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1905 : Valdez, Alaska Relocated Due To Glacial Melting

One of the favorite scams of climate alarmists is to blame an eroding sandbar in Alaska on your SUV. The remote Alaskan village that needs to be relocated due to climate change – The Washington Post In 1905, which was … Continue reading

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An Interactive Guide To Alaskan Glacial Melt

Barack Obama says that 250 years of Alaskan glacier melt is caused by automobile emissions. Here is a guide to help understand the difference between natural melt, and man-made melt glacierbaymap.gif (420×458)

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Obama’s Spectacular Alaskan Climate Fraud

Last month, President Barack Obama took a selfie at a retreating Alaska glacier to “highlight climate change” Standing near the foot of the Exit Glacier, which has receded 1.25 miles since 1815 and 187 feet last year alone, Obama said “this is … Continue reading

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More Detail On Barack Obama’s Alaskan Climate Fraud

Few people can pack as many lies into two paragraphs as Barack Obama. “If we do nothing, Alaskan temperatures are expected to rise between six and twelve degrees by the end of the century, changing all sorts of industries forever. … Continue reading

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Alaskan Glaciers Retreated Eleven Feet Per Day From 1894 To 1907

In 1908, National Geographic reported that Alaskan glaciers retreated ten miles from 1894 to 1907. Barack Obama blames Alaskan glacier retreat on your SUV.

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75% Of Alaska Stations Have Cooled Since 1977

Fraudster Barack Obama was in Alaska last week, and said : Alaska has warmed about twice as fast as the rest of the United States. Remarks by the President at the GLACIER Conference — Anchorage, AK | According to … Continue reading

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Obama Healed Alaska!

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Advancing Alaskan Glacier

The Margerie Glacier in Alaska is nearly identical to what it looked like in 1941, and has been advancing for the past couple of decades. Margerie Glacier 1941-2003 Margerie Glacier is about 1-mile wide, with an ice face that is … Continue reading

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Obama Alaska Climate Fraud Deepens

Obama and his people are absolutely shameless liars. According to Deborah Kurtz, the physical science program manager for Kenai Fjords National Park where Obama hiked Tuesday,the Exit Glacier, which flows from the Harding Icefield has retreated 800 feet since 2008, 187 in … Continue reading

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More Detail On The Obama Alaska Comedy Act

Our dimwitted president thinks he can slow down the melting of Alaska’s glaciers “If we stopped trying to build a clean energy economy and reduce carbon pollution, if we do nothing to prevent glaciers from melting faster and oceans from … Continue reading

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