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Plagiarism? White House Climate Policy Is Identical To The Work Of This Man

”The ice caps are melting! The ice caps are melting! The oceans are rising and we’ll all be drowned for our sins,” Why isn’t he getting credit for shaping modern climate science?

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US Hurricanes Have Plummeted As CO2 Has Risen

President Obama says that rising CO2 causes more hurricanes, when in fact the data shows the exact opposite of what he says. $29 billion of peer-reviewed science appears to be incapable of spending five minutes doing simple analysis with a spreadsheet. … Continue reading

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Sea Level Rise In Miami Over The Past 90 Years

President Obama will be in Florida tomorrow to tell them how Mann-made sea level rise and hurricanes threaten them. As always, he has absolutely no clue what he is talking about. Miami after the 1926 hurricane Miami 2014

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Ignoring Evil Worked Really Well In 1938

If you have stomach to see what Middle East Christians are dealing with, click this link. Pure Evil : ISIS slaughter women and children over Christian faith The White House is worried about the effect of CO2 on children.

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The Beauty Of Green, Unreliable, Expensive, Environmentally Destructive Energy

President Obama has pledged to run the US off green energy.

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Slowest Arctic Melt Season On Record Continues

Look for NSIDC and NASA to remain silent, as Arctic sea ice extent rapidly approaches the highest level in a decade.

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Stored Solar Energy In Colorado

Colorado generates large amounts of clean, green electricity using its vast reserves of stored solar energy.

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