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In 1975, Scientists Blamed Jet Stream Dips On Global Cooling

In an effort to save their funding and reputations, climate scientists are currently trying to blame jet stream dips on global warming.  But in 1975 scientists knew that they were caused by global cooling. Science News, Vol. 107 March 1, … Continue reading

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On The Other Side Of The Jet Stream

The east coast was very cold during the winter of 1976-1977, while Colorado had its driest winter on record. Snow in Miami, none in Colorado.

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Climate Scientists Explain Mann-Made Wobbles In The Jet Stream

h/t to Peter William Lount

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1975 : Deep Dips In The Jet Stream Were Blamed On Global Cooling

The latest scam for the team is to try to blame dips in the jet stream on global warming. In 1975 they blamed it on global cooling. Science News Ice Age In the 1970s, no one was stupid enough to … Continue reading

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Jet Stream Dips Now Blamed On Global Warming

During the 1970s, deep jet stream dips were blamed on global cooling Science News  Scientists are much smarter now, and blame jet stream dips on global warming. Cornell and Rutgers researchers report in the March issue of Oceanography that the … Continue reading

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Arctic Jet Stream Brings Cold Air To Australia Australia must be somewhere near the Isle of Wight

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Global Wierding In January 1937

January 1937 was the coldest on record west of the Mississippi River, and the warmest on record east of the Mississippi. If this happened now, Bernie Sanders would call for immediate global communism to alter the jet stream. To make matters … Continue reading

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1977 Deja Vu – Over And Over Again

In 1977, an “errant jet stream” brought epic snow and cold to the east, while California and Alaska were warm and dry. The Lewiston Journal – Google News Archive Search Lakeland Ledger – Google News Archive Search Governor Jerry Brown warned … Continue reading

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The 500 Year Sandy Hype

After Hurricane Sandy hit, experts announced it was a 500 year storm. As always, they were lying. It was actually a 50 year storm, and other storms like the 1821 Norfolk Long Island hurricane were much more powerful. In the months … Continue reading

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Climate Stupidity Is Cyclical With Progressives Like Jerry Brown

After several La Nina years in 1977, Governor Jerry Brown warned of drought disaster in California. TimesMachine: March 8, 1977 – The jet stream that winter was very similar to the jet stream in 2014/2015 The Lewiston Journal – Google … Continue reading

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