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Great Lakes Ice Cover Third Highest On Record

Two years ago, Joe Romm announced the end of Great Lakes ice. How Climate Change Is Damaging The Great Lakes, With Implications For The Environment And The Economy | ThinkProgress Two of the three highest ice years have occurred in the … Continue reading

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Record Great Lakes Ice During NCDC’s Warmest US Winter Ever

Due to the data tampering which Zeke and Mosher defend, NCDC has concluded that the current winter is one of the warmest ever in the US. Apparently the freezing point of water has changed, because the Great Lakes have record ice … Continue reading

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Great Lakes Ice Above Last Year’s Record Coverage

The Great Lakes obliterated all records for springtime ice last year, and this year is poised to blow away last year’s records. All of the lakes have more ice than they did on this day last year. Record … Continue reading

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Experts Say That Record Great Lakes Ice Cover Last Winter Was Caused By Melting Ice

Are freezing winters CAUSED by global warming? | Mail Online What they are saying is that Arctic air is too warm to freeze ice, but when it arrives in Minnesota it is -35C. Apparently the warm Arctic air must stop at … Continue reading

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Mid-May Great Lakes Ice Obliterates The Old Record

May 14 Great lakes ice cover is 300% of the previous record. 20140512180000_CVCHDCTGL_0007661848.gif (1100×850) The White House says the US is experiencing unprecedented heat.

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Great Lakes Ice Obliterates All May Records

The Great Lakes are normally ice-free in May. This year they are still 15 % ice covered, which is 300% of the previous record. 20140505180000_CVCHDCTGL_0007650713.gif (1100×850) NOAA says that many years were colder in the upper midwest, because they tamper … Continue reading

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Great Lakes Ice Cover 3000% Of Normal – More Than Double The Previous Record

20140421180000_CVCHDCTGL_0007628828.gif (1100×850) NOAA says many years have been colder, because they believe the freezing point of water has changed.

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Great Lakes Ice Nearly Doubles The Previous Record

Ice cover on the Great Lakes (39%) is nearly double the previous record for mid-April, set in 1979. GLCFS Products Ice Charts – Winter 1979 / c79apr16.jpg NCDC claims that several years have been colder in the region, apparently believing … Continue reading

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Great Lakes Obliterates All Records For Mid-April Ice

This graph gives a good feel for how uniquely cold the weather has been in the midwest this year. Great Lakes ice cover is more than double the previous record.

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April 12 Great Lakes Ice Cover Is The Highest On Record

Great Lakes ice cover is still 47%, far greater than any previous years on this date. The previous record years of 1979 and 1994, had barely half that amount of ice on this date.

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