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CO2 Is Making The US Safe From Tornadoes

CO2 polluters should get a tax break for making the climate safer. tornadotrend.jpg (872×528)

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As Atmospheric CO2 Has Increased, The Number Of Violent Tornadoes Has Decreased

tornadotrend.jpg (872×528)

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Deadly Oklahoma Tornadoes – When CO2 Was Below 320 PPM

Deadly tornadoes happen almost every year in Oklahoma. It is the heart of Tornado Alley 24 Jun 1905 – A DESTRUCTIVE CYCLONE. 11 Apr 1947 – DEATH IN PATH OF TORNADO Australian Associated P… 18 Jun 1928 – DISASTROUS TORNADO. … Continue reading

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May 20, 1951 : Low CO2 Tornadoes Killed More Than 500 People

Hansen says that lowering CO2 will prevent these kinds of tragedies which used to happen when CO2 was lower. 20 May 1951 – Tragedy Around The World Hundreds Kill Mighty Da…

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Higher CO2 Correlates With Fewer Severe Tornadoes The vast majority of severe tornadoes hit with CO2 below the safe level of 350 ppm.

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Higher CO2 Is Associated With Fewer Severe Tornadoes

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As CO2 Increases -Tornadoes Decrease

The worst tornado outbreak in US history occurred in 1974 – the year Nixon resigned. There were at least 163 tornadoes in 13 states. More than 300 people died. Was this due to “global warming?” According to the experts, the … Continue reading

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March 23, 1932 Hundreds Dead In Tornadoes

On March 23, 1932 hundreds of Americans died in tornadoes. 25 Mar 1932 – TORNADO VICTIMS. VANCOUVER, March 23. This March has had no tornadoes, the quietest March on record. Experts say that increased CO2 causes more extreme weather.

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Paying The True Cost Of CO2 Emissions

Climate experts say that CO2 is the cause of all weather events. Tornadoes have been at a record low for the last two years, and US hurricanes are close to a record low. This has greatly reduced disaster costs. Given … Continue reading

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Understanding The Relationship Between CO2, Precipitation And Snow

Climate experts tell us that CO2 produces excess moisture in the atmosphere, which leads to floods, fire, heavy snow, drought, no snow, high humidity, low humidity, hot temperatures, cold temperatures, rising temperatures, falling temperatures, excess tornadoes and no tornadoes. Most importantly, CO2 … Continue reading

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