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1905 : Valdez, Alaska Relocated Due To Glacial Melting

One of the favorite scams of climate alarmists is to blame an eroding sandbar in Alaska on your SUV. The remote Alaskan village that needs to be relocated due to climate change – The Washington Post In 1905, which was … Continue reading

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Today’s Climate Fraud Winners – Science News

Science News is singing the praises of Al Gore’s sci-fi flick 10 years later, saying that Arctic ice is melting even faster than Gore predicted. 2016: Arctic summer sea ice may disappear as early as 2052. The top of the … Continue reading

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Most Influential Climate Denier On Twitter

I don’t have any idea what this means, but Carbon Brief rates me the most influential climate denier on Twitter. Mapped: The climate change conversation on Twitter – Carbon Brief

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SCIENCE : 230 Years Of Blaming White Men For Climate Change

Australia has been experiencing droughts and floods since it was first discovered by Captain Cook. “there is little doubt that Australia is subject to long periods during which dry seasons prevail, and again, intervals of some years, in which there … Continue reading

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Battling Climate Misinformation In Santa Fe

I wrote this article for the Santa Fe newspaper in 2012, pointing out that the New Mexico drought was normal cyclical behavior, and that the rains would return. Reader View: Drought is normal for New Mexico – The Santa Fe New … Continue reading

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1906 : Belief In Climate Change Is Due To Defective Memories

23 Mar 1906, Page 5 – The Minneapolis Journal at

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Oswald’s Rifle?

I bought a 1938 Italian Carcano 6.5 x 52 rifle last year, the same one Lee Harvey Oswald is said to have killed JFK with – and  finally had a chance to test it out today. At 150 feet, standing, … Continue reading

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