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Sea Level Trends Nearly Constant For The Past 100 Years

Over the past five years, sea level has risen at an average of 2 mm/year. But as you can see, this is mainly due to the El Niño spike. If we look at the four years prior to that, … Continue reading

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DMI Arctic Ice Extent Close To A Record High

The press continues to talk incessantly about the Arctic meltdown, while the ice itself is about to set a record high for the date in the DMI database. Mother Nature seems to be sending the 10/10/10 religious worshipers yet another … Continue reading

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JPL Acknowledges That The Basis Of Hansen’s Sea Level Numbers Is Wrong

Antarctic temperatures are far below freezing all year. During June, I explained on WUWT that the University of Texas GRACE interpretations were wrong due to glacial rebound (isostasy.) Later in the summer they acknowledged that my explanation was correct.

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Chasing The Wrong Story In The Arctic

We have had a lot of discussion recently about the loss of 5+ year old ice in the Arctic. Most of the older ice loss occurred between 1988 and 1996 – during a period of normal global temperatures.

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The Effect Of Soot On Arctic Summer Ice Extent

Scientists tell us that Arctic summer ice loss is primarily due to soot – not CO2.

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Arctic Ice In 1946 (Real Science Post #500!)

Reader Gary Boden forwarded me a nice collection of online Arctic ice maps made by the US Navy in the 1940s. The map below is from September, 1946. David Rumsey Collection : September 1946 As you can see, there was … Continue reading

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Update From Julienne

Julienne Stroeve from NSIDC asked me to post the figure below in reference to the discussion about future ice-free Arctic summers.

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