The Link Is Clear

This picture shows the link between government pork going to academics, and fake climate studies generated by the academics.

Screenshot 2016-04-12 at 08.01.45 AM-down

People Still Don’t Get the Link between Meat Consumption and Climate Change – Scientific American Blog Network


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45 Responses to The Link Is Clear

  1. Robertv says:

    According to Sheldon Judson, in the 2nd century BC the rate of soil erosion in Latium increased ten times, which is associated with the increased number of settlements in south Etruria. Additionally, from the foundation of Rome until possibly 165 AD Romans deforested huge areas. In 61 AD Seneca the Younger described the high level of air pollution in Rome, which was associated with the extensive wood burning for fuel.

    So was the Roman climatic optimum man made provoked by bathing Romans ?

  2. Jim says:

    The large number of state attorneys general who are currently conspiring against the sceptics are apparently commuting a felony:

  3. gator69 says:

    Scientific American still cannot prove a link between meat consumption and climate change. So when they say “people” still don’t get it, are they referring to themselves?

  4. omanuel says:

    Obituaries for AGW are under review at the editorial offices of Geochemical Journal of Japan and Nature Climate Change:

    Click to access Tribute_to_Paul_Kazuo_Kuroda2.pdf

  5. hskiprob says:

    That author is a real crap master. Wow, how can you not believe every word he says? You must admit he’s good at dishing it out and probably gets paid nicely for it. I agree with the changing ones diet part though. To many heavy eaters here in the U.S. It is hard to get to the truth with all the feces one must wade through to find it and them sometime I’m still not sure. Lol

    • Hey Skip,

      Annick’s new, sparkling consciousness is changing the world and she is getting paid for it. She says so and I believe her. She would like to include you and use her insights to “train your brain”.

      Do you think the problem of obese American face stuffers is that they eat too much protein?

      Great! Annick is eager to explore how the Zeitgeist can change you and make you more sustainable. It’s all scientific. Learn more by signing up!

      • Mark Luhman says:

        Thet eat too much grain, you fatten steers up on a grain diet, you think it is any different with humans. Look when people started to really get fat it when the USDA change the food chart. They stress more grains and fruits and vegetables, funny thing about that all of it is either starch of sugars and guess what when you eat too much starch of sugar it all enters you blood stream as sugar and the body has to choices what to do with it right away, either burn it or store it as fat. Protein and fat do not have that problem if can reside in the blood stream without too many problems. this stupidity is fueled by people like PEDA they could care less about people, the human diet should be about a third fat, protein, and starch and/or sugars. Only useful idiots believe otherwise.

        • hskiprob says:

          I wish I knew the perfect diet so I would not have to exercise. We surely do eat to much and eat to much processed foods. I saw my grandma and she and her 5 siblings all lived past 90. Not much processed foods back in 1903 when she arrived. I’m trying to eat more fresh vegis, fruits, nuts and seeds and less meats and grains + more wine and kombucha. I am growing some of my own food now so at least I know I’m not getting to poisoned.

        • hskiprob says:

          I do eat my share of meats and starches. Always liked the starches. Love sea food. No pharma drugs and I have really good heart rate, cholesterol and blood pressure for 63.

        • Sounds like a good diet and it sure is a good idea to not get poisoned. I also love fresh sea food. Aged not so much. That only works with properly stored steaks, dry salamis, cheeses, wine and Scotch. You can never have enough of these good and healthy things.

          I’m of two minds about processed foods. Most of the boxed stuff in the grocery store tastes like crap and I avoid it as much as I can for that very reason.

          On the other hand, I don’t like raw, unprocessed starches. I’ll never forget making potato starch soup with cold water when we played cooks as kids. It was disgusting and we threw it out. Starches processed into a good, freshly baked baguette? That’s a whole different story, protein power be damned.

        • gregole says:

          This response is just sort of jumping in and not pointed at anyone in particular.

          A statistical sampling of Americans are fat, or Americans are fat on average, because Americans eat too much. Period. I am an American. I am not fat. Ask Tony – he’s met me. We are almost identical in build, and Tony is not fat. Here’s how to be American and not be fat: don’t eat too much.

          There is no secret food combo. But here’s what I do. First. I never as in never eat fast food. Not a bite for over 20 years have I eaten a fast-food burger. Ever. Don’t eat packaged food from the store. Eat all fresh food. And then the most important thing IMHO, eat structured, planned meals most of the time. Every lunch I eat a couple of nuts, two crackers, liverwurst, and an apple. Also learn to fast. I fast once a week for one day, and fast once a month for three days. It is a learned skill.

          Then, eat spherical hamburgers. But not too many. And a shot of scotch is great once in a while.

          I am 61. My blood pressure and all other physical measures are excellent.

      • ricks2014 says:

        Hey Colorado, “train your brain”, No !

        It’s more like “fry your brain” !


        “Do you think the problem of obese American face stuffers is that they eat too much protein?” ???

        What does that have to do with [Global Warming] ???

        Zeitgeist ?

        Umm, No !

        More like poltergeist !!

        Colorado, I can tell, you’re going places !

        I just hope that I don’t end up there with You…

  6. Steve Case says:

    Off Topic:

    Anthropogenic forcing dominates global mean sea-level rise since 1970
    Aimée B. A. Slangen, John A. Church, Cecile Agosta, Xavier Fettweis, Ben Marzeion & Kristin Richter

    Yes, John Church is a co-author of this non-sense.

  7. mpcraig says:

    Why do they still call themselves SCIENTIFIC American??

  8. rebelronin says:

    now we know why the glaciers receded …
    the Paleo diet

  9. Scott Allen says:

    So turning grain in to tasty meat is bad for the environment.
    But turning that same grain into fuel for your car is good for the environment?

  10. Andy DC says:

    I has witnessed with my own two eyes the groveling process with a University of Maryland professor attempting to secure a Government grant. It was disgusting to see the poor professor, a decent man, slobbering all over those people, trying to reassure them repeatedly that he was on the cutting edge of whatever bullshit they were trying to prove.

    Then when it was over, the professor told me how completely disgusted and sickened he was about having to go through that song and dance and how much he hated that aspect of his job. I did not ask him to say that, he just came out and said it.

  11. parliamentofideas says:

    Good food and good exercise. Very simple.
    Good science from good hypotheses. Very simple.
    Eat wisely. Sleep well. Love with Abandon.

  12. OrganicFool says:

    You can pry my bacon from my cold, dead hands.

  13. ntesdorf says:

    I would say that the photo shows pigs that were previously flying happily, but were cut down by wind-turbines.

  14. ricks2014 says:

    “Annick de Witt” ?

    What a “nut” job !

    Hey “Annick” (Who would name a girl “Annick” ? Bet this started with the Parents, but that’s just Me ? ! ?), don’t forget that flooding your “Brain” with THC causes a tremendous loss of your brain cells, which could lead “You” to Convalescents or Institutionalization before the age of “30” !

    Put down the bong and stop holding your breath…

  15. RAH says:

    I contributed to the “link” during my last trip out. A team that was supposed to go to Laredo, TX claimed they didn’t know they were going and had started drinking so they teamed two of us guarantee drivers up to do the run. First time I have been in Texas in 18 months and only the third time I’ve been in that state in five years or more because they rarely send us guaranteed drivers down there.

    Took off from Anderson, IN at 19:45 Tuesday and 1,340 mi later arrived in Laredo at 19:30 Wed. Could have made it an hour earlier but for the afternoon rush our in Austin, TX and down to San Antonio, which can be pretty bad and was this time. San Antonio, Austin, and Waco are going to be one huge metropolis one of the these days. The growth along that stretch of I-35 in just the last 5 years has been remarkable. Because of the last oil boom there is also a lot more along I-35 south of San Antonio than there was just five years ago. Lots of new well service companies along that stretch now and even what appears to be a small refinery. I miss the wide open spaces of semi desert scrub land with nothing but ranches that one used to see traveling along that route. Along the whole route in Texas from TexArkana down to Laredo everything was green. Along the way down through IL, MO, AR, into NE TX all the rivers are swollen but I’ve seen them much higher before during this time of year.

    Our delivery window to the Leer terminal just three miles north of the river in the old town didn’t open until 22:00 so we had some time to kill. Stopped at the new terminal the company I drive for has built down there and found the showers to excellent so both of us got clean. Then burned some more time and went to the Leer warehouse at 21:00 and dropped our loaded trailer in a door.

    They did not have the trailer we were to hook to loaded yet which is normal when your relying on the Mexicans bringing the stuff up from south of the border, and so we went to Danny’s which has excellent Tex-Mex and chowed down before they closed. They didn’t get our trailer loaded until 01:30 Thursday morning so we didn’t get back here after delivering to the Leer cross dock in Indianapolis until 01:30 today (Friday).

    On the way back we stopped at Exit 12 on I-57 in MO. On the north side of the road there is a small market where one can buy excellent quality pork and chicken in bulk at about 1/2 the supermarket price. Got a pork butt which I had cut in half and a pork loin nearly as long as my arm and also had it cut in half and put that all into a cooler on ice to bring home. So having procured 38 lbs of pork is the proof is I that I just don’t “get” the link. The guy didn’t have the chicken back quarters I wanted this time or I would have bought another cooler and more Ice bought a like amount of those.

    • Everyone knows that vegans and vegetarians are a hilarious bunch. The stuff they do among themselves would kill you:

      I’ve seen funny cows in the pasture before but this is better. Here’s a good Colorado story about fantastic vegan humor:

      Vegan debate fires up discussion on community sign

      The latest global warming storm may drop over 5 inches of water on the plains so you better start on the 38 lbs before the waters take it all:

      • RAH says:

        I have a niece that is a vegetarian but not an absolutely strict one. She eats fish, chicken, and eggs but in very limited amounts. She’s voted for Obama and supports Hillary of course. She is also a believer in AGW though I do have hope that one day she’ll figure it out because she’s a smart girl who has just been indoctrinated by her time in academia. I know several other vegetarians but no vegans. Personally I don’t think I would want to live any longer if I couldn’t have a good steak or BLT every once in awhile.

        The real rain is looking like it will settle into a pattern moving across the south with conditions for flooding though not too much severe weather if I have been understanding Joe Bastardi correctly. After a near record number in Feb the tornado count in the US is already dipping well below the average for this time of year and is expected to continue that pattern just as it has for the several previous years. There have been only three EF3s so far this year and no 4s or 5s.

        Personally I’m just glad it appears my winter is over though I know your getting slammed with more out there in Colorado. Guess it will be a great spring ski season out there.

        On vacation now until the 24th. Time for a break and to get my yard in order and other things around the homestead done and get the bike out of storage. Also putting the truck in the garage today to get some warranty work done on it while I’m off. It’s developed a shimmy that has been gradually getting worse and it’s throwing a little oil out of the front seal along with a few other minor problems.

  16. RAH says:

    Sorry, I’ll try again with the tornado data:

    If that doesn’t work here’s a link to the source.

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