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My Shocking Undercover CO2 Investigation

I did some more investigative journalism today of the CO2 spewing Rawhide generating station up near the Colorado/Wyoming border. In this shocking video, Pronghorn are fleeing the raw asthma emissions . These planet destroying  methane emitters sound like they are already … Continue reading

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Visualizing How The White House Is Defrauding You About Precipitation

The National Climate Assessment uses this map, showing that heavy rainfalls have increased in the US since 1958 Heavy Downpours Increasing | National Climate Assessment Look what they did. They picked the low point of the US record to begin … Continue reading

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No, The Polar Ice Caps Are Not Disappearing Katherine

Several times a day, news reports go out that the polar ice caps are melting, and it is drowning Pacific islanders. As with everything else related to this scam, it is complete BS. Arctic sea ice extent is almost identical to … Continue reading

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Imaginary Climate Change In Texas

Drought is not increasing in Texas Between February and May 1957, Texas went from extreme drought to flood. Just like it did this year. Peak Texas rainfall is not increasing Frequency of heavy rainfalls is not increasing Temperatures are not … Continue reading

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Poisoned Weather In 1991

I lived in Richmond, TX during Christmas 1991 – a few blocks from the Brazos River. Our house was one of the few which didn’t flood. That may have been the biggest rainfall event in Texas history. One more big … Continue reading

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Understanding “Unprecedented”

When the press uses the word “unprecedented” – what they mean is that they haven’t done any research and basically they are lying.  Houston Intercontinental Airport smashed its all-time record for most rainfall in one day on Monday — its 4.34 … Continue reading

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Texas Hit By Unprecedented Hypestorms!

The same people who were hyping unprecedented drought in Texas a few days ago, are now hyping unprecedented rain. Houston, Texas, Hit by Unprecedented Flooding; Seven States At Risk – NBC As always, it is complete BS. Houston has … Continue reading

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