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Joe Romm Worried About Global Warming In Colorado

“Aspen could warm by some 14 degrees by century’s end —giving it a feel similar to Amarillo, TX. ” As usual, Joe has no idea what he is talking about. Temperatures have been dropping here at an astonishing rate this … Continue reading

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US Temperatures On The Decline

From listening to Romm, you would think that the US is having a very hot year. He has claimed heat from coast to coast. But NOAA data shows Romm’s folly. The map above is based on the NOAA year to … Continue reading

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Romm Proves That Hansen’s Sea Level Forecasts Are Way Out Of Line

Joe Romm dependably took the bait, and produced the graph below – which shows that sea level is rising at a rate of 12 inches per century – with a drop since the start of 2010. Of course he didn’t bother … Continue reading

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My Forecast : Romm Will Not Be Talking Much About October Satellite Temperatures

Joe Romm reported this week : ENDLESS SUMMER:  September was the hottest on record globally in the RSS satellite dataset.  In this country, the record-smashing temperatures in Southern California got most of the attention The LA Times had a different … Continue reading

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Weekly Romm Forecast

Look for something along the lines of “Heavy snow, followed by heat, followed by a hurricane. Proof of global warming.“

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