Bernie’s Wind Powered Bus

Bernie divests!

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19 Responses to Bernie’s Wind Powered Bus

  1. All of the socialists should forego the use of all fossil fuels, because they should not want to be guilty of polluting the atmosphere. Given their endorsement of equal wealth and equal income, they should not take any more than about $15,000 in salary either. If you are going to espouse nonsense, then you should live your life in accordance with the nonsense you want to force others to live by. When and if that works for you the socialist, then you can engage the rest of us in a conversation about how wonderful socialism is. Of course some of us also know our history and see no allure, but socialists always ignore the historical failings of socialism and the human nature that necessitates those failures.

    • Left wing politicians are just very very hypocritical right wing politicians who know there’s money to be made from pandering to the gullible left.

      • David A says:

        define a “right wing” politician please.

        BTW, this nation will follow Bernie’s bus to a full stop as soon as he, or Hillary, run out of other peoples money, or destroy the currency in creating to much money.

        • The left-right descriptions are highly inadequate and misleading. Political ideologies should be described in at least two dimensions. The description in terms of the right to earn a living and to produce and in terms of all other individual rights is a very useful one, for instance. Libertarians believe every individual should be allowed to exercise both their economic and their other personal freedoms. Totalitarians would allow no such exercise of individual rights in either of these spheres, since they deny that individuals even have such rights, though it may be occasionally convenient to the collective or the state to grant them some temporary and at their will privileges. Some Republicans are libertarians, but some also claim their religion requires severe restrictions on non-economic rights. Some Democrats believe in some personal liberties, but almost uniformly do not believe in economic rights.The trend among Democrats now is to believe in the rights of minority groups, but to deny the rights to freedom of association or freedom of conscience in many other areas. More and more often they now deny the right to freedom of speech and press. Many, like Joe Biden, have explicitly denied that individual rights exist as natural rights, that one has only such privileges as the state chooses to give a person and those rights differ from group to group, so they are not really even individual rights in any sense.

  2. AndyG55 says:

    “The most trusted profession trusts Bernie”

    The most trusted profession ??????

    Which is that? prostitution? or lawyers?

  3. RAH says:

    It can be a very long way between biodiesel fuel stops. Willie Nelson learned the hard way a few years ago when he opened a biodiesel truck stop down on I-35E South of Dallas that despite his name and souvenirs, biodiesel and it’s price is a money losing proposition. Someone else owns it now and sells the regular stuff.

    • Justa Joe says:

      You mean Willie didn’t want to throw all of his money down a dubiously “green” rat hole? I’m shocked.

  4. gator69 says:

    I guess his regular bus (Puff the Magic Wagon) was in for repairs…

  5. Bernie is not a real candidate. The Democratic Party decided they wanted Hillary but she couldn’t run unopposed so they got a fake candidate to make it look like there’s a primary. They got a Vermont Commie who lives on Ben and Jerry’s to pretend to run for the Democratic ticket. But he can’t win because he’s a commie, even if he wins the Democrats will just put up Hillary as planned.

  6. omanuel says:

    It does not matter if we elect Bernie or Trump, if the US Nationsl Academy of Sciences continues to use its control over budget review of federal research agencies to control United States policies, as Eisenhower warned might happen on 17 JAN 1961:

  7. GalfromMass says:

    I like IKE!! As one of his political ads said, “Now is the time for all good Americans to come to the aid of their country.” Good advice.

    More succinct words, “Liberalism is a mental disorder.” M. Savage

    If this election goes the wrong way, by first, second or third convention ballot cheating, Election Day non-citizen votes or unchecked ballot box stuffing, we are doomed. For all those who fought and died for this country, this is what we will show for it, a totally corrupt government where we the citizens have nothing to say? We are just going to cave or is it time to rummage in the barn for the pitchfork?

    The career politicians think of us as the hoi polloi, we are not as good as them, they know better than us, after all they were so important prior to going to Washington. Such as here in Massachusetts an ice cream truck driver, now a Senator, such a wise sage. I bet dollars to donuts there ARE ice cream truck drivers smarter than this man. God help us.

    News specialists for the Associated Press in the 1950’s predicted:

    Wireless transmission of electric power, long a dream of the engineer, will have come into being. There will be no more power lines to break in storms. A simple small antenna on the roof will pick up the current for lighting a house. (Tell that to all who lost power over the weekend from the April 2016 snowstorm.)

    In 2000 we shall be able to fly around the world in a day. We shall be neighbors of everyone else on earth, to whom we wish to be neighborly. (Frightening !)

    Combination automobile-planes will have been perfected. (Well until this happens, where is the nearest gas station so I can fill up to drive to the airport?)

  8. DougM says:

    They should consider converting the bus to use hot air. With Bernie’s delusional blustering, they would never run out of fuel…

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