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Why GISS Temperatures Are Too High GISS is the only temperature index which shows significant warming since the year 2000. The animation below highlights the primary thing they are doing wrong.

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Why Has The Ice Been Melting?

We have lots of new readers. This is a quick rehash. Satellites which monitor Arctic ice (and earth’s temperature) came on line right after the PDO shift of 1977. Their period of record is coincident with a period of time … Continue reading

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Ice Free Arctic : 23 Percent Gain Since 2007

Areas of green indicate more ice than 2007. Areas of red mean less ice than 2007. The ice free Arctic has gained 22,767 Manhattans of ice since the same date in 2007, and 38,156 Manhattans since the minimum one month … Continue reading

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Birthday Party At The North Pole Ice in the Arctic Ocean is born in October. So all that turquoise ice in the NSIDC graph above is now green (except for the little bit which has been transported out of the Arctic in the last two … Continue reading

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In The Dark About Arctic Warming

Arctic winter temperatures have warmed over the last 30 years. People claim this  is due to the “greenhouse effect” – as shown above. The Sun shines through the atmosphere easily, but LW radiation has a more difficult time returning to … Continue reading

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Loss Of Old Ice In The Early 1990s – Due To El Niño?

According to NSIDC, most of the loss of older ice occurred in the early 1990s.

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A Preview Of Holdren’s Ice Free Winters

Winter is still nine weeks away. Most preschoolers understand that you need sunshine to warm things up. When the sun sets, it gets cold. If the sun set for 4-6 months, it would get really cold. But not John … Continue reading

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How Does Ice Form? This seems like a fairly obvious question, but a few readers are having a tough time with it. Ice forms when the air and water are cold. In the case of salt water ice, the water has to be … Continue reading

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Death Spiral : Arctic Ice At Record High In The DMI Database

The Danish Meteorological Institute has been tracking Arctic ice extent since 2005. They use the more meaningful 30% concentration standard, and as of today show 2010 as the highest on record for the date. Ice extent is now more than a … Continue reading

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Another Brilliant Prediction From 1969

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