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Guest Post By Bill Gray

Last week I had the pleasure of dining with my two favorite Fort Collins octogenarians – Dr. Bill Gray and Sue Brackenbury.  Their mothers were best friends, but Bill and Sue hadn’t seen each other for decades. Both have been icons of … Continue reading

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Bill Gray’s Birthday

Vice-president Al Gore destroyed climate science in 1993, by cutting off funding to any scientists who refused to go along with his scam. Dr. Bill Gray from CSU was one of the very few who refused to compromise his integrity. … Continue reading

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Bill Gray : Biggest El Nino Since 1998

Bill Gray tells me that the current El Nino is the largest since 1998. I was in Northern California during the 1997-1998 El Nino, and it almost never stopped raining.  Huge amounts of snow fell in the mountains. A repeat would … Continue reading

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Dr. Bill Gray Responds To Pope Francis

Originally posted in The Coloradoan. ——————————– Pope Francis’s Climate Encyclical Is Unwise and Should Not Be Acted Upon by Bill Gray It is unfortunate that Pope Francis has let politics and erroneous climate science sway his judgment into advising the … Continue reading

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Dr. Bill Gray Explains Why Climate Models Don’t Work

Crux of AGW’s Flawed Science (Wrong water-vapor feedback and missing ocean influence) William M. Gray Professor Emeritus Colorado State University There are many flaws in the global climate models. But the largest flaw is a result of the climate model’s … Continue reading

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A Christmas Gift From Dr. Bill Gray

Dr Bill Gray from CSU is a good friend, the most widely recognized hurricane forecaster, and one of the most senior global warming skeptics. He recognized the problems of global warming theory decades earlier than most former true believers like myself.  In … Continue reading

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Bill Gray Editorial In The Coloradoan

Another awesome piece from my hero, Bill Gray, whose funding was cut off in 1993 by VP Al Gore – over Bill’s refusal to participate in a Gore fear mongering activity. Despite increasing amounts of CO2 gas in the atmosphere, … Continue reading

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Guest Post From Dr. Bill Gray

Dr. Bill Gray is one of my heroes. He is a top hurricane forecaster, and one of the few people who actually understands the climate. He has been self-funded since 1993, when Al Gore cut off his long time NOAA … Continue reading

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Bill Gray Correctly Forecast Kevin Trenberth

Bill Gray is Fort Collins’ senior skeptic. In 2006 he explained the biggest scam in scientific history. 06/05/2006 The only inconvenient truth about global warming, contends Colorado State University’s Bill Gray, is that a genuine debate has never actually taken … Continue reading

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Quote Of The Night From Bill Gray

“If you want to see a serious discussion of climate science, go to the blogs. That is where all the action is.”

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