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It’s All About Mental Illness

I did a long bike ride after work, and was thinking about Obama’s completely pointless CO2 regulations. Like almost everything else Obama does, they accomplish nothing, but hurt lots other people. Progressives like Barack Obama are obsessed with controlling people … Continue reading

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It Has Nothing To Do With Climate

The dictator just issued some more CO2 regulations. They have absolutely nothing to do with climate. By the year 2030, China will emit four times as much CO2 as the US. Anything the US does is in the noise. Why do … Continue reading

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My Interview With Duane Lester

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Ten Years After The New Normal

In 2005, “climate experts” (aka “fraudsters” “snake oil salesmen” “incompetents” “criminals” “liars”) told us that major hurricanes like Katrina were the “new normal.” Instead, we got the exact opposite with the quietest decade on record for US hurricanes. It has been … Continue reading

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July 1916 – US Hit By Two Major Hurricanes Within Ten Days

Major hurricanes are rare in July, but in 1916 the US was hit by two of them within ten days. By contrast, the US has not been hit by a major hurricane in almost ten years. Climate experts say hurricanes are getting … Continue reading

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Everywhere – We See Signs Of Incompetent Scientists

One year ago, the Boston Globe published this brilliant piece of work. In Maine, scientists see signs of climate change By David Abel GLOBE STAFF  SEPTEMBER 21, 2014 ACADIA NATIONAL PARK, Maine — With milder winters sparking a surge in … Continue reading

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Sea Level Has Been Rising For 20,000 Years – Obama Thinks He Can Stop It

There can be little doubt that we have a world class moron in the White House

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