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Shakun Flashback

From April The results show that while temperature increases around Antarctica appear to have led increases in atmospheric CO2, the picture globally was the opposite – CO2 increases paved the way for temperature increases. Ice age study delivers blow to … Continue reading

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Real Climate Explains Shakun

if CO2 plays this role it is surprising that climatic proxies indicate that Antarctica seems to have warmed prior to the Northern Hemisphere, yet glacial cycles follow in phase with Northern insolation It is simple. The sun causes northern hemisphere … Continue reading

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Yale Alumni Discuss Michael Mann

6:33pm March 19 2013 There are few who have done more to discredit the discipline of climate science than Michael Mann. You’d think these data manipulators and purveyors of pseudo-scientific hokum would give up while they are behind, but it … Continue reading

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Another Week, Another Hockey Stick Fraud

The Marcott-Shakun Dating Service « Climate Audit

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