the US Army with the rank of Lt. General. (3 stars).

  3. James Braginton says:

    boo hoo

  4. RAH says:

    Joe Bastardi is saying that there is a chance that it may hit 0 F in Central Park next week when that Arctic blast blows in. No snow for NYC or NJ but Ole man winter looks to be set to let them know he’s not dead yet. Central NY in for accumulating snow. If I had to guess, I would say that’s the direction I’ll be heading next week if not Canada again or up State in MI. This after using my A/C Tuesday evening while parked in the TA truck stop off I-24 just east of Nashville, TN

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