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My Vote For Stupidest Human Alive

In his weekly address last Saturday, Obama underscored the risks the nation faces if nothing is done to seriously address global warming. That includes Florida, where rising sea levels could wreck the tourism economy, weather extremes could play havoc with … Continue reading

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Growing Coconuts In DC

It has been 33 years since the New York Times predicted that the US would become “truly tropical” The predicted warming would not be pleasant. The Northern Hemisphere, having less ocean, would experience a greater than average temperature rise. The … Continue reading

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Reader Quiz

Can you distinguish between the writings of James Hansen and those of Tiny Tim?  SO FAR, GREENHOUSE EFFECT HEATS ONLY DEBATE – The Argus-Press – Google News Archive Search

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Worse Than The Ku Klux Klan

White progressives are the most prejudiced people on the planet. In order to fill the void in their lives, they imagine that other people need their help. This makes them feel superior. This requires that they keep other people permanently … Continue reading

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The Hansen Effect

Hansen’s 1988 testimony seems to have marked the end of really hot summers in the US.  

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President Obama’s Earth Day Visit To Florida

Over the past decade, more people in Florida were killed by George Zimmerman, than by hurricanes or sea level rise. President Obama is flying there tomorrow in a CO2 spewing jet to warn them about the immense dangers of CO2 induced … Continue reading

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California Building A $70 Billion Amusement Park – “Train To Nowhere”

Jerry Brown is building the ultimate thrill ride – a $70 billion 200 MPH train to nowhere, which crosses many major fault lines. Imagine the excitement crossing the San Andreas Fault at 200 MPH when they have a repeat of … Continue reading

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